The Black and White Children

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I have had strange experiences my entire life. I don’t know if they are paranormal, or some kind of Monster/Urban legend; I really don’t know but I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

I was just like any other 8 year old. Running around playing with my friends, being outside was always my favorite after school activity. To describe the lay out I am from a small town in Canada. Like really small, less than three thousand people including a couple of cows. I lived in a very tiny, newly developed subdivision. There was me, a few neighbors, and a field behind the house that seemed to go on forever. Throughout our little town and acres of farms there were abandoned barns. I had seen them all over and they were nothing special to me. They were two stories (the top being where they held feed), all made out of wood that was now rotting and generally they had small bits of a rusty red coloured paint that was mostly chipped away. All of them were abandoned a long time ago. There was one of these barns near my house, in the back field, tucked away in a little grove of trees; it was tucked into a little C shape of trees and had an opening about the size of a car you could get through to it.

I was out in the field playing by myself and running through the tall grass as I often did when I saw the barn. Now I had walked passed this barn hundreds of times with my friends and family…it was different now. It lost all it’s colour. It wasn’t that same brown wooden colour with some red it was black and white. The trees surrounding it, usually vibrant and green, now seemed pale and lifeless. I knew my mom wouldn’t want me playing in the barn as it was falling apart, but this one seemed together. Like it was newly built. (It’s probably good to note this was a time where your children would run around anywhere and parents were just kinda like “hey come inside before dark” and my parents were at work during this time).

I felt drawn to the barn. It looked brand new, and if I’m being honest I thought it might have animals and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to pet any possible cows. Against my better judgment I went towards the barn. When I entered the opening of the trees to get to the barn My blood ran cold. Not like a shiver or a shake, just everything felt cold. Like time and everything around me stopped. Everything turned pale, the leaves looked a grayish yellow with only the smallest tinge of colour. I could hear chickens and an array of sounds coming from the barn through and I began to walk over.

I was abruptly stopped when two people showed up in front of me. I hadn’t seen them earlier but I didn’t think much of it. “Oh hello!” I said to them happily thinking maybe I had made some new friends. “Is this your barn?” They just looked at me for a long while.

They seemed to be around my age. One was a girl, she had little ribbons in her hair making pigtails and a little dress on that you would have seen on a doll. The same knee high socks, and little black shoes. The boy looked more like a typical farm boy, some jeans on and a plain T-Shirt with some sneakers on. The way they moved made it seem like they were the same person, maybe twins. They seemed normal until I saw their skin. It was a sludge grey colour. Like the grey a dead body turns. They had no colour on their faces, or their clothing. even their hair just seemed an odd grey colour.

Looking at each other the girl finally spoke “It is, do you want to play?” She smiled. Her teeth were horrifying. Her gums looked rotten and mangled, her teeth seemed almost black and so crooked it was like a sharks mouth. I visibly flinched.

“Yes, come play with us.” They boy chimed in. His voice…it was like it had a soft echo after every word. His smile was normal but the longer I looked at him the more I noticed. He didn’t blink. I mean he didn’t blink at all. His eyes just turned black and then flicked back to normal every few seconds.

I looked at my own hands and I still had colour. Why were they so grey? I took a small step back mostly out of fear. “Oh I’m sorry I can’t my mom is waiting for me. I-um I just wanted to say hi to the new neighbors.” I stammered, taking another step back.

“What neighbors? Mom is waiting for us inside.” The girl chuckled in such a terrifying chuckle. It wasn’t demonic just like a child who is playing with a new toy.

“Us? No my mom is back at my house. I don’t know your mom.” I was freaking out, my eyes beginning to water. It was then that I noticed the boy chanting “Come play with us.” under his breath. He was slowly getting louder.

“Mom is waiting.” The girl’s smile vanished into an angry sneer.

I heard a voice yell from the barn. “Kids come home it’s dinner.” I began to back away when the voice yelled with so much rage “DON’T YOU FUCKING LEAVE I TOLD YOU IT’S TIME FOR DINNER”

“Come play!” The girl hissed lunging at me and grabbing my arm. Where her hand grabbed me my arm turned that same disgusting grey shade. I screamed, tears streaming down my face. I whipped my arm away and without taking another second began running. I never ran so fast before.

Just before I got to the tree opening I heard the little boy yell out “Come play again soon!”

The moment I burst through the opening I could feel the sun on my cheeks. I heard small bird calls. I hadn’t even noticed those were absent. I turned slightly to look back. The barn was back to being in colour. Old and falling apart, the wood rotting and chipping.

Still crying I ran back home. I called my mom and tried to tell her between sobs. she told me it was just a bad dream but I know it wasn’t. That happened and I know it did. I avoid old barns now. I don’t tell people about it because how do you believe something like this? It was burned into my memory and every time I see an old, decrepit barn I think of the Black and White Children, asking to come play.

I hope you guys liked my experience and If you’ve ever heard of it before please tell me. I’ve looked for other cases like this but found nothing. I don’t know if this was a tale of ghosts or demons, or if the Black and White children are more like Skinwalkers. What I do know is I never want to see them again. I have many other stories about my encounters if you guys want to hear. Thank you for reading.

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