The Costume Ball Creeper

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A little background before I start. I am a young female who just recently turned 21. This experience happened to me last year.

I was invited to a Halloween Costume Ball at a high-class venue. My friends and I all dressed up as angels. We got to the venue at about Quarter to Eight. As we were walking in, we noticed a rather beat-up black pickup truck pull into the parking lot. My friends and I shrugged it off.

After all maybe the person was laying up his costume.

Over the next hour, I danced and had some food with my friends. The whole time I noticed a creepy looking man staring at me. I thought to myself: “why is that old guy staring at me?” Then I left to go to the restroom. The room was completely deserted. Usually the bathrooms are packed with potheads and alcoholics. I immediately got a bad feeling. I hurried up into the stall to do my business.

Just as I was exiting the stall, I heard the door to the bathroom open ever so slowly, as if the person was trying not to raise any suspicion.

I took a peek through the crack in the stall door. As soon as i saw who it was, My jaw fell on the floor. It was the same old guy who was staring at me earlier. The man was opening each stall door and saying out loud: “I know you’re here.” In the creepiest voice I have ever heard. I covered my mouth to hide my heavy breathing and climbed atop the toilet, hoping he wouldn’t see me.

Then, he stopped at my stall door and opened it. I started to scream but the man covered my mouth with his hand. He said to me: “You’re coming with me. you make one sound and I will slit your throat.”

Just then, One of the staff from the kitchen came into the bathroom. She saw the man holding a knife to my throat. She immediately ran back to call the police. They showed up rather quickly. They busted into the bathroom, guns drawn. The man saw the cops and power sprinted out of the venue.

I thank the kitchen worker for saving my life. I leave you with this vital piece of wisdom: Always try to be with someone you trust at a party.

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