The boy

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ok let me start out by saying this is a short story.
ok I was around 13 or 14 when this happened and i’m 19 now,
it was night time maybe 8:00pm and everyone that was in the house was down stairs, me and my little sisters decided to play a game but I don’t remember what game, so I ran up stairs to get the game, opened the door an I turned and there was a little boy he looked to be 8 years old he had short blonde hair he was short he had Know shirt on but the pants he was wearing looked like they were from the 20s. I saw him for 5 seconds and then he ran into the closet right beside him. but the door was shut and very small, I ran to the closet and there was no one there I was in the room alone. I’ve been living in the house for 8 years now i’m not sure when the house was built but I do know it’s very old.

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