“thing” in the woods

I will not show my real name as I am already being hunted. I will go by the name of Ben.

This “strange” thing began happening in the summer of 2015 when I had just finished 8th grade and went on a party trip to camp in the woods in the back of my house in Alabama the party was a classic teenagers party, some kids brought beer, others brought whatever crap could be deadly in some way like butterfly knives and stuff it was with my friends “Eric” and “Kyle” (NOT THEIR REAL NAMES) we decided we didn’t want to be involved in all of that weird stuff so we went away from the party site when we decided to head into the more quiet part of the woods. There we saw him.

He was at least 7 or 8 feet tall and he wasn’t a “he” … it was an “IT”. we first saw him when Eric had to take a leak behind a tree just then the leaves crunching like 20 ton bear was walking over them. It was like a kid trying to play the drums by hitting them very hard. Me and Kyle looked at each other… “we either get Eric or scram” we both thought just then Eric who had finished taking a leak whispered “what is it?” I responded with “its not a human or any animal” Kyle said “maybe a bear standing up” but there was no chance of that, that thing was taller than a bear. and it had the shades of eyes but no mouth and just faint holes for a nose. It’s fingers where at least 5 inches long with shaggy weird gloves when it had said with a jagged yet “polite” voice, “hey, would you kids like some candy?” just then me and Kyle bolted, ran at the speed of light Eric however wanted to “greet” the man and said “hello, why are you here” then we heard the rough jagged voice saying “you will be a nice part of my collection.” after that Eric bolted himself too when we caught up almost to the party site I turned around to see this thing running. With its long slender feet it was fast catching up quickly when it got me.

Once he got a hold of me Eric turned around and threw sticks at it, yet that seemed like the wrong idea because even with just skin and bones he managed to pick my 143 pound body like I was a empty bottle and looked at me straight in the eye and i could see better, it’s eyes where barely noticeable, it just had black holes and its nose was like a snake something I can only describe as “Lord Voldemort” from the movie “Harry Potter” , and it had shaggy clothing that looked old and rotten from the 1940s or 1970s . Then Eric got more brave, he and Kyle ran at the thing with sticks and hit it in the legs and body, Kyle later told me “I hit that thing’s balls!”. then it finally let go and moved back to dodge the large sticks, that gave us enough time to bolt back to the party grounds where we were safe. Kyle told me when the party was getting better when we had forgotten that thing he saw that thing not far from the party area with a dude going over there towards it. that kids name was “James” (NOT REAL NAME) who was one of the “weird” kids and no one ever saw him or cared about him missing it just lead into “he moved away from town”.

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I don’t know about you but I think the hardest thing about maintaining relationships with other humans are the conversations you have with them. In the end of it all whatever relationship you have with people it’s the conversations that always runs dry after a while. I mean take marriage for instance and many married couples have all told me that conversations do become harder to maintain. Living with another person for long periods of times its hard to find something to talk about because every subject has been filled. I always found it difficult to have conversations and I was always awkward with people.

I also work the night shift for a security company and on weekends you must work with another person in one building. If you have ever worked the night shift with another person then you will know how conversations quickly run dry. The constant feeling of being boring or annoying runs around inside my head and I hate doing security work with another person beside me. I prefer to work alone where I don’t have to think about another employee or co-worker. Don’t get me wrong having one more person working beside you can be helpful in emergency situations.

One weekend and on a night shift I was working with another guy from my security company. We were both working in the same residential building and the air was filled with silence. Both of us had nothing to say to each other and you could sense the annoyance we had for each other’s existence. When my co-worker then went on his hour break and it was just me in the reception a resident who lived in the residential building came up to me.

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A strange night

It was a strange night in late July about a year ago near the town of petoskey michigan, this is a true story that still haunts me to this day. I was home alone for the weekend because my parents and my little brother were at bliss fest which for those who don’t know us like a hippie music festival in bliss Michigan, I didn’t feel like going so I stayed home. My grandparents invited me to go fishing so I went fishing with them for a couple of hours because I had nothing better to do at the time. It was very peaceful and relaxing but that would all change when I got home. When I went home at around 8:30 pm, everything seemed unusually quiet. At this time of night, coyotes are usually howling and making all kinds of noise but this night it was quiet. there was nothing, no birds chirping, no coyotes howling. I live in a farm so we have horses and they seemed unusually skiddish for some reason.
When I got in the house it was quiet too, usually my dog Jameson is happy to se me and is energetic when I walk in, but he was scared of something and was hiding under the table with his tail between his legs and he was whining like something spooked him. I sat down and tried to get my mind off of it, so I decided to play some battlefield 1 to pass the time. Around an out later when it got dark, I heard a strange TAP TAP TAP, on the window. I went to take a look and there was nothing. I just told myself it was my imagination, then I heard it again. Still nothing but when I went to look outside, I heard the horses running around frantically and the donkeys were bellering at something. The driveway lights were flickering too and that’s when I started to get scarred.
I looked through the window and saw something that today still makes the hairs stand up on my neck. It was standing outside the horses paddock gate just staring at them. It was about 8ft tall, very skinny, and had jet black skin that seemed to have a sheen to it and I could see it in the driveway lights. When I saw it, it quickly snapped its head at me and just stared at me with a pair of white glowing eyes. I immediately got spooked and ran for the shotgun in my parents room. Then all of a sudden the lights and electrical power to the house when off. Everything electrical wasn’t working. Even my phone wasn’t working.
I just grabbed the shotgun and loaded 3 shells into it and lit a candle for light. I sat there in the pitch darkness waiting for whatever it was to snatch me up. But the power came back on. Shortly after that my dog was no longer spooked and the horses calmed down as well. I can’t say the same for myself though. I was still terrified and I still am to this day. I didn’t get any sleep that night. I never told anyone this story except for my best friend. This is the first time this story is going public. And I swear from the bottom of my soul that this is a true story.

My Shadow Person Encounter

Note: this happened a few years back so forgive me if I’m a little fuzzy on the details. So, a few ago I was with my mom and my sister. We were driving up to see my grandfather and his wife my “step-grandmother”. We drove for hours up into the wooded northern mountains of Georgia until eventually we reached his house. The house sat on top of a hill and at the bottom of the hill was a small tin barn of sorts that held a four-wheeler. When we arrived we toured the property and saw the woods until dusk. Then we went inside. The house was reasonably large with about six rooms the only ones of which I can remember is the living room, the two bedrooms, and the kitchen/ dining room. The living room was composed of two conjoined rooms which held a table with four chairs, a desk with a computer, and a couch with a small end table which held an old tv.
It was about 13 years ago (i read somewhere this number held significance to another encounter) so I was younger at the time so for what I would guess was about an hour or two I played on the computer and colored online coloring pages of Clifford the big red dog. When we were ready to go to bed I had to sleep on the couch in the living room. I layer on the couch and watched “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” When the movie had just finished up and I had just turned it off I looked into the kitchen about 3 yards away From where I was on the couch I could see into the kitchen and back down the hall at the master bedroom door where my grandfather slept. The door to the master bedroom opened.
Out walked a black figure. I wasn’t surprised, it was dark and no lights were on, I wasn’t surprised I couldn’t see who I thought was my grandfather. I figured he’d got up for a drink or snack because he walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. What was strange was that he seemed to skinny to be my grandfather, my grandfather was no male model, he was about 250 pounds maybe and the person I saw was skinnier, about maybe 160-220 pounds and of moderate build. That was the moment which changed my life forever. As the person I couldn’t discern opened the fridge their darkness wasn’t banished by the fridge light. It was if the fridge light just didn’t shine on it at all. It was as if the light curved around it. The light shone everywhere else but on it, there was light on the wall behind it and on the floor below it. It wasn’t as if it was smoky like I’ve heard about, it was completely solid. Where it stood it left no shadow in the light and from what little I could see of it it had short hair, it was a young man, and was about a quarter of a foot shorter than the fridge. It pulled a whole gallon of milk from the fridge and just chugged it straight from the jug. I didn’t see any milk spill on it and drank for a about five to seven seconds without stopping, then it put the cap back on the milk and put it back. Then it closed the fridge and and disappeared back into the bedroom and shut the door. I had no idea what I had just saw and it frankly scared the crap out of me. We left the next day and I never said a word. My grandfather later moved out of the house although I don’t know if it was due to it or because he simply whanted to be nearer to my mother who was his daughter.
I eventually talked to my mother about it years later and she said that she had been their with me on the couch and had seen it. I still know to this day she wasn’t there with me. I remember laying all the way out on that short five foot wide couch. I wonder though if she just didn’t remember or if she was lying. But, if she was lying why? Why would she lie about being there? Why would she just acknowledge the existence of it to a young kid whom she should have said was just dreaming? Why would she say she believed me if she wasn’t even there? I think what I saw that night was a shadow person. I never saw it again.

Something’s in the Bathroom

I’ve always been a believer of the supernatural and have always wanted to encounter someone or something; but for my first experience, it wasn’t what I had expected.

It had happened back in 2013 to be exact, during summer vacation.

I was busily doing my daily chores before my mother had come home and my little brother was playing his game as usual in the living room. I live in an apartment with my two brothers and one sister, along with my mother. During this occurrence, my older sister wasn’t home and my older brother had been sleeping. It was around 2 p.m. getting closer to 3 during the day. I hadn’t believed that such a terrifying event could happen during the day.

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Won’t be visiting Aunt Jane

This experience happened around 10 years ago when I was about 9 years old.

My parents had been fighting, and they were in the process of getting a divorce. They didn’t want me to have to be in that kind of environment, so they decided that I should stay with my aunt, who we’ll call Jane, for the summer. At that point, I had only met my Aunt Jane twice. I was a shy little girl, so I was really scared to have to leave my home behind for those few months. My mom convinced me by telling me all about the woods Aunt Jane lived in. Her house was isolated, and woods surrounded it for miles. I had always lived in the city, and I was dying to experience the outdoors. I quickly forgot about all my previous fears, and was now couldn’t wait to visit.

I started packing a week before I even left, and I couldn’t wait until the day I would leave.

Sometime in late June, Aunt Jane came to pick me up. Aunt Jane is a very petite woman. Probably about 5″1 and 120 lbs. Short black curly hair, and wearing at least 4 inch heels. She was younger than my mother, probably in her early 20s. She was amazing and easy to talk to. Funny, friendly, the whole package. It was a great change from the constant arguing of my parents. Aunt Jane lived about 400 miles away from my home and in another state, so it was a two day trip to her house. We stayed in a hotel after driving the entire day, and all was well. The next day, we finally arrived. What I heard about the place was true, In all directions, there were only trees and hills.

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