The Dark Man From My Dreams Pt. 2

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Hello, I am writing a follow up to my previous story “The Dark Man From My Dreams”. In this story, I will be depicting 2 dreams that had happened. And as well as some events that happened while I was awake.

At least about a week after the last dream I had, I wound up having another. And this time I had a bit more interaction with The Shadow Man. Though there was going to be a LOT more to see during the next two weeks.

I went to bed, as usual, samoyed once again there, though I will actually call her a different name than her original. So let’s just call her “Skye”. She had actually began to become a bit more “restless” as each day went by from the first incident. I had some trouble going back to sleep though this time. Because I generated a lot of heat back then, and I still do, so I remember I had gotten out of bed to open the window to my room, to which I actually had to stand on a chair to get to it. A couple of details about my room and the old house I stayed in when I was younger. I won’t tell you guys the actual town, but I will call it River Bend, my hometown. This house my grandfather owned was a big townhouse in River Bend, and not too far down the road was an old park called “Brandon’s Park”. They named it that because a kid died there, he was run over, and because he loved that park so much they named it after him. There is even a plaque for him showing his picture. I only lived two houses up the road from where the park was located. My room is situated in the back of the house, two floors off the ground. This detail is important for later in the story. My window was screened off because my grandfather knew I kept my window open at night, even in the winter. So he didn’t want me falling out so he installed that screen to keep me safe. When I returned to my bed Skye was already there and I had to push her over to the side because she was taking up my spot again. But when I lay once again to sleep it took me a long while, but eventually, it did blur into sleep and the next thing I knew I was in darkness again. Just like before.

In the dark vast room again, I wore the same thing, white nightgown, and bare feet. I walked around and called out, though this time I actually had a voice. I wasn’t mute like before. I called out for anyone to hear me, saying the usual “Hello?” or “Is there anyone here?” or “Is somebody here?”. You know. Though no answer, like last time.
But eventually maybe, 30 min later? I did finally get an answer.
“Hello…” that same dark, cool, reverberating voice asked.
I answered, “Hello? Who is there?” though I already knew who it was, kind of. And I was trying to keep myself calm, as much as my little 6-7 year old self could muster.
I waited for a response but nothing. Though as I began to think he or it was gone, I was wrong. “Yes…” I paused and waited though looking around to try and find it. Like last time I remembered it was behind me. “Here.” I paused and stopped looking around. I tried to follow my ears to the sound where his voice was coming from and there was nothing. “Behind you.”
I felt the warmth of his breath once again, and I felt my hair stand on end once again. So I turned. And there, once again, those giant bright red eyes glared at me.
Though this time it was different. There was somewhat of a shape, somehow to him. A huge giant black figured man, with red eyes, was staring back at me. He must have been bigger than my house at least. And back then when I was young, my house had two floors and a basement. So three total. I just couldn’t move by this point, and I tried to stay calm because it was only a dream right? He couldn’t really hurt me? You have no idea how wrong I was.
I then watched as this being bent down to me. And he grabbed me, even though he was silhouetted, this man had long nails that formed into claws. The dreams were definitely real at this point. Because the suffocating grip that enveloped me entirely save for my head and shoulders was real enough for me. You don’t know how it feels, but being handled in such a realistic way is not something you want to feel or experience. It feels like you are being squished by rubber padding on all sides, and suddenly the force increasing and knocking the wind out of you with just the most minute action. He could have easily crushed me but there was much more he was looking to do to me.
I struggled, however, more out of fear than the need to get free, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Or for the fact I had some fleeting idea that I could somehow control my dream, it was mine, after all, I was the one alive. He had no control, even though he had all of the control here. I tried to scream and that didn’t work either, that had only made him laugh. He was more amused that this tiny girl was trying to be tough, even though there was no possible way I could get away from him.
He spoke again, “This is my world, you don’t have any strength here girl.” I tried to scream at him again, “LET ME GO!”
This made him laugh again.
I then screamed, “YOU’RE NOT REAL!” that was a mistake.
By this point, I was close enough to see the dim reflection of sharp teeth. To which his expression read that he was not pleased with what I had just said. “Yes, I am. How else could I not be?” He was growling at me now.
“Prove it then!” I cried at him.
The Shadow then just smiled at me, like he had something planned, and he did.
“Alright, tomorrow, when you attend school. A boy will get hurt.” I didn’t have much time to react at this point, because the only thing he did after that, as he lifted me up, and those sharp teeth opened up wide, and he dropped me, and I fell into the darkness within him.

This was when I woke up. Skye hadn’t moved, though she was looking at me with her doughy eyes. I was in a cold sweat when I did wake though, and I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

The next morning however when I went to school. I brought my bag and one of the stuffed animals I had. I always carried either a stuffed animal that I bought or something that I had made. As back then my grandfather, brother, and I had lived in poverty. We couldn’t afford much, and my grandpa struggled to pay the bills, so he could rarely afford toys for us. So I learned to sew and would make my own toys.
But that day on the bus my brother and I sat next to each other and as the bus pulled up to the front of our elementary school, all the kids began to get up. We did too. Though while my brother was in front of me, we were pretty close to the back of the bus. And there was a kid behind us as the last one, and he was one of my bullies. His name was John. And he would join in on calling me names and throwing stuff at me. And of course, he kept pushing me while we waited for the bus to stop. I tried to tell him to stop but he would just mock me. So I gave it up. As we all began to get off the bus my brother and I got off almost last. Now I am not sure if the bus driver was paying attention, and no one really knows what happened. But as the last boy was getting off the bus, his backpack got shut in the door. We all heard screaming and we turned to look and we just saw the kid flailing and crying as the bus started driving as his backpack was stuck in the door. Of course one of the teachers went and stopped the driver, and the boy was unharmed, though he had the shit scared out of him indeed from this incident. That was when I remembered the dream, and The Shadow’s words, “Tomorrow, when you attend school. A boy will get hurt.”
There was no way this was just some kid’s weird dreams, there had to be some reality to this.

I tried to tell my brother about this, and he thought it was a ghost, and actually cried saying for me to stop scaring him. So I didn’t bring it up again with him. And I figured I couldn’t really tell anyone, except possibly my grandpa. So after school, I detailed my dreams to him. And even the incident at school. Grandpa just said it was just an incident, and that I just have nightmares. Nothing more.
Later that day I just went and played outside, and later went to play with my friend Kate who lived down a conjoining street that turned into a cul-de-sac three houses down. We watched Spongebob and scooby doo while eating popcorn and playing in the yard with her dog Shadow. But when it came time for me to go home I began to walk back. It was nightfall, and the street lights were on. And since my house was just a few houses down no one bothered to walk me back. Though Kate’s mom would call my house and let my grandpa know that I was walking back. So as I began to walk back I passed a couple of street lights. And it was normal like any other night, nothing, no one on the roads. No kids, nothing.
Though when I began to walk across the road to my yard I heard something strange. Like a whistle, though dull and dim, like a faraway echo. I turned and looked to the streetlight on the corner of my house’s property, by the rocks I would play on that decorated the yard. And there, under the yellow beam of the streetlight was a large dark figure. The silhouette looked like it as wearing a long trench coat, collars up, and boots. With those same bright red eyes glaring back at me. It was “him”. I knew this because even as a kid, there was no way any man standing under a bright streetlamp would be still pitch black. I did the only thing I knew I possibly could do. Run.
I bolted across the street quickly to my house, pulling the screen door, and then the front door and slammed it shut. My grandpa heard this and stood up the stairs of the foyer and asked me what was wrong, asking if I was hurt. The only thing I did was cry. I ran up the stairs and cried into his arms for a long while.
After getting what happened out of me he called the police. And they went through with me the man I saw. Though nothing came of it. And they said they couldn’t do much since all he did do was stand there. Though they did say that they would keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

This was the least of my worries of what would come later. And at this point, I was convinced that my nightmares were real.

Thank you guys again, I know this is getting pretty long, but there is a lot for me to detail and say in these stories. Thank you guys for your support and I hope you enjoyed the read.

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