That creeping….thing out there…

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My name is Alex…I saw something out there…I-it was horrifying. I never wanted to remember this living nightmare. I was 14. I went into a forest for deer hunting with my friends. I never should have gone into those dang woods. we had been walking, and I had only caught a rabbit.

I was armed with my shotgun, a bowie knife, which was a gift from my dad, a flare gun, normal flares, my ASP pistol, and extra ammo. My friend carried a .22 rifle, a army knife, one flare, a Ballester-Molina pistol, a bow, and extra ammo. We kept on walking through the woods, going deeper and deeper into the greenery. Then, we saw something horrifying.

There was blood splattered everywhere. Now, when coyotes or wolves go hunting, they make the kill right. They take the sick, or one of the wounded or young, separate them from the group, and lead them to the alpha. The critter doesn’t even know it’s own throat has been ripped out till it’s too late. It never sees the alpha coming. It may hear it, but never see’s it coming. Sure there may be some blood, and it’s even worse when they breed with coydogs, but this…this was different.

Blood was everywhere. On the leaves, on the trees, on the ground. Plus, this was a den, wolves or coyotes don’t attack a whole den, that would be insane. Too much of a fight. No. Something did this for fun, and whatever this thing was, it was NOT human. There must have been three deer there…or what was left of them…a torso here, a limb there, worst of all though were the heads, gorilly torn off, along with what you couldn’t even call a neck, it’s eyes filled with terror, of the last thing it saw, imprinted on it’s face in an endless scream.

I still don’t  know why we followed that trail. That thing had either got bannged up pretty bad, or it dragged a chunk of one of deer for a mile. After traveling 10 yards, we saw something really weird: animals were running towards us. And not just some foxes or coyotes, but all the animals were running. We saw some deer running at full speed, a family of mountain lions, an entire colony of rabbits, even all of the birds in that forest, all who shouldn’t have even been awake and trying to eat each other, were all running at full speed in the opposite direction, like they just wanted to get away from whatever had killed that den of deer.

For some crazy reason, we kept on going , following the trail, and we saw the trail went into town. Now, there was an abandoned house, that no one had ever lived in, and the roof got torn up by a tornado a few years ago. As we got closer, we heard the most horrid sound in my life, it sounded like a mixture of a screech and a growl at the same time. From the tracks in the ground and blood, the thing was no more than 90 pounds, and there was only one of them, so went in, I was just too curious to leave.

My friend came up with a stupid plan: he’d go in and shoot the thing to death, and I’d cover him, if the thing got on top of him, I would stab it or shoot it to get it off him. We went inside, and saw there was something sitting inside, tearing something to pieces. Blood was spattered everywhere, on the floor, on the brick, everywhere. This…thing was tearing through whatever the thing was, ripping chunks of flesh and meat off of the parts it didn’t want to eat. It was pale, and almost looked human, and also kinda like a very mangy bipedal dog, but more resembled a human, and it’s back was turned to us. We thought maybe this was a really messed up homeless person, and we weren’t about to shoot a person. So my friend cleared his throat to let it know we were there.

Then, suddenly, the noise stopped, and it was quiet, but not just quiet, completely silence, no noise…dear god the silence…it then turned, with deep black sockets instead of eyes staring into our souls, it had a face covered in disgusting things like dried blood all over it’s face, some flesh stuck to it’s greyish decayed looking skin, and it started making the noise again, and it lunged at my friend, We fired a few shots at it, but did nothing, as it landed on my friend.

It tore him to pieces, first with his stomach, and moving up, tearing off a chunk of his chest, then a chunk of his arm, then it ripped out his throat, and his jugular was severed, and tore off his bottom jaw, before my bowie knife was stabbed into its shoulder. It didn’t even make a single noise, it just stared at me, longing to tear me to pieces. I grabbed my friend, threw him on my back, and I had hightailed out of there faster than I ever have or will in my entire life. I saw my sister and my cousin, who was my best friend. My sister asked me:

“Dude, what on earth are you-” and then they saw it: a tattered and bloodied sweatshirt my friend had always worn, it was the only thing left of him that was recognizable. My cousin grabbed me, and I dropped my friends body, I tried to grab him, thinking somehow I could save him, but she yanked me into the house, and it was almost silent. We could hear the things claws raking through the gravel, and then there was a crash, of a window breaking.

We immediately ran and closed and barricaded the door, and we all grabbed guns, and stood ready. Suddenly, the thing rammed into the door. We all shot at the thing, but either it didn’t feel it or didn’t care, and continued slamming into the door. My sister started crying, me and my cousin kept shooting. It then rammed it’s hand through the door, but my cousin put her shotgun up to it, and with a loud *BLAM!*, its hand fell off, spurting a thick, disgusting yellowish liquid that must have been it’s blood. It smelled so vile that I almost threw up, but my sister took care of that. It’s viscosity was like slime, as it continued to spurt and drive from the wound.

But whatever that stuff was, whatever it’s purpose was, it didn’t matter, since the thing was unaffected by my cousin’s shot to its hand. In fact, it seemed to make it angrier, and kept on slashing twice as aggressively at the door until the police  arrived. The thing then just ran off. One of the officers took the oozing hand and a blood sample from the slime inside, and drove to the station. He never made it. They found his body covered in strange claw and bite marks, most of his flesh was torn apart, and the hand was gone, that thing probably took it. The blood samples were either ignored or unnoticed, they were untouched by the thing. They tested it and….they had no idea what the thing was, it’s genetic makeup was unlike anything ever seen. Some government agents took the samples and told the police department to forget about it.

The thing, from then on, was just called a bald bear claw to the police. A few weeks later, my cousin’s father mysteriously disappeared, and was never found. The last place that he was seen was near those woods. My cousin lives with us now, and she’s been extremely paranoid since that thing attacked, and has gotten worse since her dad disappeared. My sister has been traumatized, she can’t be anywhere near any kind of sharp objects or yellowish, slimy, liquids, or any scratching noises without having a panic attack.​ But for me, I know one thing: I will NEVER go back into those woods, and I will NEVER be the same again.

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