The man

I work in 3 departments in martins so its hard to remember certain faces and im mixed for the record that will come into play later on but i will never be able to forget this mans face it was me a chicken fryer and a female coworker on a Friday night the fryer came in the back to where i was organizing our cooler and said a customer asked for me by name so i went out to see who it was thinking maybe it was a friend or family member when i rounded the corner i didnt recognize the man so i asked if i could help him and he just looked at me with this blank stare it looked as if i was looking into the eyes of a lifeless body he then walked away fast forward to the end of my shift i finished up and went outside to leave as i got close to my car i saw the same lifeless face he watched me get into my car and followed me from my job to a nearby walmart when i noticed it i got irritated and got out and asked if i could help him and he got this wide smile and i noticed his teeth was completely black and he started running towards me so my reaction was to swing i knocked him out and called the police well turns out this guy was wanted for attempted murder and was a well known neo Nazi who was recently going around and attacking random mixed men and women

I worked at Walmart once.

Warning: Im not much of a writer.

I worked at Walmart when I was 19. I was a newlywed, but shortly after my husband and I married, we went through some rough stuff and we needed a break. He was living with his mom a couple hours away.

I had a MeetMe account I used to chat with local people, male or female, to try and make friends but nothing ever really came of it. Except once.

I talked to this guy, Brandon. Sort of talked, not really. He was an average looking blonde hair, blue eyed guy. Around 27. Again, I was 19 so I was already turned off by him being almost a decade older than me. What could we have in common, ya know? He wasn’t much of a conversationalist. One word responses aside from endless, very detailed, compliments. I made it clear I was married so this was another reason I didn’t persue a friendship.

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Food City Freak

This story happened back when I was about 12 and I am a male.

It was a warm summer afternoon and my mom and I decided to go grocery shopping. As we entered the store, I took notice of a man, wearing a yellow button down, khaki pants, and bright white hair. He must of been at least 50. He stood out to me because he had a wide smile and was staring directly at me. I was always told to be nice to other people so I smiled back and shyly waved at him. His smile somehow got even wider and he waved back.

As we were shopping, I began to notice he was following us, about one car length behind us. He would occasionally grab stuff off the shelves and put it in his cart but still kept pace with us. It was very obvious that he was following us, going every aisle as we did. I was growing increasing uncomfortable, especially whenever my mom would have me stay at the cart when she would get something from a nearby shelf.

As we were nearing the end of our shopping trip, I noticed that the man was no longer following us. I felt a bit more relieved knowing he was gone. As we approached the checkout lines, I told my mom that I was going to the bathroom. I entered the restroom and as I finished relieving myself in the stall, I heard the bathroom’s door open. A voice soon called out, “I know you’re in here.” I stayed quiet and sat on the toilet, pulling legs onto it, trying to hide them from view. A pair of legs appeared outside the stall, jiggling the handle a few times.
“Come on, let me in. We can have a fun time, sweetie…” He said, trying to sound nice to mask his malicious intentions.

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The Creepy Neighbor Boy

When I was in Fith grade, my family and I visited New Mexico a lot because we were born there.

I loved to hang out with my two cousins Tony and Paul. They were exactly like my brother and I, which is why we loved to hang out with them. When we were at their small home in Pecos, we would play soccer in their backyard or watch TV.

When we weren’t doing either of those, we would be messing around with are legos, trying to see which one of us could create the weirdest structure. One day, we were all playing a game we made called Pinecone wars, but I don’t really remember the rules because it’s been so long.

Then, the neighbor and some of his family comes out of their house. It was right next to Tony and Paul’s house and I think the neighbor’s sister was talking with my mom. Suddenly, the boy from the house walks up to us and says hi to Tony and Paul. He seemed normal at first, but that was only because I had just met him.

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This guy followed me

This was around January 2016, so around the same time as now.

A little backstory first. So, I lived in the wealthier part of town, not much crime happened around there, maybe to occasional break-in, not much else. It’s usually pretty safe. At this time I was a pretty small girl around this time, as I was only 13, and I guess you could say I was the perfect person to stalk. I have two dogs, Stan, a British Pointer, who I was walking during the first encounter. The other one was Ollie, a black lab/English mastiff, and I was walking him the second occurrence.

So, the first occurrence, it was around [8:30] or 9, and I was walking home from jogging with my dog, Stan. It was already very dark, and the only light was the street lamps. I was pretty tired, so was my pup, since we were running. As I walk down the street I keep hearing footsteps, but I figured it was just from me and Stan, the sound bouncing off the houses and echoing. I keep hearing it but it doesn’t sound like us. I turn around, and there he is.

There’s a guy in a dark hoodie just walking behind me, about 15 feet behind. He was just strolling, his hood over his head. I thought he was just cold and trying to get home, the same as I. No problem right? Stan’s ear flick back, hearing the guy too. He kept looking back but I thought nothing of it. He has some problems as he’s a rescue, so I just thought he’s just being weird.

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Summer Time Salking

I’m currently a 54 year old single mother with two teenage kids. Over the decades I would say that I’ve acquired quite a few interesting stories from my youth. Unfortunately most of these such stories are not the friendliest. Many of them were shoved into my memory when someone I knew was stalking me.

I grew up in the city of London, Ontario, Canada from 1963 through to the early 90’s; however, if there was anything at all to say about London at the time; it would be that too many life threatening people lived there. From stalkers, to rapists, to serial killers; it was a dangerous place and it was wise to not get too friendly with anyone. Living a city like this all your life; you are bound to come across one or two of them. Unfortunate yes, but it was always like this.

I was about sixteen or seventeen, meaning the year was about 1979 or 1980. At this time it was summer and I started working at a truck stop and diner just a little ways away from London. It was half a mile away from my parents convenience store and my house. It was a lovely little establishment, as there were home cooked meals served everyday; and my boss was a wonderful lady who worked her ass off, although her husband was an absolute abusive knob head. There was about six of seven of us working there at the time, ten at most. I enjoyed working there for the first little bit as my boss and co workers were very kind to me, and overall it was an amazing job. The people who came in to eat seemed to enjoy the service; and my parents came on the Friday night when I was working for something to eat.

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Ordeal with my Ex

I am a female. In 2015, I was in my first year in college. That summer after graduating from high school, I broke up with my first serious boyfriend. It was long distance and lasted about a year and a half. I was the typical, newly-single college girl who had used dating apps like OkCupid to meet new people and go on dates. After having met a few unmemorable people, or people that just didn’t click with me, I met my next boyfriend. For this story, we will call him Bruce.

I had met Bruce on OkCupid, and at first he seemed nice. Cliché, I know, but I notice many people start out like that when you meet them as they just want to make a good first impression. He certainly did, and it pulled me in like a fly approaching a spider’s web. Our first date consisted of walking in the downtown area of our city, and because of the time of year, it was tourist season for this particular city, so we grabbed a bite to eat at a pizza joint away from all the hustle and bustle of the autumn festivities. It was also pretty cold. When we got to a major city landmark by the water, we shared our first kiss. Looking back, I pretended to like it – I felt like his nose was dripping on me. I looked past that, and that same night, we made it official.

I know it sounds ridiculous, why would I become official with someone I only knew for one night? I was dumb and naïve. Little did I know this would start a crazy shitstorm until February 2016. So, at first, he seemed kind and nice to me, but by the time I had to leave for holiday break, a new side of him began to show itself. My home was a half hour or so from my university, so this made it impossible to visit Bruce, let alone any of my college friends, for the time being. I didn’t have a car or my license, so I couldn’t drive. Taking a taxi or an Uber would have been very expensive round-trip. I actually had a stomach bug just before leaving my dorm for break, so I was stuck in there until the last day we were allowed to be in our rooms. Bruce had brought me saltines and ginger ale, which was nice of him, but he was very hot and cold about wanting to see me. In one breath, he told me he wanted to see me and take care of me. The next minute, he told me “I don’t want to catch something.” This (what I called) “Jekyll-and-Hyde” business became more and more prominent as time went on. From about late December on, Bruce would change his tone with me every other hour. He would at first be all happy and tell me how beautiful I was and just be flirty over messaging. The next hour, he would be angry and explosive for no reason, even went as far as blowing up my phone if I didn’t answer right away. He would text me even if he was at work.

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The man at the bus stop

this only happened acouple days ago,well only about 9. you see i’m a 16 year old girl that the guys would call very pretty and i have a very nice body. for I do work out and try to keep my face clear.

I’m only 5’4 with dark blood red hair with bright blue eyes, and my hair goes past my butt. i’m not every strong so its pretty easy to take me down if your a male. but before i go more into the story i have to say i’m a sassy little thing and don’t take nothing for anyone.

and i have a natrul bitch face so alot of people don’t mess with me.

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My idea of stalkers have always been people who followed you, and watched your every move, and nothing more, but I’ve recently learned just how very wrong I was. Okay, let’s get to the story.

It was a typical weekend. I was in my room, on my phone. I decided to go on a site called “Omegle”.

Omegle is a site where you can meet, and talk to random people. On phones you can only text other people on this app. I had begun talking to people, and skipping until I started texting this person named Devin.

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Creepy Stalker

When I was in high school I spent a lot of time at my best friends house. She lived sort of out in the country, a few houses close by but not a lot of neighbors.

We used to spend our time walking up and down the road she lived on as their wasn’t much traffic and it got us outside. We were night owls and often could be found after dark wandering the road telling each other creepy stories just trying to freak each other out.

On the night in question we were about 10 minutes from her house when we heard a strange banging coming from just up the hillside near an abandoned chicken house. We kept walking, not phased as her neighbors were known for doing odd projects at all hours of the night and they were just as accustomed to us walking the road at late hours.

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