The big foot encounter

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So this story all started at my mom’s house in Ohio. I have always believed in Big Foot and. I am 11 and I was spending time with my mom, her boyfriend, and my brother. So my parents are divorced and I live in Lincoln but I finally got to see her and I got to go to her house for a week. So the story first starts at Raccoon Park. My family was their fishing, then our dog Ru, ran off. While I was chasing him, I went to grab him and I did but I saw boats. Me and my mom went first on the boat. It wasn’t fancy or all, it was just one of those boats that the way you move is you pedal. As we were pedaling, we decided to go closer tho the other side of the bank by the forest to see if they had some good fish. As we were pedaling, we heard rustling in the trees.

We weren’t scared at first because we thought that it might just be a person or a raccoon or something. But we narrowed it down to a animal because their were no people up their and the camp sites are far from here. Then something from the tree fell down and we thought it was a squirrel. But then we started to get a little freaked out because when we looked over their, there was no squirrel. All of a sudden, out of nowhere a huge log gets chucked into the water close by us. We scream and pedal as fast as we could back to the boat place. As we were pedaling, I looked back and saw this huge hairy nine foot creature standing their looking right at us. It kinda looked like a tall man who didn’t shave until I noticed that it couldn’t of been when I saw it stand up. Then I think the creature saw me and it darted off into the tree’s.

At first I thought that I was just hallucinating, until once we got their the boat people asked me ” did you see that too?” We left a couple of hours after that. A couple of weeks later when I was video chatting my mom, what she told me was unbelievable to hear. What she told me was that two other guys on the boat went by the same place we did then out of nowhere this huge creature jumps out and attacks them. None of them died but everyone had a glimpse of the creature. After hearing that I wonder if Bigfoot was giving me and my mom a warning to leave or what but what haunts me still to this day is that what would’ve happened if we decided to stay in that spot?

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