short scary police story

So, I not that great at story’s so I apologize. Well I wasn’t that old when this happened to me , well not really me but more of my mom. I was about 11, My mom wasn’t a reckless driver what so ever, she has had one ticket anyways, We were in North Carolina and heading home from my cousins house. We were on a highway when she got pulled over. She was clueless on why she got pulled over. She wasn’t speeding , She then asked me “Audrey can you please look behind you and tell me if their has a siren on top of their car like you’re used to.” I replied with ” No, it looks like one of those toy sirens.”

She told me that maybe the police man was telling her that one of her lights burned out or something. You can hear thuds they aren’t loud but the highway was pretty quiet due to the lack of cars. This large man looking about 5 foot 8 inches and well looked a little chubby and knocked on my mom’s window. she rolled it down about half way being very cautious. He asked her to step out of the car. She replied with , ” No, you have to give me a reason and then I’ll come out sir. The police man said “well you were speeding, my mom replies with ” well sir if I’m doing anything is going under the limit cause I was going 50 when the limit is 60.”

My mom closed the window and drove away calling the police as she was speeding down the highway to get away from this man. Its not that what scares me, its the fact that if she got out of the car I wonder what was he going to do to her. 4 years later she tells me that when she was on the phone that she told them that this man didn’t have a badge or a name tag . My mom later told me that she saw a news story about this man going around and attempting to go and kidnap women. That’s what really freaked me out…. creepy police man lets not meet again.

Haunted Church Entity

My name is John and this happened when I was 10 or 11 years old, so it would be around 1978 or 1979. While I was younger I was involved with the church and this happened one Sunday morning while I was helping set up for Mass. I was the only one in the building setting up when I heard a loud bang coming from the choir loft at the other end of the building.

Curious, I stepped out from where I was and called out “Hello” and there was no answer.

So, I figured that the person just didn’t hear me and was just doing what they needed to do in getting ready. I was looking up towards the choir loft to see if I could see the person and there was no one there and figured that something had just fallen down and the noise just echoed throughout the church. I was just going through the normal rational ideas to come up with a reason for what I had just heard.

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Ghoul On The Hill

I’ve always expirienced some form of supernatural phenomeon throughout my lifetime. Most aren’t anything to write home about- easily dismissed by devoted skeptics eager to attribute that knock on the door to wind. Or the full bodied visage to spoiled beef.
That said, out of all my expiriences , nothing frightened me nearly as bad as one encounter three years ago…

It was about two-thirty in the morning. My ex and I had a nasty argument, and I had decided to walk off any lingering frustration and anger.

After thirty minutes of walking around aimlessly, I decided to head home, make peace with the ol’ battle axe and get some sleep. However….as I started to walk up the steep hill that lead to the house, something caught my eye near our walk way.

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Screaming hills

I am a marine stationed in the United States. Me and several friends decided to go camping at a local Indian reservation camp ground for a three days to get away from the base and relax. We drove about 2 hours to this place and were greeted by very friendly native Americans.

One of them walked up to us and right away we noticed the man had an eye patch on his left eye. He asked if we were military and we said yes. He told us that he was in the army during Vietnam. After short conversation with him we proceeded and found a camping spot a little off the side of the road.

Only way to get up the step hill was with 4 wheel drive which we had.

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Black Eyed Lady

My boyfriend and I headed out to a state park near us. It’s far enough out so there is no noise or light pollution. It gets dead silent out there at times. You have to drive a few mile out of town. Its nothing but desert and farmland. Not a tree in sight until you reach the park. Once you pull in you can choose whether to go left to the nearest park side or turn right and drive out some more pass the bison to the furthest part.

This was before the park turned public so there was no curfew. So you could stay out there as long as you wanted without getting bothered by the police. It’s a really cool park, it actually has trees and ponds.

It’s a quick get away from life pretty much. Its so quiet and the privacy is nice.

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Ghost of Canton, OH Home

This started when I was in college 9 years ago.

I worked for a man named Bob K. Bob was a retired Volkswagen race car driver in the 70’s and had since became an automotive journalist. He had some health issues that resulted in him not being able to lift anything or move anything around.

I would go work for Bob twice a week inbetween classes and usually get lunch and $20. $20 is life when you’re in college.

This story is when Bob and his wife went to the SEMA car show in Las Vegas. He asked if I would watch his house for him and take care of his dog and bird. His dog, Bridgette, was a King Cavalier Charles Spaniel and literally the sweetest dog ever. In the year I had known her I never heard her so much as bark. She was soft, kind and loved a snack.

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Something’s in the Bathroom

I’ve always been a believer of the supernatural and have always wanted to encounter someone or something; but for my first experience, it wasn’t what I had expected.

It had happened back in 2013 to be exact, during summer vacation.

I was busily doing my daily chores before my mother had come home and my little brother was playing his game as usual in the living room. I live in an apartment with my two brothers and one sister, along with my mother. During this occurrence, my older sister wasn’t home and my older brother had been sleeping. It was around 2 p.m. getting closer to 3 during the day. I hadn’t believed that such a terrifying event could happen during the day.

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It tried to drag me under

So, my sister, who i’ll just call storm for this story, and I were getting ready for bed and were about to turn on the t.v. but decided to sit down and talk.

I can’t remember what we were talking about but then we got too tired and shut off the lights, she had a lamp right next to her bed, and that’ll be important for later.

Storm was almost asleep when I thought I saw a shadowy figure walking around in front of the door.

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The Figure from the Woods

I grew up on a farm in rural Oklahoma, with plenty of land and wildlife around. Our house and farm were the only ones for miles around, with a thick patch of woods surrounding us on both sides. I thoroughly enjoyed the wide open space and lack of intrusion from the outside world.

While I loved the peace that the barrier of trees allowed us from other people, I think something else lived in those woods. Something not so peaceful.

One of my favorite hobbies was stargazing, made wonderful by the lack of light pollution in the country. The ideal place to throw down a blanket was out past the barns in the alfalfa field, where it was pitch black and quiet. It was where I found myself most summer evenings, laying back and watching the dark sky.

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Old pedophile

when I was 14 I had a Facebook. I was in the emo scene phase and I met this guy on line his Facebook name was ” bedo rock”,

his actual name is Bryan and his Facebook said he was 17 , talked to me for a while he asked me out after a month I said sure ( I know stupid of me) and everything was okay till he asked for me to send nudes I said no, he sent nudes and I asked him to stop every time he was say you don’t love me and I would say I do and he would always pressure me so I sent some from off line ( awkward telling my parents)

about 3 weeks later I got a text from his ” model girlfriend ” who told me he was a catfish that he does not live in New York and lives in an other country and that he is 24I Skyped him

And I pieced it altogether you could tell I don’t know why I didn’t realize sooner so I called him out and he said he had others so I said cool blocked him about a month later he found me on instagram said to unblock him

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