The Cat shadow

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This Is a true story and similar events throughout the years have happened, I’ve always had the ability to fall asleep anywhere so keep that in mind. 

I was six years old at the time, I had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room. My father not wanting to wake me up while moving me to my room, let me sleep there for the night.

In the middle of the night a small whisper of a cold breeze woke me up. I had overcome the fear of darkness with the help of the glow of the clock coming out of the kitchen overhead very vaguely. I stared blankly up at the small ray of neon light above my eye over the top of the couch.

It flickered every few seconds. A few minutes of restless attempts to go back to sleep, I let my left hand off the couch to where I just barely grazed the carpet. I began playing with the carpet strings, pulling and playing with them and trying to doze off.  A sudden object hit my hand, I pulled my hand back, for a second. Believing to have let my mind play tricks on me I went back to playing with the carpet.

As I reached my hand down a cat like object was under my hand.  Comfortably thinking I was seeing thing I began petting the cat like figure. Looking over the side of the couch I saw the figure.

A long and black shadow my heart jumped and I pulled my hand away to roll over to protect myself from the figure. Before I could fully pull my hand and arm into safety of the couch and blankets I felt a sharp bare of teeth come down on my wrist and a set of razor sharp claws dig into my arm and drag down. I began to scream and cry for my dad just one door away from the living room. I swung my arm and the biting and pain stopped. I heard a thud against a wall. After I gripped my arm I stood up on the couch and screamed for my dad once again, as I heard him come running. He flipped on the lights and picked me up. 

After turning on all the lights in our living room and kitchen he sat me on the counter. Y wrist had two small bite marks that were beginning to Irritate and swell with two “cat- like” scratches leading from my elbow to my wrist. Red and bloody towards my elbow. My father said It was probably a cat of the neighbors that had gotten In, trying to settle me down swept over the room and told me It looked like a cat had gotten in through the garage door.

I’m 18 years old now, my left arm has a faded scar and ive moved  three different and since then, I have woken up with a cat like shadow hanging around my bedroom, or staring at me from the top of my dresser. However, since the last sleepless cat figure haunting I have gotten a cat that sleeps at the foot of my bed. Though from time to time when my cat is out and about at night, I will wake up in the middle of the night and feel a presence staring at me from the foot of my bed. 

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This story definitely has a scary factor to it but the writing style is hard to read, it almost takes away from the legitimate fear the story teller felt and is trying to convey. Maybe proof read before submitting next time, it is a requirement. Beyond that, what the heck!! Holy crap, that would have terrified me (at any age) and to know whatever it is, is following you throughout the years is even worse. Good luck, sounds like you’re in need of some. I’d tell whatever it is to go away, it’s uninvited and unwanted.


Lol I deal with writing issues like this on a daily basis x) It’s good to have someone else noticing it. Maybe folks will step up their writing game!


I feel for you, I do. That would drive me nuts but pat yourself on the back because you do a phenomenal job ‘translating’ their stories in such a way that we, the listeners, get to hear an incredible story. You do their tells justice, it’s how they intended them to be told but didn’t have the skill to do it themselves. You’re the people’s ghost writer 😉
However it still amazes me how horrible people are at writing, it’s truly baffling.