the creepy blizzard In ohio

Ok so I was inside my house looking out the window into the blizzard. I could not really see anything. My sister asked if we could have some coco of coffee. I told her we don’t have any more, and that we would have to wait till the blizzard was over. Then we started arguing about going to the store now and not waiting because the house was cold. I said to turn on the heater and put on a jacket until the house gets warmer. We where about to hit each other until a snowball hit our window. Then my dog barked and we herd something like a boy/man was screaming. I think the snowball had a rock in it because our window cracked. She told me that maybe we should leave and I said well maybe it was our neighbor and that he was drunk again. She said she would check so I said that I would be going outside to check it out to, but first grab a jacket so we won’t get sick. so we grabbed our jackets and grabbed the door knob then my baby girl haylee started to cry and my sister olivia’s baby started to cry. So we got them and put their jackets on and took them outside to. I saw my dog was on our door step with her head bleeding and she ran inside once I opened the door and an man yelled “Damn dog ” That is when I saw a shadowy man and told everyone to go inside when he was running toward us. We shut the door and he was banging on the door. The door was looked to. Then he gone to the window trying to break it. We ran up stairs and hid with the babies Haylee and Natalie. Who started crying then we gave them their bottles. Haylee and Natalie stopped, but the glass broke hoping that was not the window, then we called the cops. I was whispering it the cops kept asking why am I whispering. I told them at the end of the call. He turned to our room. That is where we are hiding BTW. We see the shoes. I was about to scream but my sister covers my mouth and her arm rubbed the carpet and the man’s shoes turn to our hiding spot. The cops break down the door. I told them that I was hiding in the room. They came to us to get us out of our hiding spot and we saw who the guy was. He was my ex, my baby’s father, the person I hate the most. He was there to kill me and Olivia. He cheated on me with my sister. So Natalie is also his daughter too. He was going to take them. At least that is what he told the cops and they told me. If I would of gone up to him, I might of died. This still creeps me out to this day. My baby haylee is now 5. This was about 5 years and a month ago.

Psycho ex

First, I’m gonna give a little background. I’m 19, female. My ex is a year younger, we had an on and off relationship since middle school. I moved away for about 5 years to finish my education in a more stable environment then I moved back to be with him again.

All was alright at first, we had problems like a normal couple. I left twice by force over a pathetic fight but we made amends and came back together. All was good until about the last month of living together, he was mentally abusive. Calling me names but still I chose to stay and work things out..well try.

So, living there you’re always drinking or something to make life more interesting. On this property there’s two houses, one his parents lived on, the other one that’s where we stayed. Not rather livable and you almost die in heat or cold every year.

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my childhood friend

My family is not a normal family, we have every race within us, from white, black, asian, mexican. Everyone has many stories to tell. Even the kids. so heres the backstory to mine and my dads worst experience.

Ill split this into 2 parts of the same story.

Part 1

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Creepy man

Ok I was on a Vacation with my grandparents, and me and my sis were waiting in the truck until we reached my apartment, I said hi to my parents and unpacked my close, until I looked outside my window and no one was there, so I went to put on new close, this little boy was looking though the window, and when I was finished, I saw him just staring, I told him to leave and he just repeated I saw you naked, the next day, my parents told me they signed me up for school, so I went to the bus stop. This grown man tapped me on the shoulder, I turned and looked at him, thinking he was homeless, I talked to him, my bus came. He grabbed my hand and said, I saw you naked. He lost the grip and I ran up to the bus. Now at night I feel as if some one was looking at me. My dog barks at the window and when I turn No one is there. This is my story.

Me vs. La Llorona

I was told this story by some BMX buddies who live in Texas. I went down with a friend of mine named Billy. Billy is a real macho guy. He’s at least 6 1/2 feet tall and almost 260 pounds of cement. When we were spending time with 3 bikers (we’ll call them Wheels, Spokes, and Motor), they casually asked us “Have you seen La Llorona?” Billy was blank-faced, but I heard them loud and clear. For those who don’t know, the legend states that La Llorona was a young and pretty woman who had 2 kids after her husband got her pregnant, then skipped town. She wanted to marry some rich dude, but he was not going for it because she had kids. Therefore, she stabbed her kids, then drowned them in the river. After her grave misdeed, she went to her lover’s house. When he saw the blood on the gown, he immediately rejected her. She ran back to the Rio Grande, desperate to save her kids, but I’m sure you can guess where the flawed logic is. Now, she’s doomed to spend eternity, roaming the banks of the river with a horse head as punishment. When I told Billy, he laughed.

The next night, me, along with the other 4 all walked to the Rio Grande. There was no moon, so we had flashlights, and Spokes had a LED lantern that was quite bright. As we walked, we suddenly heard a small splash. “A fish” Wheels said, trying to convince himself as much as us. “Just a fish.” We continued to walk, but Spokes (who was the youngest at only 15) got spooked and booked it for home. Motor laughed, but stopped after only 4 seconds. She was standing still and staring straight ahead. I was about to ask her what was going on, when her flashlight suddenly went out. Now, it was impossible to see what she had been staring at. “Okay” Billy said. “I’ve had enough; let’s go.”

The next night, I was determined to see if I could substantiate anything about this chick. I convinced Spokes to come with me and promised to protect him if anything happened. He told me about the version his mother told him concerning La Llorona. He told me if you say “I have your kids” she’ll come and look. When she sees you’re lying, what she does is really anybody’s guess. I went off ahead of Spokes and jokingly said “Llorona, I have your kids.” After I said that, Spokes screamed bloody murder and ran right into me. I was about to scold him, when I happened to look above his head and saw a woman with a horse head, and she was walking toward us. I was frozen in fear, and Spokes was hiding behind me, saying prayers. I took my flashlight and flung it at her. Without seeing if it connected, I grabbed Spokes, shone his lantern in front of us and ran for our lives. After about 10 feet, Spokes finally started moving and running unassisted. When we got to my car, we dove head-first inside, locked the doors and hid under the backseat. We heard someone knock on the window, but were too scared to look. We kept hearing the knocking getting more and more insistent. I told Spokes “Whatever you hear, stay down and don’t speak a word.” He had been sobbing by that point, but immediately stopped after I said that. I cautiously looked up and saw Wheels holding a flashlight. I opened the door and he said “Aren’t you 2 too old for hide-and-seek?” I told him I saw La Llorona, and fully expected him to say I was lying. Instead, he just nodded and said “You must’ve said you had her babies. Not smart, dude.” He drove me and Spokes back to his house and told his parents what happened. They both told us it was very stupid. I haven’t been to Texas since.

The Costume Ball Creeper

A little background before I start. I am a young female who just recently turned 21. This experience happened to me last year.

I was invited to a Halloween Costume Ball at a high-class venue. My friends and I all dressed up as angels. We got to the venue at about Quarter to Eight. As we were walking in, we noticed a rather beat-up black pickup truck pull into the parking lot. My friends and I shrugged it off.

After all maybe the person was laying up his costume.

Over the next hour, I danced and had some food with my friends. The whole time I noticed a creepy looking man staring at me. I thought to myself: “why is that old guy staring at me?” Then I left to go to the restroom. The room was completely deserted. Usually the bathrooms are packed with potheads and alcoholics. I immediately got a bad feeling. I hurried up into the stall to do my business.

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The Shadow

It all started on my 7th birthday. Me and my friends brother and sister decided we should play hide and seek since my backyard was pretty big and i had space to run around and play.
its was a Friday evening around 8 o’clock and it was getting pretty dark. although our parents didn’t really care since my fences were pretty high so they weren’t worried of anyone getting lost in the woods behind my backyard.
My three friends, brother, sister and me headed to the backyard. when we got outside immediately a strong rush of wind blew our way.
We didn’t really think of it as a weird thing since it was autumn and it was getting colder. We assigned the groups off the hiders and the seeker.
i was amongst the seekers so my brother and two off my friends were hiding while me, my sister and my friend Chris were seeking.
we decided to split up so we could cover more ground. i went and look around the back off the yard and the other two went to the other side.
when i got there i crossed my back gate for some reason i didn’t want to go near it. i felt.. i knew someone was at the other side. how i don’t know but i didn’t want to find out who it was.
so i walked away form it. still searching i couldn’t keep my eyes off the gate. it felt like i had to open it. i kept telling myself to stay away but it was like a strong aura was emitting from behind the gate.
I wanted… no i needed to know what was behind that gate. i looked over my shoulder my sister and Chris where still searching. I looked inside the house… every one was busy talking. Ok it was safe to go and open it. I moved towards it.
The closer and closer i got to the gate the more nervous i was. i finally reached it i opened the door to see.. nothing. Nothing but woods at least. or so i thought at first cause when i looked deeper into the woods i saw a figure not a human figure no a smoke like figure.
Even though it was dark i could still make out its shadowy figure. i didn’t look at it for long because it hid behind the trees. That night i went to bed. i woke up at night i turned my head to look at my clock on my bed table it said 3:00 am. i wanted to sit up.
but i couldn’t.. it was like something was putting pressure on my chest. i couldn’t move. i wanted to scream but i couldn’t. I was so scared. but that fear of not moving was nothing compared to the fear i felt when i saw.. IT.. I saw the shadow in my room. i could move again.
i sat up and ran. i ran to my parents room. only to be welcomed by the gore and blood…
i ran to my brothers and sisters room. Only to see blood splattered on the walls. i stood there frozen. Suddenly the room was cold ice cold. i felt dread. a hand touched my shoulder. It was the shadow. he spoke…Now we can be together again…

What’s that thing on my back

I’m not sure exactly what day this was on but it was a very scary experience. One morning as I woke to my sister getting ready for church I yawned and she told me to go back to sleep because I didn’t need to be awake. She left and I went back to sleep, one hour later I woke up again and checked my phone to see the time, it was 10:00 a.m. and I had fallen back asleep for about ten minutes.

When I woke back up I couldn’t move, I got scared and tried to reach for my phone. When my arm wouldn’t move, I tried to get up and failed, then a few seconds later my sister started to mess with me and step on my back and hand. After she got off I screamed and was finally able to get up, I shot out of my bed and looked frantically around the room, she wasn’t there and no one else was home.

She wasn’t back yet, I sat there for a few minutes and cried a little bit. I don’t know if that was sleep paralysis or not but it scared me so much that I don’t go back to sleep when my sister leaves for church.

My grandpa and his ghost

When I was 15, I moved in with my grandpa.

I had lived at that house with my mom before when I was really young, and I always hated the upstairs floor because I had an encounter with a ghost there when I was 5 or 6. What had happened was I had been looking for my mom all over the house, and calling out for her.

“Mommy? Mommy? Where are you?” I already looked upstairs for her, but since I had just looked in the basement I figured she had time to go back up to her room.

When I got back up to her bedroom door and opened it, I again asked, “Mommy?”, only to find the shadowy figure of a man sitting on her bed across from me. He was watching me, and tilted his head. I heard him imitate me by asking, “Mommy?” as if he didn’t understand what it meant.

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