The creature i created

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(Okay, so i checked the comment section yesterday and realized a couple of people were interested in this sighting i had, so i have decided to post another terrifying encounter i had with a creature i call white face, Hope you all enjoy.)

When i was 13 years old i remember i was always drawn to the dark arts and things like black magic and rituals, and when i finally was fed up with my “Bad Luck” i decided to trade my soul for happiness… Little did i know that i had just caused my normal life to end.

One day after school i had gotten home and found out i had been alone, to this i found an opening in my “Bad Luck” and took it… I took a box of matches from my mother’s smoking drawer and took a couple candles before drawing a large pentagram on the tile floor with red paint, (Needless to say when my parents got home i was in deep trouble.) When i had finally finished i ripped out a thread of my hair and a wooden wolf head my grandfather had carved for my necklace, i simply wrapped the hair around the wooden wolf head before cutting my wrist. i dripped my blood onto the wood and began to chant something, i don’t really remember what i had to say but all i know is the last verse i said was “allow me to smite my enemies, for they will bend to my will”.” or something along those lines.

After nothing had happened i gave up and blew out my candles before trying to clean and then went to bed after my parents had gotten home, the next morning i had gotten up i find out my mother had left me with my grandmother and i wouldn’t see her for the next 3 years. After a week i find out we had to move to a new home, then… i realized i wasn’t just alone with my grandmother…

One night i had woken to a slight thud on my door, the light outside the door was on and i could see two feet waiting behind the door, i sighed and turned over going back to sleep before i heard a loud thud. i got up and marched to my door before i heard it, i heard my grandmother snoring in her bed above me and quickly ran hiding myself under my covers, the second night was sorta the same, just a loud thud from my window and tapping on the one behind me.

But the third night was the night i will never forget, shortly after my grandmother had fallen asleep i sat under my covers watching youtube before i heard the creaking sound of a window opening, i shut off my phone and turned over quickly while peaking my eye out of a small hole in my blanket, i watched a pale figure slowly crawl into my window, its fingers were long and had a dried brown color i assume was its last victim, i watched the thing slowly crawl from the window and into my room. Then it stood up at around 6 feet and moved to my bed, its movement was like a rusty robot or gears grinding, like an animotronic was breaking down mid action. Suddenly it was in front of my face staring down at my as i felt it’s claws graze my blanket before hearing a strange yell from outside. then the thing leaped out the window and outside of my room, after a couple of minutes i got up and slammed my window down locking it.

Later the next day we ended up moving and i still see whatever this thing… is. just yesterday… i swear on my life i seen it’s pale bone thin fingers reaching around a tree and i heard a strange voice… it simply whispered. “You are mine!” it was deep and also like a whisper.

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Okay, there are so many things running through my mind right now, where to start! I suppose the first place to start is a polite – you’re an idiot! Everyone has trouble at some point in their lives, it depends on the individual of how one gets through it. I understand you were only 13 and at that age everything feels life-threatening, life ending and overly dramatic but truth be told half of what we think is important or ruining our lives, is nothing more than growing up. I can’t imagine what was going through your head but I hope you’re thinking more clearly these days. Beyond that I’m really sorry your Mother just abandoned you, over night, without saying goodbye. By that alone I’m going to assume your childhood wasn’t the best which lead you to take such drastic actions; I’m sorry they back-fired. I so desperately want to believe you, honestly I do but I’m having such a hard time with the fantastical-ness of this. (Yes I know that’s not a word but it’s what describes the exaggeration this story leaves within the reader) Now you started off with a stranger in the house, knocking on your bedroom door when it was only you and your Grandmother whom you heard sleeping in the room above you, correct? Did you tell your Grandmother the next day what happened?? Please tell me you did. I’ve never understood how so many ppl ignore things like this. I’ve read and heard hundreds, if not thousands, of stories of visitations in the middle of the night and nearly every person just ignores it! I can’t wrap my brain around that. If I saw feet under my door, knowing they didn’t belong to anyone I knew, bet your butt I’d be on the phone with the police and have a weapon in hand, ready to defend myself and those I love! If I heard… Read more »