Either doppelgänger or A Glitch in the matrix

Glitch in the Matrix? Or is it just our doppelgänger. Either way we never felt anything malicious or malevolent

Story #1 it’s about 7pm, I’m bathing my kids in an upstairs bathroom with the door open. It faces the stairs, literally 2 feet away.

As I’m drying off my son I see my husband come up the stairs and turn left to go into our bedroom. I immediately think that’s odd that he didn’t enthusiastically acknowledge us like he usually does when he comes home for work but it’s possible he is just exhausted, the poor guy!

After getting my son dressed I tell him to go to my bedroom and give dad a kiss to cheer him up while I finish dressing my daughter.
My son comes back a min later saying he isn’t in there. Come to find my husband didn’t even get home yet. There was no mistaking that the man climbing the steps was my husband (wearing his scrubs and all) but no one was home apparently except us

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