The Man With the BagNarrated! 

If you have scary stories about Thanksgiving, I doubt it will ever top an experience I had. In Thanksgiving of 2015, I was spending time with my girlfriend, and 2 friends of hers. We decided to have some fun by having a contest to see who got their item first. I had to get hot dogs, while the 2 friends would, funnily enough, get peanut butter and jelly, while my gf got a turkey. I got the hot dogs at a local CostCo and was about to leave, when I saw a small, black man, about my height, staring. I estimated him to be in his fifties. I walked over and asked him if there was an issue. He hiked up his bag and said “No issue. Just be careful.” I debated telling him off, but decided not to. After I exited, I saw him following me through the parking lot, carrying his bag. I asked him if he was following me. He replied “Not following, just going to my BMW.” I started to drive home and noticed his car was following. I stopped and so did he. I got out and asked him “Are you stalking me?” I saw he STILL had that bag. His reply was a calm “Not stalking. My home is this way.” I decided to brush it off, and he eventually got off at a T-intersection. What I noticed is that the bag was ALWAYS with him. I eventually got back, but my gf had gotten back about 10 minutes ago. I told her what happened and she said “I saw a white man with a bag that was paper. He seemed to follow me everywhere I was.” That night, my gf and I both received a call, it was the same men we had seen! They both said “Sorry, wrong number.” The next day, the 4 of us heard a report on the news that 2 people had been murdered the previous day. The suspects were a black man and white man, both kinda old. The photos of the suspects matched who we had seen the previous day. All 4 of us were spooked. Then, I got a call from a man and so did my girlfriend. They both laughed and said “Bet you wished you weren’t watching the news now, right?” We hung up and called the cops, then called back to trace them. The men were arrested later that day. Turns out, the bags had money and wallets in them, meaning they had robbed the victims. As for the bodies, never found. That was easily the scariest experience I’ve had during ANY holiday.