The Face Behind the corner

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I’ve been watching scary stories like Darkness Prevails, Swamp Dweller, Mr Nightmare and youtubers like that for about 4 years now, and due to the fact that i’m not a good storyteller I never have had the chance to share my story, until now.
This story takes place in the year 2016, i’m a white male, age 16 and have been with me girlfriend for over the course of 3 years. We would always find our selves going to parties together just to bond, drink and have a good time. This particular Friday night, we drove a good 30 minutes into the wilderness to attend this big party. Me and my girlfiend her name Jin. Arrived around 11pm, we got terrible drunk and while all the other guests at the party decide to make a alcohol run, me and Jin decide to stay back and crash upstairs in the main bedroom. Before you get to the main bedroom, you have to go down a 10 foot hallway, that leads to the doorway. The bed in the room is located right in front of the doorway, so you’re able to see if anyone is coming down the hallway. We lay in bed, and as I’m trying to fall asleep I notice something down the hallway peeking around the corner, it looks like a face. I proccede to wake Jin up, but when she looks nothing is there so I play it off as my drunken state of mind making me see things. About 10 minutes goes by and I look again, and something is still peeking at me from the hallway. I thought what the hell could this be, I stand up, grab my phone and turn on the flashlight. I shine the light down the hallway and I’m greeted by the most terrifying site, peeking from the around the hallway is this pale white face, I see long tangled black greasy hair, no eyebrows and just black eyes, eyes that were too big. The lips of the face were chapped and cracked, I see the mouth move and whatever it was, starts to make a clicking noise with its lips. I go into flight or fight reaction, except I didn’t fight. I locked the door and screamed for my girlfriend , she woke up pissed. I tried calling anyone but sadly no one would answer. Me and Jin sat in bed, Jin confused on the situation until we hear the clicking noises, it came from right out side the door. I pleaded for Jin to believe me, and somehow I think she did. The noise went away and about an hour later we heard all our drunk friends come back inside, I didn’t say a word but that night me and Jin slept in the car. I haven’t been back there sense.


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