The Darkness That Appeared

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The days were dark and gloomy, clouds were no longer white and fluffy; since that day. Especially that day. Every civilian in the town of Mender hid themselves in their homes, 24/7. Shadows roamed the streets, day by day, looking for their next human victim. I buried myself in the sheets that laid upon my bed, never leaving the warmth. The only times I left was for food, water, and to use the bathroom.

I am short on supply, I need to stock up again. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention: my name is Max Cage, I am a 24-year-old-male. I live on my own. I had a family, but The Darkness took them away from me. OH! That wretched, disgusting, evil Darkness, ate my family! I was 20 years old when this happened…you heard right. The Darkness has been here for four years straight. No one knows how it came to be. It just appeared and took the town in complete darkness. People began to be eaten by these ‘shadows.’

I had already almost been eaten before, that’s when I was first out of stock. It was utterly terrifying. The way they slithered with their feet was enough to make me gag. I wish I had died that day. I miss everyone, but soon, I’ll have to go back out and scavenge. I’ll need a flashlight and matches, which I likely have.

I crawled out of my king mattress and slowly walked to the window, slightly pulling over the curtains. I see nothing. Good. I sighed in relief. “Perfect.” A small smile curled against my cheeks. I fixed the curtains and grabbed my backpack, a flashlight and matches. As I was heading down my steps, I see the family photo. I heaved in a tiny breath and continue my small journey down the staircase.

I fixed the straps and tied my shoelaces. No shadows still to be seen, anywhere, but it was storming. No one wonder, they hate the rain. For some reason though..if you splash water on them, nothing happens, but if its rain, they are gone until the rain has stopped. The reason why everyone is afraid of these so called monsters, is because they either mangle you alive, eat you, or turn you into one if them. That pain is excruciating, I’ve heard and seen it. It is gross, I actually threw up that time.

My mom was the first to die in my family, she was protecting me and my little brother, but one of the shadows had mangled her. It was my turn to protect my brother, I was able to until week seventeen of The Darkness; he ran out of the house and stood there, allowing them to swarm him. He died! In front of me! He was only five years old at the time. Poor, poor, Carson..I do miss him. He was a fool, but he was my brother and I loved him so much. Now, my father, being the coward he is, he tried to leave us, but he actually fell off the bridge, don’t know how but he did.

I shook the memories away and carried on my mini mission of survival. When I stepped outside, the streets were deserted, papers and trash lying on the ground. I stepped forward in search of supplies. My bomber jacket keeping me warm from the almost ice cold air. I saw the perfect shop, it was also deserted but still in tact. The windows were still holding together, the doors weren’t broken.

I entered the abandoned yet organized store cautiously. Papers were surprisingly on the ground, scattered. Not many though.

Once I had gathered my supplies, I ran out behind a barrel. A low ear piercing growl was heard behind me.

I turned around slowly.

There it stood, a tall dark shadow standing there, as if it were judging me with its non existent eyes! I took a swing at it with my flashlight.

I missed.

I swung again, whacking it in the head.

It shrieked and disappeared. I took this as an opportunity and ran for my home that hid in a dark, clean ally.

When the door was shut, my body slid down it and onto the floor. My knees were pulled up to my chest. This day has been good to an extent. I was almost eaten, again.

By this point, my stomach had growled. I guess I should eat before I head to a slumber. I don’t know how much longer I can last in the apocalypse, I am trying to stay alive.

I’ve been alive for four years, I can make it longer, right? I hope so. I am just talking to no one in particular, just my imagination, of course.

I mean, I haven’t seen anyone else alive in three days. No one has come out since then.

My stomach had growled once more.

After the normal basis of eating my lunch, I sat on my small loveseat couch.

My family used to sit on this couch all the time!

A smile was painted onto my cheeks as the memories played through my brain. What wonderful days those were.

I heard crying, sounded like a child though. Curious, I stood up from my couch and opened my door.

I saw a young child being cornered by these Shadows.

My eyes widened in horror as I grabbed the flashlight that laid on a small table; by the front door.

My long legs ran as fast they could. I switched on the light and shone it at the Shadows.

They screeched and disappeared. The child thanked me by wrapping their small arms around my left leg.

“Thank you, thank you, sir!” The child smiled and then ran off to what I presumed their home; but before they disappeared, the child waved goodbye.

I chuckled and turned around, only to be faced by several shadows.

I gasped.

“Oh hell, why..”

I flashed them the light, they were still here!

“Why isn’t this working!” I said with frustration.

A Shadow attacked my left shoulder with a painful bite, its teeth gnawing through my skin.

I screamed in agony as I pushed it off with force.

It hissed and lunged towards me.

I ran in fear. Another latched onto my leg but I somehow kicked it off.

I ran into my home and shut the door as fast as possible. “Oh my god, oh my god.” I panted heavily.

With one rip, my shirt was off.

Black veins covered my shoulder. My instinct told me to cut these black veins.

I thought it was a good idea so, I ran into the kitchen for a surgery knife, gauze, stitching tools, and rubbing alcohol, as well a towel.

As soon as I sat on my couch, with the towel sitting under me to prevent blood going everywhere.

I clenched my teeth as I cut my shoulder open, allowing me to access the black veins.

My head slowly turned to look as I began to cut the veins. I whimpered with each cut. The cold air slapping against my open shoulder.

Blood gushed out as I finished the last black vein.

I quickly cleaned the wound while the pain kept increasing.

I relaxed my muscles and began to stitch the wound.

The gauze was wrapped around my arm and shoulder.

A small yawn escaped my lips. Why was I so tired? It is far too early.

The next morning I walked to my mirror and pulled off the gauze, my left arm was healed? My arm was just black, except some of my fingertips; how did my arm heal?!

I slipped on a new clean shirt and ran outside. The Shadows looked at me and approached me, they weren’t attacking?


“Master.” They all said in unison.

I raised up my black arm with my brows raised.

Out of some feeling, I thought of the Shadows disappearing, all of them.

Somehow, they were gone, all of them.

My heart beat quickened. “Do I really have control of these shadows?!” I said aloud, especially to nothing but myself.

Soon families and kids ran out, “They are gone! Gone for good!” They shouted with glee, “Yes! Haha!” Another person smiled and kids ran to me with a bounce in their steps

All the sudden, I smirked evilly.

Shadow-like arms ripped out from my upper back. They slithered and shadows appeared by my side, cackling with hunger.

And all the kids cried out, “Please stop you’re scaring us!”

A feeling in me didn’t care.

I mauled everyone into pieces..

Fresh blood stained the dark streets.

I am the Shadow Controller, I am Max Cage.

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