The Child & The Man in Greece

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I’m an 18year old female from the middle of Ireland and just finished high school when me and my friends had a brain wave to go bag packing across Europe.

So in May we set off to our new adventure in Greece,I won’t say the name of the place for privacy reasons but we stayed in a motel down the south east of Greece,it was fantastic the sceanary was outstanding and the people were such sweet and beautiful people,but you would get your few odd stares especially when you’re with the people who I hung around with,us Irish folks aren’t known to be quiet to say the least so when we saw a bar after checking in to our motel which was what you would expect a motel to look like when it’s going for €35 a night!

we were in our element!!we spent the night there talking and singing with the locals,then the lady behind the bar asked us where we were staying and naturally enough my friend answered and told her and I mean it when I say this,everyone in the small bar stopped and you could hear the clock tick up on the wall it was that quiet.

After that everyone was very off and didn’t want to know us or act like we weren’t singing with them just moments ago,we left shortly after that and my friend let’s call him Lee was not impressed with the sudden change of heart the people in the pub had with us,as he was muttering to himself me and my other friend,Aoife were too focused on getting our other friend back to the motel as she had too much to drink.

We got back and settled into our rooms which two people had to share per room so it was me and Aoife and Lee and Sarah.

The rooms were an okay size and the beds weren’t too bad so we were happy enough. As I was doing my night routine I noticed my blanket had gone missing that I brought from my home I’ve had this blanket since I was 3 and it meant a lot to me as my mother gave it to me so when I couldn’t find it I freaked out and I know I had it when I got there because I remember taking it out just before I went into the bathroom so I woke up the now sleeping Aoife and told her,she knew what that blanket meant to me,she was equally confused as to where it just vanished to.

I was pissed off,after about an hour of turning the room upside down I gave up and got into bed and slept.

Around 5:30 I woke up to a giggling and thought it was Lee but I listened closely this time and it was a little boys laugh,mind you I never saw children here so I ignored it until there was light foot steps coming towards our room door and a small knock on it,i froze I knew it was a child but it just took me by surprise so when the knocks became more aggressive and harder I got up and swung the door open just to find nothing there I was just pissed off at this point,”where is this kids fucking parents “I groaned getting back into bed.

The next morning I woke up around 7:30 and got ready for another day of exploring everyone was up and ready for the day so when we went out to get breakfast I told the receptionist what had happened to me last night and about my blanket,she looked at me confused and told me that there was no children with any of the people at the time that was staying there,”weird” I thought as the others blamed it on my dreaming or something.i couldn’t shake the thought all day and couldn’t come up with any reasons as too why there was a child running around at 5:30 in the morning knocking on my door.

Our day was spent at the local seaside today and it was pretty chill,we went back and had dinner and I wasn’t feeling too well so we went back to the motel and crashed there,but sure enough I was awoken again but this time it was 5:00am by little foot steps in our room,I froze in the spot and felt something sitting on my bed,I held my eyes closed and prayed to whoever would listen for this thing to go away,Aoife in the next bed woke up too and screamed when she looked over my way I opened my eyes quickly and there was a full grown man sitting on my bed staring at me,when he saw and heard Aoife scream he just dissapered into tin air,we were so scared and upset that we ended up in Lee and Sarah’s room,we left early the next morning and literally trew our stuff into our bags and brought them out into the car,as I went back into the motel to pay and give the keys back I told the woman who was there what happened and she was very understanding and apologized about my blanket being missing,as we were pulling away from the place I looked back with Aoife and sure enough there was a man and a little boy standing at our room window,holding my now bloody blanket.

Turns out that the place we were staying in a man had a cult there and sacrificed a boy according to the local people in the pub that we visited before we left Greece.its been haunted for years and the man and boy always take something that belongs to someone else,”better than taking my life “ I thought as I walked out fo the bar,for the last time.

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If this story hadn’t been so interesting and intriguing, there’s no way I would have taken the time. The run on sentences and massive errors (in general) take away from the readers experience and you’ve got one hell of a story Ireland! If the man killed the child, what killed the man?
P.S. I think you should tell ppl what motel this was, others have the right to know what they’re getting into – especially when they only think they’re getting an affordable room. If you had been warned would you have stayed still?