Tall Man at work

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The following story is from my brother, we’ll call him Dan. He worked at Goodwill during this time. He told me one scary story of someone who may not even have been human.
It was a hot day. Dan worked in the warehouse of Goodwill. Customers would drive up and donate. One day, a small, little car with an old fashioned, ginormous box shaped TV drives up. Out of the car comes a man, a very tall Man. The man was Jason Voorhees like and was about or close to 7ft tall.
The man then said in a nightmarishly deep voice ‘do you take TVs?’ With no hesitation, I replied ‘yes.’
The man tears off the bungee cords and lifts the TV up without any trouble at all. He picked it up like from that scene in Phantasm. Then he placed it on a pallet jack and walked away.
“Would you like a receipt?” No reply and he stared at me in a very threatening manor. Soon, driving off, in that same scary inhumanly deep voice, he said “thank you.” Eventually, he quite. I hope I never meet you Mr. Tall Man

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