my childhood friend

My family is not a normal family, we have every race within us, from white, black, asian, mexican. Everyone has many stories to tell. Even the kids. so heres the backstory to mine and my dads worst experience.

Ill split this into 2 parts of the same story.

Part 1

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Werewolf of Fort st John

This story I’m about to to tell I’ve never told anyone before

Back in 2013 me and my best friends went to our old school to hang out and it was close to 12 at midnight we started to walk back were there was no lights but that didn’t scare us or even bother us either as soon as we got close to our place I heard something like a howl and I froze and one my friends said ” come on dude it’s only a dog let’s keep going” so I started to walk again this time the howling was closer then before I turned around and same with my friends we all saw something tall and dark with yellow eyes and yellow teeth and the only thing that came to my mind was “werewolf” so me and my friends stated to back up slowly and then we ran for lives I looked back and it stated to Sprint toward us and said” holy fuck guys keep running” as soon as we entered our trailer court it stop and we all went into my place and watch the window till the sun came up.
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Succubus Story

I’m a 21 year-old male and weird things have happened to me before this experience, once while I was reading a book I heard someone whisper my name into my ear. I swear it was like they were inches away from me but I was alone in my room. I’ve also woken up at night to my bed shaking hard as if someone was pushing it from the side, I have an older sister but neither of us take the time to pull pranks. Things happen to me maybe every other month at most if at all so it doesn’t bother me but it does take me by surprise.

I was 15 when this happened to me. During summer vacation, one night I decided to try sleeping naked for once. Friends have talked about it in my school and said it was a great experience so I wanted to try it. After locking my door and stripping down I went to bed as usual. My bed is in the corner of my room so on my left side was open space and to my right was the wall. After I fell asleep I was suddenly wide awake.

Take note that my family and friends tell me I’m a very heavy sleeper and when I do wake up I’m very groggy and slow. But when I woke up the house was quiet and one thought was stuck repeating in my head, “There’s something evil here”. After half a minute of quietly freaking out and staring at a dark corner of my room the rational side of me kicked in. I told myself I was being silly, and I went back to sleep. After a short dream  I woke up to the sound of people screaming.

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