The creature in the woods

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So everyone’s heard of the notorious “big foot” which supposedly roams the mountains and woods of the us and other countries but this experience is regarded as something far taller and stronger than the big foot which roams the forests of Japan feeding on prey from sheep to humans

I was interested in photography and the wilderness but I had never believed in any paranormal of any kind, I also never believed in the infamous big foot or yeti until this horrifying, unforgiving experience. I decided to take a trip to a forest whilst on a trip to Japan, a contra which had always interested me, I took a taxi to the forest entrance and there were a few tourists about looking at the incredible scenery. I at first be lived I was safe but that had all changed quickly, I walked for around 20 minutes and I was pretty deep into the forest although I thought there were tourist there wasn’t, I panicked because I somehow had got myself lost in a forest I had never been before. I found a sign and followed to were it had said exit.

I had walked for about 10 minutes and it had started getting dark, suddenly I heard a deep growl from very close which sent chills down my spine, I freaked out for a second looking around in confusing and panic until my eyes stopped dead in the centre of the path. There 15 feet away was a 8 foot creature covered in fur with a angry looking face, it was hard to describe but it was horrifying, my stomach dropped as I ran and hid behind a fallen tree a few mitres down the path, I led there panicking and scared for my life. The creature then walked pass about 8 feet from were I was walking down the path, whatever it was looked around and saw me, my stomach dropped as I took of running in the direction of the path I was following at first, I looked back and saw the creature chasing me.

I was a good 10 metres in front when I had reached the opening into the car park which had no cars and was deserted, I was panicking so much I thought I may have a panic attack at one point but I kept on composure and ran to a bush and hid behind it. I didn’t look back up for at least 10 minutes which felt like years but there was nothing to be seen just darkness all around and the faint light lighting the car park. I got out my phone and called a taxi to pick me up seeing I was only 20 minutes drive from my hotel. Eventually the taxi showed up and I got in almost paranoid of my surroundings. Just then as I true to calm myself down I saw the same creature stood about 5 feet away from the car, that was the last I ever visited the forest at night, the experience still shakes me up to this day seeing this happened about 7 years ago, I will never forget this.

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