The Dark Man from my dreams

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Let me first start off this by saying I have had quite a few experiences. And I will be sharing them over my time here. And please know that what I have posted and will post is all 100% true. And I say this wholeheartedly because this has all caused me some bad trauma and issues in the past and still affect me now.
A little about me: I am now a 24 year old woman. And this all still happens to me. I still get night terrors, I still have these nightmares, and I still see these horrific things.

Now on to the story….
This all started with my nightmares, with “him” at the forefront. And I know now I will never be rid of him. For better or worse, I am stuck with him…
When I was a little girl I was heavily traumatized by my abusive parents. When I mean abusive I mean my mother would purposely try to sabotage her pregnancy with me by drinking and smoking dope. And my father would beat her within an inch of her life, and once leaving her half naked for dead in the middle of the night, on the side of the highway. That being said, I stayed with her up until I was 3 years of age. My father ran off and my mother got pregnant with another guy which that pregnancy yielded my half younger brother now. This all correlates into a larger story mind you. But since that had happened, I had to go to therapy for the mental issues that had caused me. And still does to this day. Back then I was bullied for not having parents and had to stay with my grandfather, so I had rocks thrown at me, pushed, kicked, and ice chunks all pelted at me for my differences. And on top of all this, I had nightmares, normal child nightmares for a while. Until “he” came.

One night, while I was laying in bed, the first nightmare I remember having of him was when I was 6 or 7. I know this because this was back when I still had my old samoyed, she used to sleep with me. Or when my grandpa would put her away I would sneak down to let her out so she could stay with me. She was the only mother figure I had back then. When I slept like usual, dog by my side, I drempt of a dark area. I say area because it was vast, and the place was nothing like anything I recognized. It was just darkness.
Pure darkness.
I remember being barefoot in the dream. Wearing a white nightgown. And as I walked around my footing made a soft padding noise, like that of walking in a still vast room with marbled floor. The darkness below my feet was warm, not cold like flooring. As I walked I found that I had no voice at this point, because I tried to call out, and heard nothing. Even though I was clearly trying to speak. I know this because my jaw hurt in the dream.
It may have been hours or felt like it by this point because my legs began to hurt and sting from all the walking and running I had done. With out seeing anything at all in this dream.
That was until I hear it. You know that feeling when you feel something looking at you from behind? Like that hair raising itching feeling that something is looking at you. Yeah that feeling. That is what I felt, and as I turned, that was when I saw them. Two giant pairs of red eyes staring at me. The gleam from them was bright enough that it was actually making me squint and began to make my eyes ache, like staring into a light for too long. But regardless I was too afraid to look away. But as I did look, I could feel something else, like a hot steam, or breath wafting up and rolling from the dark floor.
You know how you try to wake up from a dream, or try to force it. In this case, no matter how I tried to I couldn’t wake up. Like I wasn’t supposed to, or not allowed to. But that was the first time I finally heard his voice. A deep reverberating cool voice spoke, “Wake…” and I opened my eyes.

When I did wake up though I found it was still dark outside, because I was facing my window, the one window in my room from my old house. And my dog was still laying by me. She had lifted her head by this point and started to whine. Like she knew something was wrong.

Later on though I would find that I would continue to have nightmares of this being. Which I had no name for him, and he had given no name for himself either. So I just called him “The Shadow” or “The Dark Man”. Though this was only the begining of this and they would get worse from here.

I know some of you will say it is sleep peralysis, though I already have done my research. And some occurances when I did see him, and I do/did see him in my waking contiousness as well, I could actually move and run. I had or have full motor control when I do see him. This is what has led me to believe this being is real. Or somewhat “here”.
I have more occurances, but those will be slowly told. If you are interested in this then I hope you enjoy my story and other experiences that I share, if not, then I do urge you to read on to something else.
Thank you and thank you for reading.

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