Christmas close encounter

This took place last year, I work over night for an IT company in Washington DC. I commute to DC from a small between Fairfax county and Loudoun County, Virginia called Stoneridge its a pretty easy 45 minute commute. This will be important later, i had recently found out the weekend before that I would be working Christmas eve with just my self and one other guy, needless to say my wife was less then happy about it. So the week goes by and finally it was my almost time for me go to work. At the time we were in the middle of a wind storm that had blown siding and shingles of our roof and a few other homes near by before leaving my wife asked me to take the Christmas reef off the door so it would get damaged so I opened the door and placed the reef on the floor a few feet away from the door closed and locked it and went to work. Our work that night was pretty easy with only a few calls asking us to reset passwords and account lock outs, around 2 am my wife calls me freaking out demanding that I come home. She then told be what had happened, had she been upstairs asleep with our one year old son when she heard a loud bang down stairs. Our cat ran down and starting mewling loudly. My wife got up to grab him thinking that he was thirsty as he had a habit of drinking from any water faucets around the house. When she got down stairs she found that our front door had been forced open and what she could only describe as a big dog standing on two legs in our front door with our cat keeping it at bay. She then grabbed our cat and ran back up the stairs not even stopping to look back and ran upstairs and locked her self in the bedroom with our son and locked the door. After my wife told me this I told her that I was on my way home and to call the police. Needless to say I was speeding my entire way home thinking if a cop started chasing me he could give me a ticket in my drive way. I managed to get home with out an incident and found four cop cars surrounding my house. I identified my self to the police and went to check on my wife son and cat who were fine but my wife was shaken. She told me that after she had hung up with me she heard what sounded like heavy feet walking through the house and the sound of things being moved. We then went to see if any thing had been stolen, which was thankfully nothing. However the reef that I had put beside the door had been moved to the living room and placed on my sons toy box. Several of his presents had also been moved from our living room to our kitchen. The police stated that our house was one of five homes to have been broken into that night and blamed the wind on opening the front door. Although they could not explain how the reef and the presents could have been moved. That day I went to home depot and reinforced all the doors and windows and got certified in both hand guns and rifles. Giant dog thing next time we meet it will down the barrel of my shotgun.