The thing that watched me at night

I have never told this to anyone except a few friends. Before I start telling the story I just want to say that i was six at the time and my room had the attic door in it so yeah. So one night after I moved in to my new house with my family I woke up to go to the restroom but when I looked towards the foot of my bed I saw something standing there just staring at me not moving. The thing was around seven to eight feet tall it had red eyes, it looked like it was standing all the way up but it’s head was bent over because its neck was too close to the ceiling, it was very slender and tall. A week has pasted now and that thing would still watch me and I couldn’t sleep at all for that week.

A few years have pasted and I’m now in the basement of my house and some of the ceiling tiles are out and I have to wake up to go to the restroom which their was a toilet in the basement. So I got out of bed to go to the toilet, but I had to go through two different rooms just to get to the toilet which was like a very thin wall between it and my room and once I got there I turned on the light and that is when i saw it the tall slender thing it was very pale and it was trying to get into the ceiling where there were no tiles. As soon as I turned in the lights it froze then it turned around to face me. It’s face was horrifying and i don’t know how to describe it. It wore nothing because it had nothing to cover up. when it saw me it pointed strait at me like it wanted to communicate or it wanted me or something . After I saw it I ran up stairs to get something to eat and I sat down to watch some T.V. because i didn’t want to be in that room with the thing trying to get in to it. But that was the last time i saw the thing.


Knock knock knock what is that I wonders to my self as I cracked my eyes open and looked at my window there was nothing there. As soon as I closed my eyes it came again this time I got up and peeked our the window. Still nothing. By now I was getting annoyed. But then it came again but from the front door I grabbed my shotgun and ran to the door then what ever it was started pounding and scratching the door! I ran up stairs and looked out the window but saw nothing I then herd a crash and a thump thump thump I raised my gun and checked the top floor and started checking the ground floor then I heard it a deep guterul roar I wirld around and emptied my gun in to the monster. The bullets did nothing but piss it off more as it reached for my throat and began to squeeze then every thing when black.