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Before I begin, I would like to let everyone know that this is not an experience that I went through personally. This is an event that my mom has recounted to me. However, it is very creepy none the less.
This event took place not too long after I was born. My mom and dad had to live with my grandparents for a short period of time while their house was being built. On this day, my cousin Molly was over. She was 17 at the time. She thought it would be fun to get my mom to play a Ouija board. They set the game up in my grandparents living room and attempted to play. She said that the first time they tried, absolutely nothing happened. About a week later, Molly came over again and brought the board with her again as well. She wanted to give it another try. My mom and her set up the board, and again, attempted to connect with someone. My mom said that this time someone actually came through to them. This “Spirit” claimed to be my grandpa’s brother Dave. As you can imagine, they were very skeptical. With the help of my grandpa, they proceeded to ask it questions that only Dave would know. Shockingly, it had gotten every single question correct. Not too long after, they decided to wrap things up and told it that it was time for them to go. It then said, “Tell Jeanie I said hello.” Now this really hit home for my grandpa because nobody, and I mean nobody, besides Dave, would call my grandma Jeanie. Her name is Jean. They were then pretty confident that they were talking to my mom’s uncle Dave.
A week or two later Molly came back over with her board. Her and my mom hopped back on the board hoping to possibly connect with Dave once again. It wasn’t too long after they started playing that a “Spirit” came through to them. Once again, it claimed to be Dave. They asked it some of the questions that they had asked when they were talking to it the first time. However, this time it had gotten none of the questions they asked correct. They decided at this point to call it out and tell it that they knew that it was not Dave. They wanted to know who or what it was. So they asked. The response they got, shook them to the core. “The Devil.” was its response. They quickly said goodbye and put the board away. They never played with that board again.
A few days after this crazy occurrence, my grandpa was sitting in the chair he had in the basement, just having a beer and relaxing. The walls of the basement were made of wooden pannels. In the design of the wooden panels, my grandpa could make out the exact face of his brother Dave. He was a little freaked out, so he went and grabbed my grandma to see if she was able to see the same thing he did. Sure enough, she did. Grandpa tried to think of it as a positive thing and that maybe Dave was just letting his presence be known. However, eventually he ended up painting over the walls for it was just a little too weird for him.
I understand the appeal of a Ouija board. I have very good friends myself that claim to have connected with someone while using them. However, if you or someone you know are going to attempt to connect with someone with a Ouija board. Please, please, please be careful, do your research and always say goodbye.

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