Dark Web Teacher

This story is not mine to tell, but all of the middle school student’s. I used to attend to carver middle school, they have terrible conditions.. The teachers would be very unprofessional in different ways.

Either not doing their jobs or just fooling around. In this case however, this teacher was a Pedophile.

His name is Andres Fernando Cabezas, AKA Mr.Cabezas(Ca-base-is). The was a new teacher who started a little after Christmas i believe. Right away students noticed this teacher was off. He used to go around rubbing the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boy’s backs, and rub their hair.

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Stalker of a teacher

My foster Mother was a an Angel, she loved all her kids Foster kids and her students. So why this happened is beyond me.

When I came to live with her there were only girls in her home 6 of us and they made me feel like this was more then just a foster home it was a family she also tought 2nd grade and always had the problem child in her class every year. but that enough of background.

About a year after I moved in we lived in a two story home with a large yard and an in ground pool, we had a fort in the vary back and a privacy fence with hidden gate back there that open to a main road that not many knew was there I would use this gate when riding in to town on my bike.

We started getting calls at first the basic creeper calls whispered creeper calls all sexual that it go to the point only I or my mother would pick up the calls.

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Math Tutor

I am a 18 year old girl and recently read some stories about school and teachers which made me remember this story I’m about to tell you.

Back when I was about 13 years old, I was in middle school and I really needed a math tutor who would give me classes since I was very bad at math. I consider my circle of friends very big so I asked them for any recommendations for math tutors who would give me classes, and about 4 of my friends recommended someone which I will call “C” for this story. I asked them for his number and they gave it to me, I texted him and asked him all about the classes like the time he would be able to come over and the price per class. I agreed and would have my first class with him within a week from the first time I texted him.

He came over just in time and we sat in a desk I have at my house. He was middle-aged which really made me uncomfortable, but there was no going back since I had an important test coming up in some weeks and I didn’t know anything. He gave me classes and everything went normal, C was funny too which made classes pleasant.

I took classes with him and I took my math test which I got a good grade on, I decided to keep studying with him and start geometry too since I was doing bad on that subject too. Classes were fun with C and everything was normal, my friends gave me really good comments about him and I stopped feeling uncomfortable.

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