The abandon building

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I am 22, when this happens I was an apprentice to become an electrician. Here in my city doesn’t really have a vibe of demons or angels. Im that king of guy that’s wished stuff like that would happen until it really did happen. I’m from Chicago and it’s mainly known for our view of the lake and our skyline. Others know it for the violence and gangs but I now know what it really is about.

I’m an electrician I really just wake up, go to work, go home to sleep, and repeat the same thing all the time. This one day felt weird because my head was spinning and I was vomiting. I wanted to call off but I really need the money so I dealt with it and got picked up.
“You ready kid?” said my boss slash uncle as he was smiling and laughing because I looked like crap.
“you knows it” I reply trying to sound energized. He then explain what the whole day was going to be as the drive was almost 2 hours from the city. We were going south side of the city by 117th street. I don’t really care how it looks or as a matter of fact I’m not scared of the south side til that day Ofcourse.

We started unloading the tools I need because he was going to go do a service to another place near by. “am I going to be by myself then?” I asked him.

“Yes you are. I will be back by lunch time OK” he answered my question but I didn’t mind that at all. To be honest I loved it when he did that because I would slack off and take naps. He then left and I started working so I can nap an hour. He didn’t mind as long as I did enough work for the day and advance for he can get a check for moving on at the project.

Well I did work my ass off so I decided to go to a corner to sit down and rest my eyes. Suddenly I opened my eyes and look at my watch and it’s 3pm “shit no way I slept til 3 he’s going to fire me!” I shouted to my self.

“who’s going to fire you?” that voice was deep and it echoed from room in the building. This wasn’t a building where it’s all abused or torn apart. This building was new and fixed all I had to do was put lights, switches, and others. Then I seen from the corner of my eye a shadow move from room to room but I always had felt something like that so I didn’t mind. Then what really caught my eye was the door move. I shouted “yo Ima kick your ass if you don’t get out of here! I got a pipe so leave.!” as I walked close.

I then open the door more than it was but no one was there. They couldn’t jump out the window I’m on the 3rd floor plus no windows were open. No one was in the closet ether, so I stumbled across this book the looked really old and dusty. I picked it up and began to scroll through it. My eyes widened and all I read was the words “raped” and “killed”.

I didn’t want to continue scrolling through it but I came across this page where a picture of a young woman’s body was bloody and she had no head. Out of nowhere a loud “boom” came from where I was working. I dropped the book and ran to see what happened and nothing was wrong. I then walked back to the room and I got paralyzed, frozen, stiff, I couldn’t even speak. A man was picking up the book I was sure of that, he was there!

I slowly walked back but before my foot touched the floor he turn and made eye contact with me. “darn” I whispered as the man laughed himself at me both hand reaching for my neck! I closed my eyes and put my hands up but nothing grabbed me. He was so close that in seconds he should be on top of me squeezing the life out of me but nothing.
I looked around and asked myself “where the heck is my uncle at?” not because I was hungry but to get me out of there. I would have left myself but I stayed 1 HR and a half away. So I waited for what felt like a lifetime of darkness for me until the door open and it was my uncle with lunch and some beers.

“wow, well done. Now I see why you taking a break!” he stated happy. I was confused about what he was happy about I slept til 3pm barely work. I got there at 7:30 am, felt asleep at 8:50am ish, and woke up at 3pm to have only put 4 outlets, 3 lights, and 2 switches! I was so lost but no hesitation I played it normal.

So what’s for lunch? And you took long man it’s 3pm where to go? I asked with a fake smile.

“3pm?” he asked confused “it’s 11:30 am kid are you on drugs?” he had to ask.

“no uncle I’m not” I was scared but I worked the rest of the day with him and we finished at 5pm. So he took me home and I did some research on the building and I got chills. A man had killed 3 young lady’s all around 22 through 25 years of age where raped and their heads sliced off by a 48 year old man that after killing the third lady he then shot himself in the head. I was shook I never went back to that building again. Never will!

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