The blue boy

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Without bragging too much , my family are of aristocratic heritage, and my grandfather’s brother owns Chillingham Castle , a 15th Century castle in the North of England . We didn’t visit him too often , so when my parents and I visited him in the winter of 2015 I was ecstatic .The 4 hour drive from South to North was uneventful , but as we neared the driveway to the Castle things began to feel – strange . For those who don’t live in the UK , anytime after 4pm in winter is pitch black , and the castle, being set in the middle of the woods, didn’t help in comforting me . The leave-less trees set in the darkness conjured up strange shapes in my head , or at least I convinced myself it was the trees .

I knocked on the ancient oak front door to be greeted by the boney face of my Great Uncle Humphrey , or as he would always correct us ‘Sir Humphrey of Wakefield’ . He greeted us with warmth and took us to the dining room , where the chefs had prepared a hearty meal . Piles of sausages and pork , more than enough for the 4 people it was made for . Half an hour later , my stomach filled , so at around 11pm I retired to my bedroom . I wasn’t trusted to sleep on the 300 year old four posters so I was left in the guest apartment , something I was perfectly happy with as the drafts in the original rooms was unbearable , especially in sub zero temperatures. With my stomach filled I fell asleep quickly , but my slumber didn’t last all too long .

At around 2-3 am I awoke to see a flash of something , like a blue spark of electricity coming from the corner of the bedroom , behind the TV. I got out of bed and went to check behind it , out of fear of a huge fire starting , only to see a silhouette in the corridor , in-between the doors for my Mother and Great Uncle’s rooms. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief , expecting it to go away , but instead it remained , fixed in place . With my eyes cleared of sleep I could make it out to be a small boy , 6-7 years old , with almost a blue aura surrounding him . I took a step forward into the hallway, in the hopes of getting a better look at this entity , only for it to snap towards me , facing me front on . The boy’s face seemed to go from young and peachy to an old , wrinkled bag of flesh . This thing’s mouth opened inhumanly wide and sprinted towards me . I screamed and leaped to the side , only for the entity to glider through the wall I had just been stood in front of. My Great Uncle came straight out his room to see the reason for my screaming . Just as he exited his room a blue flash came from the wall the boy had run through , instead of acting in shock or surprise , Humphrey just sighed and smiled . I asked him what on earth that thing was , and he told me about ‘ The Blue Boy ‘ . When the castle had been renovated in the 1990s , workers found a hidden room behind the wall in front of my bedroom , only to find it full of the remains of a young boy , who was said to have been buried alive in the room . After discovering the bones , the workers sealed them back in the room as a sign of respect for the dead , which I think is the reason for the ongoing hauntings . My Great Uncle is practically friends with all the paranormal creatures that haunt the castle , I mean they’re his ancestors after all , and he sees them on a regular basis . After living there all his life I don’t think he really cares about them anymore , but that doesn’t help me from having the shit scared out of me everytime I see something.

This is just one of the happenings I’ve experienced at the castle , if you don’t believe me just research the castle for yourself . I’m visiting again this April so anything that happens I’ll be sure to write here .

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