dead mans ally and country park water person (2 stories in 1)

when i was younger i went to a boarding school in Hessle a town on the outside of hull east yorkshire. apparently the school was haunted according to some of the staff but i never had a experience there apart from the feeling i’m being watched.

on the night time we went to the hessle foreshore and to get there they was an ally where a single member of staff told us that somebody in the 70s/80s owned a moped and was cheating on his wife and he always went down that ally and according to the story she used fishing wire or cheese wire (it was  few years ago i cannot remember this story accurately) so the fishing wire hit his neck and took his head off.

so one time when we was walking down that ally i heard a moped sound behind us after forgetting the story so as i stopped and went to the side to let the person past but nobody was there on a moped and only i heard it i asked the other kids and members of staff that was with us and they did not hear it, so they took the piss out of me saying i was trying to scare them with the story of dead mans ally.

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Scratches Outside

I’ve been living in Cornwall for just over 5 years now, I’ve learnt about loads of different spirits and monsters in Cornish folk-law. Well, I have unfortunately had a few experiences and actually have stories to tell.

About 4 years ago, I learnt about the ‘beast of Bodmin’. It is supposedly a large, black wild cat who lives on the Moors of Bodmin. It’s been said to have killed masses of live-stock in the early 1900’s and has turned it’s attention to people every once in awhile. I’ve always been interested in Cryptozoology, so this kind of thing really grabbed my attention and I started doing my own research. After some time, I kind of got bored of the idea when the sighting of this creature dried up, so I lost interest in it for quiet a long time. Well, that was until I went on a camping trip with my family and some friends,

I spent a couple of nights in an open field near the home of these family friends. It was very fun, and we all were having a really good time, we just relaxed and shared a few stories by the campfire and had a few drinks, that was until one of my friends (I’ll call him Charlie) started telling us about how some of the tree’s in the neighboring woods had large scratches up to 6 feet up the trunks. We all threw theories back and forth, that’s when Charlie brought up the beast of Bodmin. Being the scaredy cat I am, I decided to go off to bed and ignore the conversation taking place outside my tent.

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UK Dogman Encounter

First of all can I just say how much I love your channel and how much it has helped me come to terms with what I saw, it really helps to know that so many other people see these strange creatures and that I am not crazy.

A little background about myself before I get into my story, my name is Damon-Aston de’ Medici, I am a 23 Year old guy and from the West Midlands of England in the UK. Now, I don’t live far from a place called Cannock Chase, which is where my encounter took place.

It happened when I was 19 years of age, I had just completed a new album and, at that age and with any excuse, me and my friends, Peggy, Rosalind, my boyfriend James & his friends Francis & Aymon, took the opportunity to have a little private celebration in the Chase, we went to our local Off-licence, bought some booze, and off we went for an all nighter in the woods, as is the norm for teens.
We got to our usual spot around 10pm and got to drinking.

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