The being in bridge gate

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This is the most recent story I can remember as I’ve had many experiences that cannot be explained. I was working security in an undisclosed location and no it was not anything special or secret. I have to keep locations hidden for client confidentiality as I still work for them. Locations and names are altered Anyways here is the story.

I was working patrol duties in a metro area in the center of America for a protective services agency. We had this particular site we’ll call Bridge Gate or aka the haunted house. We were hired for this site because it was off a light rail station and the clients had problems with homeless people entering this building which was still being built. This building was huge it was five stories high and had three basement levels and took up about two city blocks.

It seemed like a simple assignment until things started to happen to the other guards on this route before I came on duty. First during the month of November our more experienced guard was making his nightly stop at this site to find the gate wide open. He called for a cover unit to stop by so they could clear the building as the police had told us they would not respond unless we found something. Needless to say the two guard on duty that night did find something strange.

Upon entering the threshold into the building which didn’t even have dry wall on it yet and still very much a skeleton at that time. The guards noticed a strong fowl smell at the entrance. The younger guard vomited while the older guy had an distant stare. He had told me later during his recounting of the story he had smelled dead bodies before but, this scent was different yet similar. They pressed on to find the source to see what may be causing it when something began running between the frames of building.

It moved fast according to the older guard who was relaying this to me faster than any person could have. This thing moved agilely between the beams and over equipment that had been laid about. Almost as though it was a shadow but, they could hear it’s feet softly against the concrete moving rapidly. Both guard shouted for it to stop with guns drawn when a cold breeze hit them and a loud howl filled the air.

At this point they both fled back to their vehicles and not long after two local police stopped buy with lights and sirens. They had told the two guard they had reports of an loud unusual sound. The older guard spoke first “yeah we heard it some meth head was in our site we chased them off”. The younger guard asked him after they left, ” why didn’t you tell them what happened”, the older guard spoke ” somethings are best not on official reports.”

Now that all happened a year before I came onto that route and was relayed to me by the older guard. I didn’t believe him as it was nearly October and figure he was just trying to scare me since I was still green. However it wasn’t long before I had an experience there as well.

It was a normal night like any other I had just gotten done breaking up a party at another site when I arrived to Bridge Gate. I drove up in my patrol car like usual I had been on for a month with out any incidents. I was checking the windows of the building when I noticed one was fogged up. Like someone or something was putting off a lot of body heat and moister in the room that window went to.

I radioed it in to dispatch and they told me a cover unit was on the way. I told them I’d be going in to the main entrance to investigate. I heard something shuffle than quickly but, lightly run down the stairs down one of the hall ways and a shadow of something dart into the basement level. My cover unit arrived and came to the entry way to join me. ” Hey Ryan what’s going on man”, it was one of our more experienced officers thankfully. “Got someone down in the basement they were on the third floor did you notice the moister on the window”, I replied. “yeah this place is screwed up let’s go check it out”, Grant replied to me. “Shouldn’t we call the police to help out I had eyes on”, I told him. “No the police want us to catch whatever it is before they’ll respond here”.

I thought this was odd had they really had so many calls to this site they just gave up. We proceeded down to the basement quietly with guns drawn making our way down the cold concrete drive ways. The basement level was meant to be a parking garage but, was still full construction equipment, light cables, and water pumps. We get to the third level and find an old Toyota pick up parked there it had several tarps in the back and the back window was covered in moister. Directly behind it was an elevator shaft.

“That’s strange this is not supposed to be here”, Grant told me. “I do not have a good feeling something is down here”, I told him. “Yeah me either lets check this truck out make sure there no bodies under that tarp and head back”, Grant said. I was fine with that I checked the bed of the truck while he checked the cab for anything.

As we searched for any signs of foul play we hear something crawling quickly up the elevator shaft. “Crap go go go to front of the building”, Grant said he was calm but, you could hear the urgency. I followed him back up to the first floor hall way we saw a shadow run up the stairs. It looked human but, hunched over and extremely thin almost hollow looking. I got a chill but, kept following Grant who ran up the stairs after this thing.

We both yelled at it to stop at this point I had put my gun away to run faster after this thing that had already vanished on us. I stopped to look at Grant who still had his weapon out. “Dude it’s gone what the hell is happening hear”, I shouted back at him. “Back to the cars”, Grant said.

Back at the cars Grant had been quite for awhile looking back at the building while I radioed in that we were clear. His gaze shifted to the roof as something fell down and hit the dirt bellow. I looked as well and on the top was figure so strange I cannot explain it. It was a shadow shaped like a man but, looked almost like the fuzz you get on a TV when you loose signal, and what I assume where white glowing eyes. This thing was huge maybe eight feet tall as I looked it faded away.

“What in the world was that”, I asked Grant. “Some transient person we chased off property”, Grant replied. I did not need ask him any further and that’s what went into the report as well. “We’re not going in after that thing again are we”, I asked after finishing the report. “No we are not”, Grant said. That was the last time we went inside but, the shadow being remained taunting us each time we drove by.

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