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So every year we host a party where we play games and get prizes bought by my parents, and we sleep out in tents in our backyard. I was 10 at the time.

I woke up an hour past midnight according to my velcro watch, and i had to pee. We were told that the girls could come inside to use the bathroom, and the sliding glass door was left unlocked, but the boys, if they could, would go outside. I have a very large backyard, and i walked over to one corner, where we were told to go if using the bathroom. As i walked bakc to the boys tent, I noticed the other corner.

Now, this corner has a small tree and a bush, and you can walk behind and out the other side. I saw a child standing there, wearing my little cousin’s sweater. The hood casted a shadow on his eyes so I could only see his smile.He waved to em, I waved back. Finding this funny that he waved to me after finishing peeing, I unzipped the tent. I instantly lost the smile when I saw my cousin sleeping in the tent with his sweater nowhere in the tent.

I held down the zipper for 5 hours that night, and my cousin still doesn’t know how the sweater that he was wearing when he fell asleep went missing.


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