The Beginning, Salem House

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Hello Darkness, my story begins with a house I moved into in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Of all the things that happened to me in this house, I will share with you one of the most frightening. As a 32 year old man I find myself defending the paranormal due to my own experiences, with that being said, lets begin.
When I was 11 years old we lived in a house in Virginia Beach in the Salem area. In the house was , me, my brother and sister, my mother and stepfather, and my aunt. Many time in this residence we saw or felt very strange and un-explainable things…that of which I will share in future stories. But this was one that stands out to me today. My mother ran a daycare in our home…so it was common for us to have to sleep on floors occasionally. My aunt also shared a room with me so she sometimes got the privilege of having the bed. One night I fell asleep on the floor only to wake to one of my worst memories.
I owned many toys when I was a child, one of which was a soft ball sized Goosebumps skull, it had a green mow hawk like the mascot from the books. It had two rubber arms and shoulders, and also these red LED eyes…and a big plastic-molded skeleton grin. Now, if you turned it on…it would respond to sound…like claps or screams. When it responded to said noises…it would start vibrating…the eyes would blink fast red… and it would laugh ” HA HA HA HA HA HA”.
Now, again I care not who believes my story…this happened to me…but I find truth through obscurity and persistence…and what happened is more than can be described as obscure. I took the Goosebumps toy, stuck a push pin in the top of his head, and hung it from my ceiling so he always spun around and looked super cool. I wake up one morning…to the sound of the head laughing and flashing on the ceiling. I stood up, obviously un-nerved, and walked out of the room.
Again, at this point in residency, many strange things had already happened to me. I walk into my sister Marlayna’s room. I say ” Hey Nayna, you know the Goosebumps head?…it was laughing at me this morning when i woke up”. “Weird” she said, as she follows me to my room. To my horror…the head is now on the ground…not the string on the ceiling. It was facing the doorway…and I swear by everything that is holy….the plastic molded grin…was not a grin. It was….leering at me…frowning…like anger on this toys face. I immediately felt ill as my sister watched me approach the toy. I leaned down to pick it up…and the moment i touch it…it starts vibrating…and ” HA HA HA HA HA HA”, red eyes flashing. I am in tears as I turn the toy upside down to see the latch open with no batteries…I throw it across the room.
I come back hours later to get rid of the toy…and as I listen to the stories others share I want to add this was the house where we practiced Ouija. Again darkness many things have happened to me since and before this paranormal experience. Get back to me and please feel free to share this terrifying encounter.

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