The crying forest

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It was about 2 a.m. on a very cold night in northern Iowa. My friend Derrick and I had decided to do some late night exploring of a wooded area considered to have multiple sightings of unknown creatures. We drove Derrick’s car off the main road, onto a gravel sideroad, and about 50 yards in we stopped at an old gate. I jumped out of the car and saw that there was no lock or anything securing the gate to the post so I simply unlatched and pulled it open. We drove for about 2 miles, completely surrounded by thick forest, before we hit a dead end at a small clearing. There’s a lot of paths like this that branch off that main road and lead nowhere because they were temporary roads used for logging operations, and they make for perfect places to park your car unnoticed. We got out and started walking in a random direction just hoping to find something exciting. My friend Derrick brought his $500 drone with him and had been flying it above are heads as we walked along.

The locals in the neighboring towns call this area the “the crying forest” because there’s been many claims of people hearing “crying” sounds coming from deep within the woods. I’m not a very superstitious guy but this kind of stuff does get me creeped out, especially when the local police rarely patrol this area and warn people not to stray too far off the main road.

It was getting late, Derrick had put the drone away, and we started to talk about heading back to the car when suddenly we heard a loud wheezing sound, like the sound you make when trying to clear your throat, except this was a very deep and rumbling wheezing. I told Derrick to pull the drone out of his backpack and fly it in that direction. He got it up at least 60 feet, high enough to clear the trees, and we started walking towards the sound with the drone above.

The heavy wheezing now sounded like heavy breathing with ripping and splashing sounds. Then suddenly we heard a sound that literally made us stop in our tracks, and Derrick almost dropped the remote control. It was a loud shrieking sound that sounded like a train coming to an abrupt stop on rusty tracks. I told Derrick to fly the drone in that direction and lower it down.

We’re both leaning up against a tree in the pitch black forest, staring at the screen on his drone controller, with the night vision camera equipped on the drone turned on. The shrieking sound was non-stop but getting quieter and less frequent. He lowers the drone down and we see something about the size of a bear bobbing its head up and down on the ground. As he moves the drone closer we saw something that’s been ingrained in our memories till this day. This creature looked like it had the body of a human but with very long arms. The creature was on all fours ripping and tearing at what looked like the mutilated, bloody body of a large deer. Over to the side of the dead deer, about 5 feet away was a pile of limbs lying in a puddle. With the night vision it’s hard to make out any colors, but the puddle was unmistakably blood. Everywhere. At first I thought it was bear but when we really looked at it, you could tell something was just not right with the way it looked with it’s skinny human like body, and how it moved so violently. The noises sounded like they were literally 10 yards away from us, and it was so dark in these woods that it could’ve been that close to us and we didn’t know.

I told Derrick to bring the drone up and bring it back so we can get the hell out of here, but he kept lowering it down and said he wanted to get a better view and take a screenshot. I said forget the stupid screenshot and I started running, hoping he would just forget about the stupid drone and follow me. I stop and look back and see the bright glow from his controller screen, and him still standing by the tree, still staring at his screen. Just as I was about to turn around, I started to see a dark figure crawl down towards him from the tree he was leaning on. I yelled his name and told him to look up! He looked above his head right as an arm was reaching down toward him. He instantly dropped the controller and ran. As he started running I turned around and booked it also.

We finally made it to the car and Derrick slammed on the pedal. I noticed blood dripping from the back of Derrick’s head and I told him he was bleeding, but he felt his head and had no wound at all. Gravel and dust went flying around behind the car. I kept my eyes on the back window trying to see if anything followed. There was so much dust I couldn’t see anything, but then as the dust settled I could barely make out three tall figures standing still, with very long arms and huge hands, eerily illuminated by the red taillights, and staring at us as we drove away.

When I got home that night I took my jacket off and hung it up in my closet. Right before I closed the door I noticed a big red streak down the back of my jacket… Whatever was in that tree last night must have been there for a while, dripping blood down onto both of us, and waiting to make a move.

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Any chance this happened near Charles City? If so please message me. I have an eerily similar story that happened to me when I used to live there.