The creepy whistle man encounter

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** please note english is not my first language

It was may of 2015. It was around my birthday, I was having a few friends over to spend the night at my house to watch scary movies and go to bed at ungodly hours (still guilty of all of this). There is a park behind my house, so when it was dark, at around 10 or 11 pm, we decided to hang out there a little before starting our movie night. The park was empty, so we were laughing, talking and messing around as usual when we noticed a figure wearing a hoodie, watching us from the fence. He gave us an uneasy feeling, but we thought nothing of it at first. After a good 20 minutes of still talking, we noticed he didn’t move, still watching us from the fence.

At this very moment, we started to get creeped out. So I, thinking creepy stalkers were just happening in movies I like to watch, not here, in my little canadian town, decided to go ask him what he wanted. As I get closer, I get a creepy feeling. ‘’May I help you ?’’ I said. He said nothing, but did a step behind. I walked a little closer to him, he stepped back again. At first finding this situation funny and entertaining, I was now annoyed and scared. ‘’Why are you watching us since we got here?’’ He started walking away, so I ran after him, (I know, not very smart). As he started running, he got a whistle out of his pocket and started to blow in his whistle, as he did that, two cars got out at full speed of streets away, I started to run, screaming to my friends to run also. The park is behind my house but we had to go around the block to get there since there was fences separating us from the park, but we could not go back at my house without passing by the cars now slowly looking for us, but there was a hole in the fence. Two of my friends went through the whole, but me and my other friend were scared we would not pass, so we hided behind a tiny tree, which was just fine since it was dark outside. Seeing the cars by the park got us freaking out, so we decided to give it a shot and go through that damn hole. I made my friend go first, I went after and we ran to my house.

We did not call the police and I don’t know why. Something was really up that night. I could not say for sure what was this all about but there was nothing good.

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