I fell in love with my kidnapper

Before the story starts, I just want to say, when this happened to me, I was young and stupid. I hacked on my own and I did it to protect people. My intentions were to do good, not evil.

I met a guy on the darkweb, on a hitman site. I had clicked on the chat area and a black background with white text appeared, asking me to enter a screen name, password, and a color. I had been here earlier, but there weren’t any interesting people, so I had left. I entered my screen name, Anonymous222, chose the color orange, and then I entered my password.
I was brought to a new page, same black background and my screen name showed up in orange, there were two other users in the chat. We’ll call them User1 and User2. User1 claimed to know how to hack. I was very low on hacking knowledge at the time, and only knew a few tricks, but at the time I was confident with myself, and I told him that I could trade him an onion link if he could share his knowledge with me.
He seemed to ignore the request, in fact he seemed to be rusty with English. Earlier I had written some messages criticizing the people on the dark web… User2 noticed this, and wrote something like “Ah, @Anonymous222, another person on the dark web who despises these sick f’s as much as I do.” When I saw this I immediately took back my requests to the other user on trading the link for information and I apologized.
He was very understanding and comforted me. He then said, “So you are interested in hacking? I need someone I can partner with that can track and hack IP addresses. I will split the money 50%.” I was shocked and scared, who was this guy? And how much money was he offering? I told him that I wasn’t interested in money and that I would work for him for free.
He told me to get an account for this anonymous chat website so that we could communicate. I made an account and found his user name. “Hey,” he messaged me. We had a short conversation about hacking, and what he does for a living. He claimed to be a contract killer, or a hitman, that kills major criminals and rescues hostages.
Now to me, that sounded pretty badass, and I was curious. I’m not sure if I should reveal the alias name he gave to me or not, because I am afraid that he will find me, but people need to know who this guy is and know to stay away from him, so his full alias name is “Tobias Williams” and he is not who he says he is. He said he was 21, out of the military, and from Australia. I had not given him any information about myself yet.
Tobias asked if I could make him a tracking link so he could track one of his targets, which was apparently Facebook’s head security… I found this very odd, but stupidly didn’t question it. I made the link, and sent it to him, slightly hoping for Tobias to click on it, so I could track his location and see if he was legit.
“What does the link lead to?” He asked.
“Pictures of Russia,” I said.
“Don’t you dare try to track me,” he warned. He proceeded to use the link for his personal pleasures. I was 15 or 14 at the time, and I am a girl. I knew a lot about what was on the dark web, and it was horrifying. So for me to meet a person that hunts down these criminals and killers, was pretty cool.
He taught me how to make pipe bombs, how to make chemicals to make people faint, and even taught me the basics of not getting caught. He had a girlfriend, and I don’t know why, but this made me quite jealous. I wanted him for myself I suppose.
Then one day, he assumed my age, he thought I was 19. I told him I was younger than that… And thats where the plot twisted. Now he claimed to be 18. But then that didn’t make sense, because how could he have been out of the military. I questioned him about this, and he just made excuses, like “I looked older than I actually was.” Tobias also told me about a time where he talked himself out of getting arrested, which I found unlikely.
Most of the time he talked solemnly, and then rarely he’ll try to act like a kid, as if he forgot he was supposed to be pretending to be a kid, using meme references that were old and using things like “XD” and “lol.” Basically, it seemed that he was an older guy pretending to be this hero hitman. And I fell for it, until he asked me to meet.
Tobias wanted me to meet him a year from then, when I would be in college. He wanted me to fly to Nevada and meet him, so that he could train me to be a hitman, like him. This made me uneasy. I awkwardly accepted the opportunity, because I didn’t want to anger him.
Fast forward to a few weeks later, his girlfriend broke up with him. I faked my sympathy for him and told him that he would find someone soon. He continued to tell me about his little adventures, some of his targets, rescue missions, and so on. I was having trouble keeping this all a secret from my parents… but I had to.
One day Tobias asked me if I wanted to work for him. I said yes. He said that if I could hack his dummy facebook account and find his password, that he would start paying me. So I did, I mildly hacked his dummy facebook account and recovered his email address. This pleased him, and he began giving me assignments. He told me he needed to track another target, and I made him another tracking link.
However, only I could see the results that the link brought it. So he couldn’t find their location without me. I would check the results everyday, to see if I got any hits. Nothing, only Facebook bots and my own address. I told him I would let him know if I got any hits. We had fun for the rest of the day, and I listened to his drunken messages.
A few months flew by, I couldn’t hold it in any longer, something inside me just snapped. I messaged Tobias “I love you,” I don’t know why, I just did.
“Wait what?” He wrote, confused.
“I’ve been gathering up the strength to tell you, I’ve been scared of telling you,” I wrote. I knew he was a fake… but I needed someone to love, I was desperate I guess. I was also recovering from a horrible breakup, so I guess that also influenced me. Eventually he was going to try and kidnap me, but I wouldn’t give him any personal information, other than my age.
“Love you too,” he responded. My heart jumped, not expecting the response he gave me.
“Didn’t expect that huh?” he asked.
“No. I’m shaking,” I said
“Aww, you scared?” he said. I was confused.
“No, I’m just surprised…” I said.
A few days later Tobias admitted to bringing hookers over to grind on him. And I admitted to kissing a random person at a party I had gone to. He got mad, and asked why I would do things like that with another person if I loved him. He was obviously drunk, and I asked him why he was mad if he just did the same with the hookers he bought. He quickly forgot about the whole thing and things were normal for a few weeks.
Then, I was caught by a friend, and I never spoke to him again. I still wonder what was Tobias doing to other girls right now. He had to have been over 50. And the only evidence I have to back that up, is that one day my friend received a message from her 50+ year old dad, and his writing style matched exactly with Tobias’s. It matched so well that when I saw the message, it scared me. I was lucky I wasn’t kidnapped.

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