The crib shadow

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I was babysitting my niece once in a while. My friend that owned the baby set up a camera so I could watch the baby. I was studying for a test that I had the next day. I start to doze off to sleep until I heard whispering. I was coming from the monitor! I thought it was feedback or something.

I looked at the TV and saw a very dark shadow near the crib.

The shadow was clearly never there before! I went to the babies room and saw nothing. I took the baby out of the crib and took her back to the room I was in. I went back to the TV and the shadow was completely gone.

I told my brother what happened and he pulled me aside and told me to not mention this to my sister-in-law because she would freak out. He also said he has seen and heard the same things I was hearing.

They stayed in that house for about 4 years and when my niece was just learning to talk. She would tell her mother (my friend) about her “special friend”.

To this day it scared the fuck out of me! When they moved, my brother told me my niece had become inconsolably sad because she would miss her “special friend” Her mom (my friend) told her he could come along but all she said is that he couldn’t leave the house. We have never to this day told her about this damn shadow and, she apparently never saw it.


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