The demon before Christmas

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For personal reasons I won’t give out my real name, but this is not my story, it is my siblings, that she shared with me, she is 11, and says this only happened last night.

It was 4:06 AM, since our mom had back problems, and had put off wrapping til then, she would take the wrapped presents, and my sister would put them under the tree.

After this was finished, when our mother went back to our room to bed, she decided to stay up on her phone.

She says a few minutes after this our cat Coffee went insane. Now, She didn’t pay much attention, since Coffee is still a kitten, and very hyper and spastic. She didn’t pay attention until she heard the owl hooting, now, in our area, we rarely hear owls at all, and usually not in winter.

Since my sister was a skeptic, and big on paranormal, she immediately was frightened by it, our kitten going even more bonkers. She said the owl hoots were so repetitive, I know, the same old cliche, but it truly would be terrifying.

Saying in her own words “Since I was being a fuckin’ idiot” she decided to pull up the blinds up, and she says that was the biggest mistake of her life. T

here, she said, up on the lowest branch of the tree, was a creature, she said, it had pits for eyes,like, not darkness but, the absence of eyes at all, it had a humanoid body, but if its limbs were elongated, and it had not eaten in forever, and its horns, the horns were one of the worst parts, they were like ram horns, extremely large and sharp, its body was pale white, a powdery pale white, it was, “Horrific”, in her words, it stared at her, as she stared back, she was too stricken with fear to scream, or yell or ask it, “What are you?”, she ran to her room and jumped into her bed, pulling the covers over her, but the hooting followed, it followed to her window, she never would open her blinds, at least, so she threw something down the hall (A boot, she realized it, but she wanted it to sound like she was running away), and practically flew into her closet, she said she’d waited there until sunrise, infact, she just now told me this story, she says the creature didn’t do anything more, no screeches, no human trickery, she said she guessed it wanted a bigger Christmas meal, tough luck if that means you…

Merry Christmas

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