The things down the alley

I an a 21 year old guy living at my parents house with my fiancé and 3 week old new born. We live in the United Kingdom about roughly an hour away from London, the town I live in to put it bluntly is shit too. So before I get into the story I want to stress that what has happened to me has gone on for nearly 2 years and is still going on at the minute hence why I’ve written this all down here because I could do with some grounded thoughts and opinions as to wtf I should do.

So basically imagine you’ve just walked out the house; you’re standing at the top of the sloped driveway on a dead end road with a lower school or elementary I think you Americans call it to the left hand side. Also to the left hand side on the outside of the school is a long path made of red and black with a white line separating the two colours and this path stretches a good I’d say roughly 750 meters and at the bottom is something the locals of my town call “the mushroom” and it’s along this pathway where my story takes place.

January 2017 was when I first saw them, I was walking home from a friends house after having chilled out with her for a couple of hours. Now before I go any further I should point out that I was severely depressed at the time and on medication. But anyway I was walking and I had reached passed the mushroom and was beginning the walk back up the alley way to my home, I’d got about halfway when I noticed at top by the side of my house were about six pure black figures. They had no facial features and as i got closer I noticed that I couldn’t see any parts that would make them recognisable as a person. When I say that I mean it as in they were standing like a person would…but the vibes I was feeling off them as I got closer were ones of danger and unease. Instead of walking straight to them I took an alley to my right and made a beeline up it, to this day I still don’t know why but when I looped around and came back to my house up my street the figures were gone. I looked down the pathway and I could see them…don’t ask me how they got down there but they had somehow ended up at the other end of the pathway down by the mushroom. I remember my thoughts being “hahaha, no fuck that” as I headed inside…but this was only the first encounter.

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My Shadow Person

I’m not one who often experiences the paranormal but when your dog notices you notice.

I was in my room playing on my phone like I usually do and when I looked up I saw a shadowy humanoid figure standing in my door way.

I had the sense that it was staring at me. Not like it wanted to hurt me and was planning my murder, but like when you look up and see your dog staring at you.

I decided to pass it off for me looking at my phone for to long. My dog on the other hand decided to let me know it wasn’t just my eyes playing tricks on me.

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Shadow Person in my home

This was a few years ago.  I live in New York, and my family was gathering at my aunt’s home in Virgina for my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  My parents and grandmother were going to spend a week there but my sister and I had to work so we just went down for the weekend.

It was getting late as we got back to N.Y. so we picked up some dinner on the way home.   While we were eating I clearly saw a shadow figure behind my sister.  It walked out of the bathroom and into my parent’s bedroom.

I stood up and examined my parent’s bedroom but didn’t see anything out of place.

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My Friend Matt

When I was a little kid I met a new friend.  His name was Matt.  The strange part about Matt is, he was a shadow person.

Matt was the name I gave him, I say him because his features were more manly than girly. I only seen Matt once.  I was relaxing on the couch in the living room, I had my eyes shut, but when I opened them there he was.  If I were to try to describe him I would say he looked like a man from the 1950s with his hair slicked back.  Anyway, when I opened my eyes I was greeted by a completely black male figure.

I’ve heard stories where sightings of shadow people are usually quick glances, or they are human shaped until around the legs where they become more like a blur.

In my case it wasn’t a glance, and he didn’t go into a blur.  He was a basic human except for him only being a black figure with no features other than his hair which was slicked back. Even without any features though I could tell he was staring into my eyes while I stared into his nonexistent eyes.  He was strange to see, but I had no sense of fear only friendliness.

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Large Shadow Before Storm

This story took place when I was young. Not super young, but young enough for me to barely remember this experience- maybe between 6 and 8 years old. I have always been interested in and attuned to the paranormal.

Though I don’t have many face-to-face encounters, I often predict what will happen within a week through my dreams. Even details as close to a word that keeps repeating in my dreams that someone will eventually say. When I was little I would be even more like this- I would dream more lucidly, predict more often, but I’m not happy to admit that I would have sleep paralysis, dreams of specters around my house, and hear things that others couldn’t.

Last year, I’ve even had one of my intense childhood dreams predict me moving my room into where it is today.

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He keeps calling my name

This is a story that initially never seemed that scary to me — mostly because I only connected the dots a few years ago. We were at a friend’s house for the night and wound up talking about the paranormal and our own experiences with it, and while I was recounting what I’d always dismissed as a creepy waking dream I realized it wasn’t so banal after all.

When I was little I never slept during the day — actually, even today I have a hard time taking a power nap. And of course during the naptimes in my daycare I never could fall asleep, but I was required to lay in that darkened room on my colorful mattress anyway and stare at the ceiling while everyone else dozed off. We were mostly on the floor; there were a few bunk beds along the wall but they were not nearly enough for all of us. So the bed spots rotated and the mattresses covered for the rest of us. Or, well, I was always on a mattress: I didn’t sleep, I didn’t get a bed. It was better that someone who actually needed to get comfortable for napping got one.

One day I was lying there as usual. The room had two doors facing each other on the opposite walls and I was right by the other one. The teacher was sitting there between them but I had unobstructed view of the other door, the one that lead to the entrance. There was a little bit of light streaming in through the heavy curtains on the windows and under the doors.

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I will never forget this

Hello. It’s my first time submitting a story here. In advance sorry for my english. So let’s get into it.

I live in Poland. Let me start by saying my parents divorced when I was around 4 or 5 years old so I don’t remember much, but my father was always good to me. I am his only child after all. To this day we have great relations with each other. I have a sister but she’s older than me and she was born from a different father, my dad raised her as his own daughter.

My father worked and still does work in Germany as a construction worker. When I was 10 and my sister was 18 we visited him for the first time. It was amazing trip.

The second time I visited him alone, I was around 14-15 years old and he was living in a different german city with his new family. He met Monika (she was also polish like us)  and at the time she was divorced and had 3 children of her own. Dominik who was the youngest, Patricia – the middle child and Eveline – she was 18. They also had a big boy cat that was all black. His name was Lenart. They all got along well and were like one big family. I was happy for my father because they all were really sweet and caring people. I got along with them too!

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Fort Benning Home Haunting

This is the first time I have ever shared a story like this with anyone. The story I am relating to you is a patchwork of memories I have from when I was about five or six years old living in Fort Benning, Georgia. I can’t recall when these events started or if anyone other than me experienced anything.

I was a bit of a wild child and played constantly with other army brats living around me, but I was also very imaginative and spent a great deal of time in my own world and never talked about the things I experienced. The most vivid memory I have are the pair of red eyes that I used to see constantly. I would see them the most under our kitchen table. Sometimes they were just red orbs and other times they resembled the eyes of the Jotuns from the movie, Thor. They were always menacing but never harmed me. They watched me, from the table, or a dark hall, or even when I slept. I can remember waking up from nightmares to see them in the darkness beyond the open door of my bedroom. But this particular situation ended when my father was restationed and we had to move.

The shadow people, or rather, person, is a different story. A little background: I used to have an imaginary friend whom I called “Tina”. I don’t know where she came from or why she existed (and I doubt many children could answer this either), but I do remember becoming afraid of her. At one point I felt like she changed and if she did then she became the shadow man who haunted me and creeped me out. I remember distinctly sitting with my family to watch AFV and out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow. I turned to see a fully formed shadow person. It was a man wearing a hat and resembling what looked to be a cowboy or someone who stepped right out of a mediocre Western. I would say I was much more shocked than afraid. But the name “Tina” rang in my head when I saw it. I never mentioned it to my parents and actually became annoyed that this shadow person was trying to bother me while I was watching what is still a beloved show.

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