That Wasn’t My Brother’s Voice

This occurred when I was 15 and camping with my brother and his oldest son (my nephew). My brother is drawn to nature and prefers to be out in it as often as he can. My nephew on the other hand, not so much.

I love nature and also feel a close connection with it. The story starts with me and my nephew out gathering some good firewood and kindling. It was nearing dusk so the light was fading and the forest was slowly becoming cloaked in shadows. The sounds of the forest were nearly deafening. The cries of the cicada’s, the chirping of crickets, the loud hoots of a great-horned owl.

My nephew and I heard my brother calling us back to camp, we had gathered a lot of kindling and firewood and began to head in the direction of his voice. As we got closer I noticed that the voice sounded ‘off’. Like it was him, but at the same time it wasn’t him. In addition I noticed that our surroundings were unfamiliar. Something wasn’t right, and my gut told us we needed to get out of that area NOW! I dropped my firewood and placed my hand on my nephews shoulder who was still going forward. The following conversation is paraphrased as I cannot remember it word for word.

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skin walker at my window

Skin walker at my window
Hi my name is Caleb this is a 100% true story I live in Tasmania I was 13 when this happened pleas enjoy this true story. I woke up at 3am after a good sleep
and I instantly noticed something was off because I don’t wake up for no reason. The only 3 reasons I wake up at all is if someone wakes me up, I need to go to the toilet, or someone is watching me. And that night I was home alone and I didn’t need to go the bathroom, so I was instantly creeped out. Then I heard a tapping and a voice calling from my window it sounded like my dads voice but it sounded off like it was thru a radio and my dad is dead. so I slowly turned my head to look at the window and I was instantly horrified because what I saw was about 7 or 8 feet tall. I knew this because my window is 4 feet of the ground and 4 feet tall and it was about a foot shorter than the window. It was staring at me for long enough for me to get some details. It had black pits with white pin pricks for eyes it looked liked I was staring into the portal to hell. It had no hair at all, its skin was a light grey and very ghostly, it had slightly pointed ears, it had massive sharp yellow jagged teeth. I knew this because it was giving me the creepiest smile I had ever seen, like it knew I was home alone and scared of it. It also had very long and skinny arms with massive hands with huge claws covered in a red warm liquid I assumed it was blood. If the hands weren’t on the window I’d say the hands went down to its knees. It had a skinny but muscular body, it had scratches all over it like someone had took a machete to town on it but it didn’t care. What I assumed was Its blood was black, darker than the eyes. It gave of a very creepy vibe. I felt sick but I couldn’t look away if I wanted to. As soon as I gained control again I thought I had sleep paralysis but I sadly noticed I was wrong so all I could do was stare it down, about 20 minutes later, it turned around and booked it to the trees. It was so fast it looked like it was gliding. I blinked and it was gone. And the worst thing about this experience was when I walked to the window and realised one of the windows was unlooked!.im glad its hand were on the locked one The only thing that was keeping me away from it was a step to the side and a push of a hand and I might not have been here to write this today. I also didn’t get sleep for the rest of the night. I waited for my mother to get home before I got out of my room and I went outside to see if it left tracks, but as soon as I got out side I saw my dog. At least what was left of it. I never went camping or hunting again. I’m just glad it didn’t get to me. After some investigating I strongly believe it was some sort of skin walker a native American monster or witch that takes the shape of a animal after It kills it and where’s its skin but not a complete copy of the animal and it can also mimic voices I also remember it didn’t look like a animal to me. It looked more of a ghostly alien but never mind that im just glad im still alive.

A Skinwalker the day before Thanksgiving

I am 15 and live in a small town in Idaho and I live in the rural part of my town so I’m used to most wildlife but what I saw the day before Thanksgiving was like nothing I had ever seen before. I had woken up early that day to go fishing in a lake not that far from my house. I get down to the lake and cast my line when the brush across the lake from me started to move. I stopped and looked waiting for something to emerge from the brush but nothing did. I shrugged my head and went back to fishing. Near the end of my trip, a foul smell had sprouted up in the area. Deciding that the smell was to strong to stand, I packed up the five salmon I had caught and headed back to my house.

When I got back, I greeted my dogs and headed for my grandparents shop to hang up my fish. I walked back to my house and let my dogs out. They ran out and chased each other in a nearby field. I walked inside and hopped in the shower and after went back to sleep. An hour later I woke up and went back outside to round up my dogs. When I called their names they both come, but they have their tails between their legs. I figured that they had been yelled at by our neighbors for chasing their geese and ducks again. I put them up and walk inside.

It was 7:30 and since it was early winter nighttime had came a lot quicker. It was going to be cold that night so I walked out with my little brother, who was 10, flashlight in hand, and let our dogs out. One of dogs ran out and over to our neighbor’s yard while the other stayed with us. We sighed and walked over to our grandparent’s shop to put up our other dog. Suddenly a loud unnatural screech echoed through the night. My brother started freaking out which made me nervous. The screech echoed again closer this time so we ran to the shop.

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The unknown thing on the tracks

First off, some background information. I’m 20 years old now and was around 7 or 8 at the time of this particular event. At the time we lived in the south of Spain in a very rural area with miles of wilderness around each town, each with their own interesting tales and traditions.

My family place at the time was situated in the middle of a lemon orchard which only served to amplify the sense of isolation to my young mind. Playing outside in the daytime was fine, but once it approached the night and the sun dropped behind the mountains, the place turned into a very eerie place indeed. Every crack of a stick or anything outside of the usual nighttime menagerie of animals would highten your senses as the feeling of being watched would almost make me sick, along with even my tougher older brother.

The part of the country we lived in often had heavy downpours that would damage the roads/tracks, if not wash them away entirely. Most animals would take shelter in these times but, well, not all of them I suppose. Me and my mother were returning from a routine trip to the store to get groceries and such, and as it was approaching winter time it was light when we got there, and dark by the time we left.

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I live on a farm in the woods of new England and every night at 3 am my dog starts barking

Greetings darkness who we are dosnt really matter.but for the sake of the story my friends name is Alex and my dogs name is zara and I’m raven a bodybuilding female. I am a long time listener first time writer, but a few nights ago… things went too far. I just needed to tell someone about what’s been going on out here in the countryside. I’m currently typing this on my phone with my cabin doors all locked and barricaded with my dog inside.

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