The Dark Man From My Dreams Pt. 3

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Hi, it’s me again. And I apologize I wasn’t able to post yesterday. Had to make time for my fiance. In this part, some of the details I laid out before will be shown here. So let’s just dive in.

The next times I did have dreams or more odd nightmares they were just repeats of the previous ones I have had. But always the same ones, though something was different with each one. The Dark Shadow didn’t say that a kid would get hurt again. Just that one time. Though he would continuously hunt or hurt me. Even one time where I couldn’t escape him and he trapped me in a cage. When I woke up again my grandfather was worried about me. I had a fever that came out of nowhere and I had been asleep for 12 hours. He was worried I had gone into a coma or something.
Though this time after about two years later I was in the middle of my 9-year-old stage. And summer had rolled around again. When I dreamt this time, I had been absent of any dreams for a good few months, so I didn’t expect what would I be dreaming that night.

In the dream, I found myself wearing the usual white nightgown attire. Bare feet again. Though this time I was in a white room. Vast and endless as the black one. Though the ground was cold. Not so cold you couldn’t feel your toes but to the point of chilling like standing barefoot on the pavement mid-autumn. Immediately I was thinking “what now?” because some part of me knew this had something to do with “him”. Like all my other dreams if he was not present, he was still there to some extent, either a glimpse or a trace. Like a footprint, scratch marks on a tree, or even a dead animal with its throat bitten in half hanging on by a thick thread of skin and flesh. I walked for a while, but it wasn’t long till I did feel something, like a gentle cold breeze whisking by. And for some reason, something, some sort of instinct told me to turn around. So I did. And there once again I saw him…
This time clearer than anything, still silhouetted, bulky and tall. And if I were to wager a guess now? He must have been well over 7 ft. tall.
As he stood there, dark mist surrounded him collecting thickly around his legs and feet. His red eyes burned into me brilliantly. Then finally he moved, he stretched out his arm towards me like he was presenting me with his hand. As if for me to take it.
I shook my head no and tried to take a step back. Though that was a mistake. The brilliant light of his eyes half closed almost like his bow angled down into a glare. At this point, I had wanted nothing to do with him, and I’d be damned if I was to take that hand. I turned to run away from him but there was a low pitch that started off soft, then grew. It began to hurt my ears as it grew in intensity. And I buckled to the floor. I grasped at my ears to keep them covered and straining my eyelids to keep them closed as the noise grew but there wasn’t much I could do it hurt so much.
But just as quickly as it started it stopped. I opened my eyes and found myself back in my room, in a fetal position. I felt something wet on my hand and I looked at it. It was blood.
I tried to find where it was coming from when I realized it was coming from my left ear.
When I talked to my grandpa about it he said that it must have been a popped blood vessel or possibly I knocked it against something in my sleep. Though funny thing was, there was nothing sharp near my bed that could have caused that. And my bed had extra pillows and blankets on them that I had collected over the years as hand me downs.
I had no explanation for this. And I was growing even more scared each time I saw him. This even began to worry my grandpa. So he scheduled more counseling for me thinking that this was just a phase that needed to be worked out. Though that didn’t help either. The doctor had no explanation except it was trauma from my past with my parents that have begun to creep up on me. Though she said that it was still very unlikely because I was so young. And I wouldn’t remember any of that unless I was still 2-3 years old. Though that’s when the psychiatrist suggested “Night Terrors”. A phase that happens to kids and young teens and she assured my grandpa that I would grow out of them. It was just a result of high anxiety and also correlated with my emotional disorder.
Though if that was the case, I would have grown out of them by now, wouldn’t I? the chances of a 24-year-old woman having Night Terrors is very uncommon.

Either way, it gave some sort of closure for me to latch onto for a while, thinking that this wasn’t some sort of unnatural phenomena but instead some logical explanation seemed more plausible. Though that didn’t explain how that kid got stuck in the bus door right after “he” said it would happen. But then again it could have just been a coincidence…right?

The next day I began to tell my friend Kate about the dreams while we just sat there rocking back and forth on the swings in Brandon’s Park. Immediately she thought I was being haunted by some dead guy. Even going as far as to suggest some serial killer murderer or something. Though I told her what my doctor said and she still thought that the coincidences were more than what a doctor suggests. She even pointed out how unsure the doctor sounded as well. And well, I admit even I grew suspicious as well.
So she suggested that we go “Ghost Hunting” that night. Even though it was a school night. But the likelihood of us running into someone at night was decreased because of work or school. And I agreed reluctantly.

That night when I stayed over at Kate’s, with some heavy convincing from my grandpa who so graciously let me go, we grabbed our flashlights, some candy, and a couple large sticks to serve as not only walking sticks but as well as state of the art staffs to defend ourselves from the occasional ghost or creeper. I look back on this and I can’t help but shake my head at how nieve we were. But events and mistakes do make you wiser in the future.
The first place we checked was the same street and streetlight that I first saw him. Kate asked me what he looked like outside of my dreams and I told her it was about the same. Just more real.
We found nothing there, of course, after about 30 min of walking around up and down the short street distance. So instead, Kate said that we should check Brandon’s park. With her leading the way and my skittish child self behind her we made our way there.
Though during the day the park was pretty, but at night it looked like something out of Scooby Doo or Goosebumps. But regardless we tried to be brave and keep going.
-Note though that closer to the road is the park, but if you continue to walk past it down the path between the backyards of the residents nearest the park, there is a forest path that leads down to the river. It’s a long walk, about 15-20 minutes to get to the river. I still walk there now with my fiance. And oddly enough the rock that I had my bike accident on is still there.
Once we reached the gravel path leading down to the forest river 5 min later we stopped to evaluate our decisions. Though kate kept walking I pointed my flashlight at her and told her to stop. She turned and looked at me asking me what. I told her that we shouldn’t go any further and that we’d get in trouble. She pointed her flashlight in my eyes and told me that I was being a scaredy-cat. I retorted and said that yeah I was scared, that something didn’t feel right, and that my gut was saying that we should go back. She just told me that fine, I should go back if I was that scared. She continued to walk down the path, and I did want to go back, though I didn’t want to go alone, so I tailed close behind her regardless.
As we kept going the night sky was only stars, no sign of the moon anywhere, so we had no light except for our flashlights. And as Kate kept hers pointed in front of her, I kept pointing mine around us like a sentry. Keeping an eye on the rocks and trees, making sure nothing would move, or jump out and scare us. We got down to the fork when we stopped to look around, we could hear the river faintly nearby now. And once again I reminded her that we should go back. She told me to shush and stop crying, that there was nothing to be afraid of.

-Another note to keep in mind, no one and I mean ABSOLUTELY no one ever went down this trail at night. Hikers, bikers, fishermen, families, couples, etc all went down this path during the day. It was around Kren Park, a little further up the street, that drug dealers and creeps would hang out, and the occasional delinquents. That’s why no kids went to Kren Park at night. Hell, no kids went anywhere at night. And still to this day we were stupid as hell to go down this path at night. Because this area well not known for them, still had the occasional black bear or deer walk this area. The most of wildlife you would see, however, were mostly squirrels, chipmunks, grasshoppers, frogs, nats, garter and milk snakes, and other bugs. Nothing too big that we had ever seen in our entire time we lived in that town.

Kate tired to see which path led where. One went up, the middle continued forward, and the third path to our right led off heading down and back away from the path we had just come from behind us. (Which now to this day I know the upper path was just a harder path for the middle one, both led to the river though. And the third to our right led to Kren Park.)
Though as Kate tried to figure out what path to take I was scanning the area still. And as the beam from my light glazed over every tree and rock I passed a black mass and immediately realizing this I went back to it. The mass wasn’t moving, And at first, I thought it was just a hole in the rock of the cliffside 15 ft away from us. I bring the beam up to see what that was on the rock face. And I froze when I saw it.
A large shadowed figure of a man. I tried to poke at Kate but only to find my hand falling through the air. I turned to look only to see Kate was several steps ahead of me. She must have figured out where to go because she was walking down the middle trail.
I tried to scream at her but my voice was hoarse and very quiet. I cleared my throat desperately and finally I let out a shrill cry.
Kate whipped around to me shining her light at me, then to what I was shining my light at still. I looked back at it again and saw the dark shadow was now slowly “hovering” towards me, red eyes gleaming, and white teeth opened in a ring. I swear all my hair was on end and my blood was freezing.
My eyes were glued to it but I heard Kate sprinting to me, I felt her nails dig into my arm as she ran by jerking me with her. I found my footing and we both bolted back up the way we came immediately. As fast as our legs could carry us on the loose gravel. I looked back with my light and saw this thing STILL floating after us, mouth agape, eyes burning, and this time a low hollow scratchy bellow coming from that horrid face.
I stopped looking and cried out to Kate, still dragging me, that it was getting closer. She didn’t answer, just kept panting as she kept sprinting with me sprinting behind her, trying to keep up.
When we finally passed the threshold of the path back to Brandon’s park, we looked behind ourselves and saw nothing, so we stopped to catch our breath in the dewy grass. Both of us by this point were gasping for air. Kate was more recuperated than me when she pointed her flashlight back at the path behind the park. Her steady panting turned quiet. She told me to look and when I did, I saw it too. The dark shadow standing there at the mouth of the path. Mouth gone, but the burning eyes were still there. Kate asked why it was just standing there, and I just said I didn’t know. She asked if it was waiting for us to run, and I said maybe, or maybe he just didn’t like all the lights around the streets.
After that, we decided we had enough and got up to head back to Kate’s. Though both of us kept our lights on it to make sure he didn’t follow.

When we did get back we were scolded by her mom, wondering why we were out so late, and because we didn’t touch the candy we brought, Kate was able to lie and say we were at the candy store (gas station up the street where the old Dick’s market was). Her mom let it go, though not without telling us to let her know next time where we are going. We agreed and went to bed, not speaking a word ever of what we just saw that night.

Thank you guys once again for reading, and holy cow! Thank you guys! Both my stories last time wound up on “Best short stories within the last 24 hours”!
I honestly didn’t think anyone would like these odd occurrences that I have to share. But I am glad at least that you guys are enjoying these to some extent!
Thank you and I will be sure to keep writing, because trust me, there is still a LOT more to be written about this strange being in my dreams.

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