The Child in my Hallway

For a long time, I have believed in the paranormal, which is funny, considering I was born into a family that is very skeptical of which. I’m not sure whether this is my fault or not, but my little brother is also a believer in the paranormal.

I’ve always been quite a paranoid person, so tiny sounds like a sink dripping water might make me think that someone is in the house, but I’m almost positive this wasn’t just an effect of my paranoia.

Anyways, for this story to make sense, you’re going to need to know that my room is near the garage; that my room is far away from the rest of my family. Next to my room is the washing room and a restroom, both connected to the short hallway my room is also connected to.

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Before I start, all of this is real. Everything in this story happened. I wish it wasn’t real. I wish I was making it up. And by the end of it, you will be wishing it was all a tall tale as well. But it isn’t. So sit down, buckle up, and hold on to your spare underwear because the scariest thing about this story is that it is 100% true. Nothing is exaggerated, and everything is told exactly how I remember it.

Now that the experience is finally over, I feel I can finally tell my entire story. I am not entirely human, and as such I am very sensitive to the spiritual realms. I always felt that I was something else because I never really fit in anywhere, able to see and sense things other people couldn’t see or didn’t believe were real. I later found out that I was a being known as a Deamon, which will become important later on.

Either way, I could see and interact with numerous spirits, including a mysterious large grey cat spirit who showed up from time to time. The cat will become important later on in this story.

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My Experience

Disclaimer: All names have been changed for privacy’s sake. If this does make it to the video, you do not have to read this part.

I tell this story not as a call for attention but as a cautionary tale. I was fourteen and in a scout troop, about two years ago. My scout troop was relatively small. We were camping in an area adjacent to a hill. It wasn’t tall enough to be considered a mountain, but if you fell you would probably break something, and it was super steep. This is necessary to know.

After we had pitched our tents, it was dark. It was only about 10:00 PM, so we had some time.

We all decided to climb the hill. We were scouts, so hiking was our thing. The hill was so steep, we had to bring a rope and tie it to the fence. After I made sure it wouldn’t untie at a bad time, everyone else climbed up. We walked around and found a section of fence that appeared to have been trampled over. Behind the fence, there was an old circular, concrete building.

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Night Call

This story is not from my point of view, but from my uncle’s, who has shared this story and many like it with over many years.

I guess it is best, I tell you my uncle lived and worked in a rural town in Texas. He worked as a paramedic for 33 years and has many weird stories and experiences. I will share one with you today.

My uncle got a call over the radio from the operator telling him a man was complaining that his heart felt like it was going burst. My uncle and his friend Ronny loaded into the truck and drove for almost an hour at to the location of the caller. Might I add, it was 2:00 in the morning and they drove an hour away from the small town they were stationed at.

When arriving on scene, they realized the place seemed vacant. Bushes and shrubs were overgrown and the house looked like it was rotting away. They got out and shined their flashlights through the broken windows. They were hesitant to go and had ad feelings about the whole situation. Finally, they went in and smelt a decaying smell. Like animal had been rotting away in the house.

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The Man on the Trail

My name is Ashley, I’m 17 years old and I live in Florida. The area I live in is a relatively urban area, lots of stores and restaurants and things to do. But I’ve always prefers just walking around in a quite area by myself, since I’m a bit of an introvert. There’s a bike trail not far from my house, so I take every chance I can to walk it. I’ve never had any strange experiences until today.

I was walking back towards my house, having walked about a mile or so before realizing it was getting late, and I needed to turn back. Not many people were on the trail, just me, a jogger, and a mother and her son. I was about halfway back when I noticed someone walk out from the bushes. Typically I wouldn’t care, seeing as people go on and off of this trail all the time. But the area he came from was a busy highway, there was no way he could’ve been walking on it. For awhile, I was a bit confused. But I just let it go and tried to ignore it.

When the mother and her son walked by him, they paid no mind to him, almost like they didn’t see him at all, the same applied to the jogger. The thing is, I always try my best to be polite to everyone, so I smiled at him and waved.

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I will never forget this

Hello. It’s my first time submitting a story here. In advance sorry for my english. So let’s get into it.

I live in Poland. Let me start by saying my parents divorced when I was around 4 or 5 years old so I don’t remember much, but my father was always good to me. I am his only child after all. To this day we have great relations with each other. I have a sister but she’s older than me and she was born from a different father, my dad raised her as his own daughter.

My father worked and still does work in Germany as a construction worker. When I was 10 and my sister was 18 we visited him for the first time. It was amazing trip.

The second time I visited him alone, I was around 14-15 years old and he was living in a different german city with his new family. He met Monika (she was also polish like us)  and at the time she was divorced and had 3 children of her own. Dominik who was the youngest, Patricia – the middle child and Eveline – she was 18. They also had a big boy cat that was all black. His name was Lenart. They all got along well and were like one big family. I was happy for my father because they all were really sweet and caring people. I got along with them too!

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A man with no eyes.

When I was about 15 or so my mom, brother and myself moved into this small one bedroom apartment. As the oldest child my mom had giving me the bedroom and she set up the hallway as my brothers bedroom which was the hallway to my room the she took the living room. After we moved into the apartment I had yet to sleep in my room. I had made plans to spend the night with my friend at her place. When I came home the next morning to grab my backpack for school my brother was trying to tell me something about my room. I ignored him and we headed off to school.

When we came home from school my brother is telling me “Sis don’t sleep in your room please sis don’t sleep in your room the scary man lives in your closet”. I had told him the day I went to my friends that he could sleep in my room. When he had told me about some scary man in my closet I just shrugged it off because he tends to try to scare me all the time. That night I was in my room doing my homework it was about maybe 1 or 2 am and it had got so cold in my room that I had to grab a blanket from the closet in the living room. Now it was weird that I had to have a blanket because it was summer.

I went back to my room and put my homework in my backpack and laid on my bed. I didn’t go to sleep yet because I usually stay up till about 3am usually playing a game on my phone or browsing around on MySpace and talking to one of my friends. Well just as I was about to put my phone on charge and turn my light off I heard a noise coming from my closet. Now I just shook it off thinking it was coming from the hallway maybe my brother was going to the bathroom. So I turned my light off and laid down.

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My haunted childhood home

What I am about to share with you are a few paranormal occurrences that happened to me growing up in my childhood home.

I have told very few people about this, but it has been weighing on me for years.

I am 27 years old now, and these things had happened to me from the ages of 5 to 18, 18 being the age when I moved out of my mother’s house and into my first apartment.

Let me start off by saying that I am a very rational person. I work as an internal auditor for a major corporation in my area, and am a mother of an 8 year old boy and two dogs, so my personality is more serious than fanciful, but I have NEVER denied the existence of the paranormal.

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Not what I expected

Hello everyone.

At the begining I think I should introduce myself a little. I’m from Poland and for six years I’m a member of one of the biggest paranormal investigating teams in country. Sometimes people call to us and ask for help with things that they think are “paranormal”. I’ve got a lot of cases, files, photos and recordings of strange things and creatures. But this time I’d like to tell you about one of the weridest cases I’ve ever seen.

It was four years ago. I live near Czech and German borders, at the mining comunity. One day I returned from work and saw a new E-mail from HQ. They wanted me to investigate a call from village, almost at Czech border. It was some way from me but I lived closer to it than anyone else. So, the call was about suspected ghost activity. Not in one home but in entire village. From the intelligence HQ send me I tought it was a powerfull Poltergeist. I packed up ghost hunting equipment and got on my way. It took me about two and a half hour to get to the place.

At my arrival I saw small, quiet village. Only about ten houses, no shop or even a bus stop. I made a circle trough the village, just for some fun. Then moved to adress HQ gave me. It was preety, wooden house, in the middle of the village. A young man opened me the door.

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Reasons why I started to close my window every time, if there an tree near to the window

I was 13 at the time when this happen, it still give me chill whenever I shared about it with someone. The reasons why I started to close my window if there a tree near to the window. It was around summer when this happen it was one raining day in the summer. Oh before the story I have to mention that our house is near an wood, next to the wood is an old school that they change into an boys and girls club. I remembering waking up in the morning hear the thunder booming and and the rain hit in the concrete outside of our house. I wake up, take a shower and get ready for my day.

When I went downstairs my two little brothers ask me, if I could walk with them to the boys and girls club. I take them both down to the club I brought them in and I left. It was still raining outside, so I decide to walk around the school field and enjoy the rain for a minute. Just when I was about to go home I look up one of those big tree in the middle of forest I notice someone was standing up there it seen like a kid. I ask myself why would an kid do up there in the middle of the wood when its raining? The next thing still give me chill to this day, The figure wave at me I didn’t even react back I ran back straight home without look back.

That night I couldn’t go to sleep my window was open and there was an tree there as I blink I notice someone was sitting on the tree. I just look at the figure, the figure didn’t look back at me, it just sitting there like it didn’t even notice that I was there. I close my eyes and felt to asleep, It kept happening for me the next 3 weeks, I told my mom what happen and she’s notice it and take me serious, because she have notice that I wasn’t the same ever since I took both of my brothers to the club. The next day my mom drove us to the boys and girls club.

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