the gas mask person that followed me to school

Hi my name is jack i’m in 5th grade i’m 11 i live 12 blocks away from school so of course i have to take the bus my mom and dad has to go to work like always means that i have to go to the boys and girls club after school.

My mom woke me up an hour before school so i can take a shower, get dress ,brush my hair ,and don’t forget eat, my dad already left means i don’t get to say bye. Soon after the bus came i went outside, said bye to my mom and then left when i sat bye my friend named Zack we had been friends since kindergarten. We were playing eye spy to see who has better eye sight. he said i spy something green “that was easy” i said to myself. Right before i said the grass i saw someone with a gas mask and a……gun……he seemed to be following us to school i froze in fear while i watched as we passed him.

“Jack are you okay?” i heard A Zack ask “y…yea” i said while trying to get off  the bus “well bye see you after school” Zack said while waving at me i waved back. I ran to my class once i got in my seat the bell rung “okay class open your history book to chapter five and start where we left off” ms.hill said. i opened my book to chapter five but i cant get my mind off that mask guy

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Possible Shooting

About 2 years ago I was in 7th grade. I was real good friends with this guy, let’s call him Richard. Richard was….well a social outcast. He was at our school for 3 days and was being bullied. Now I’m not a bully so I walked up to him and said, “hey come sit with me at lunch” and we talked for about 5 more minutes until we had to go to class. When lunch rolled around Richard sat with me. He just talked about how he wished he could be accepted and all the girls think he’s this smelly weird dude and won’t ever talk with him. To be hones he about cried saying that to me, I didn’t see anything bad in this guy. Then these 4 guys came behind Richard and yelled, “DORK BOWLING!” They picked him up and slid him across the gym floor and he hit the wall. The entire gym erupted with laughter.

Me on the other hand well I just got up and beat the sh@t out of that guy. I got suspended for 2 days. When I finally returned, Richard seemed “changed” he now started talking about he  and “Dylan Klebold” were twins they both just want to be accepted and they’re rejected by girls. At first I had no idea who he was and when I got home I reasearched him and turns out he was on of the columbine gunmen. It kinda freaked me out but I just shook it off. What happened the next day is why I’m writing this story.

The next day we just completed a math class and was switching. I noticed Richard’s notebook sitting on his desk so I grabbed it for him, his pencil was on this page as a bookmark I guess so I was gonna put it in the ring thing, but when I turned to that page I almost fainted. It said “I have a 12 gauge shotgun and a 30 caliber rifle and over 3000 rounds of ammunition I’m ready for the shooting” I showed it to him and….oh god his face. I can’t even describe it. He ran out of the school and I didn’t see him again. The next day the school told us he moved to some other state, but I know what he really did in his journal it said “if I get caught by some one the bullets intended for these jerks are gonna be my death”

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5 TRUE Farm Scary Stories with Unit 522

Farms are WAY too close to the forest.

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