Nighttime tapping

Hi, I am a fourteen year old who lives in the upstairs of an Amish house and I have been having these . . . experiences? for a year or more now. I have only seen this thing once and I believe that was a dream, but to keep it short this started a month after we moved into a new house. One night when I was laying in bed playing on my phone when I heard two light taps on a window beside my bed, I froze and, after a few moments looked and saw nothing.

A year later I’ve forgotten about the tapping and have moved into a different room, these experiences last for the course of three or four months, I’m laying in bed reading a book when I hear this, *Thump thump, taptaptap tap tap* on the window facing the foot of my bed. Once again I freeze in terror and, after a minute or two it thumps away and i have no experiences for an insomnia filled month. Dec 13 : I wake up and look out my window as had become the policy, and see something that looks exactly like the rake, a white hairless thing with black pits for eyes staring at me, (this next bit makes me think it was a dream) and every time i blinked it teleported around from place to place and I roll over and go back to sleep.

It’s now February and I have moved into a new room, but over the past month something has been tapping on my window every now and then, but a friend of mine has seen something jump off of a street lamp, heard something stomping in the loft of his uncle’s barn and just a couple days ago something tapped on his window.

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We called it Jeffy

Look I apologize for poor grammar in advance but well… I’ve been looking for someone to share this with for awhile. Im also typing this on my phone so again I apologize.

It was 2008 right around May I think. Me my friend “Sam” as well as “Kyle”,”Doug”, and “Fat Kyle”. We were all hanging out at Sam’s house we were all 14 give or take. Well at some point it started getting dark and well the spooky stories started.So after awhile I think it was Doug who said.

“Hey Sam what about that thing you and Kyle saw a few years ago?”

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the piper road creature

My name is Olivia, and about two years ago I finally escaped the hell that was my old home. I’ve lived on a road called Piper Road for almost six years, and through those years i’ve had many strange encounters and have seen some very disturbing things, but nothing can compare to the creature that stalked me and my friend for years. Piper Road was a quiet road, slightly out in the country, the homes were a good distance apart, but still within walking distance, my friends home was one house down from mine, so we’d often hang out with each other in the woods behind our homes. These woods were about three or four acres, and surrounded by dry vast fields that we’d have to run through to get to the woods. Because we’d go to the woods so often, we had gotten used to the strange growls and occasional footsteps coming from the thick brush beyond the thin trails. Me and my friend, Miranda, had once traveled off the trails once, to explore and hopefully find what was causing all of the strange noises and footsteps, but when we did, we couldn’t move, we had stumbled across an opening in the thick brush, where bodies of deer where piled on top of one another, their bodies were bloodied, and tore, with thick claw marks engraved in each. Limbs were also thrown around the surrounding area, and the same claw marks on the bodies covered the trees. A few moments after we found the bodies of deer we heard cracking and fast uneven footsteps, my friend grabbed my arm and practically dragged me out of the woods as we heard the footsteps fade and sharp growling in the distance. We asked each other about what that thing could’ve been, but nothing seemed to make sense, the only animal bg enough to take down all of those deer, and have claw marks that big would’ve had to been a bear, or a wolf at the least, but we live in michigan, and there are no bears or wolves that come down this far that we know of.

After that, we promised each other never to go off the trails again, and to never go into those woods alone. However, years past and she was in high school and I was in my last year of middle school, so we barely even saw each other, those promises we made were broken as I had decided to go into the woods alone one evening, I remember the time, seven-ten, the sun was floating just above the horizon, so it was still very light out. I had called a few friends as I walked around the woods, talking to them on the phone leisurely without fear, but to this day, I regret being so ignorant. As I ended my last phone call and made my way to the entrance to the woods to leave, I began hearing subtle noises, brush moving, strange hissing noises, but nothing too strange, until I was only about twenty feet from the entrance. I heard footsteps, not of an animal, they were in sync, one after the other, because of this I assumed they were human, so I called out to what I thought was my friend, “Miranda?” I questioned, but the footsteps didn’t stop so I called again, “Miranda is that you? c’mon this isn’t funny.” Then I saw it, only four feet ahead of me, as it began to walk out of the thick brush, it stopped, and I could see it. It was tall, maybe seven feet, but hunched over, with its arms hanging loosely from its sides, it was a strange color, the skin color was faded and had a freakish silver tint to it. As I stared at the beast more I slowly began to realise how inhuman it was, it arms were so long that as I traced them with my eyes I realised they touched the ground and sagged, it was also very thin, however because half of its body was covered by leaves I wasn’t able to see all of its face, what I could see was that its jaw was opened in an inhuman way and  was hanging disturbingly low and wide.

I stood there staring at that monster for what felt like hours, move, move! you have to move! what are you doing!? I mentally screamed at myself but my body wouldn’t listen. Then I saw its head tilt as if it were wondering why I was still standing there. I could feel its eyes piercing me, as it shifted its weight and leaned in my direction. At that moment my heart felt as if it had stopped beating, everything was dead silent, not even the wind blew. I told myself I had to pass that thing if I wanted out of these dammed woods, there was no other way. I took a deep breath and began to walk forward, “It’s fine, it’s just your imagination, it’s not real,” I told myself as I walked directly by it, so close i could hear its breathing. Then I ran for home, never in my life have I ran as fast as I did that night,and as I got to my house the sun was at its very last light, I went to the back room and looked out the window, to see it there, at the edge of the woods, watching me.

Hall and Oates Saved my Life

Let me just say this was the weirdest moment of my life. Before I get this started let me give you some backstory I live in Canada I like to go on hikes and I love Hall and Oates.

If you don’t know who Hall and Oates are they are musicians from the 60s and 80s. Now at the time my ringtone on my phone was Rich Girl by Hall and Oates. I was hiking through the woods of Canada with my friend Pete. We hiked about 10 miles and Pete decided we should go back to the car because it was getting late.

We were walking back then we heard a noise so we sped up and this thing was following use. We got around the corner of the path then this thing jumped out on to of me.

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