The Clown In The Ice cream truck

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One night like I usually do late at night I walk to the gas station to get a Monster energy drink as I keep on waking down the street I hear weird Ice cream truck music amd It drives up to me Inside there was a evil creepy clown now this Is when the It got weird first he just stared at me for a few minutes be honest It creeped me out and the weirdest thing comes next he lays out hes hand and would you like to buy some drugs holding out what looked like LSD I said no and that when the nightmare starts he says you should fear me now I took off running as fast as I can I could hear the Ice cream truck behind me so cut neighbors yard on the bike path that leads up hes yard and lost the clown and I eventually made It home I know now not to walk alone In the dark the end

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I’m sorry but this was so horribly written that I had to stop reading. First off – you used no punctuation. Nearly everything you write has to be punctuated to seperate and emphasize what you’re trying to get across. Secondly- you bounced around so much, leaving out details that allowed this story to flow, that it becomes impossible to enjoy because the reader spends all their time deciphering what you meant, what’s happening and what you’re feeling. This story, from what little I read and could understand, sounded dangerously creepy. I couldn’t finish this but I hope you’re okay and whatever happened, doesn’t happen again. 🖤