Sleep paralysis

It’s been awhile since I’ve been afraid of what lurks in the dark, I have grown as both a person and a witch but I’ll try to recapture some of the horror I’ve experienced while delving into the world of witchcraft.

One of my first experiences was with what some may call a mare, this entity is comprised of a blue energy, female and haunts the house I live in, when first encountering it I woke up to find I was unable to move, my body frozen by an invisible forced.

Panic instantly consumed me as I desperately tried to move everything and anything… I could not… I could feel a force above me as fingers began to wrap around my neck and squeeze.… the force was unbearable… it’s fingers dig into the back of my neck and into the spine… I couldn’t breath… it felt like I was going to pass out… on the edge… I awoke it was the dead of night and I was out of breath and trembling.

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The Man With the BagNarrated! 

If you have scary stories about Thanksgiving, I doubt it will ever top an experience I had. In Thanksgiving of 2015, I was spending time with my girlfriend, and 2 friends of hers. We decided to have some fun by having a contest to see who got their item first. I had to get hot dogs, while the 2 friends would, funnily enough, get peanut butter and jelly, while my gf got a turkey. I got the hot dogs at a local CostCo and was about to leave, when I saw a small, black man, about my height, staring. I estimated him to be in his fifties. I walked over and asked him if there was an issue. He hiked up his bag and said “No issue. Just be careful.” I debated telling him off, but decided not to. After I exited, I saw him following me through the parking lot, carrying his bag. I asked him if he was following me. He replied “Not following, just going to my BMW.” I started to drive home and noticed his car was following. I stopped and so did he. I got out and asked him “Are you stalking me?” I saw he STILL had that bag. His reply was a calm “Not stalking. My home is this way.” I decided to brush it off, and he eventually got off at a T-intersection. What I noticed is that the bag was ALWAYS with him. I eventually got back, but my gf had gotten back about 10 minutes ago. I told her what happened and she said “I saw a white man with a bag that was paper. He seemed to follow me everywhere I was.” That night, my gf and I both received a call, it was the same men we had seen! They both said “Sorry, wrong number.” The next day, the 4 of us heard a report on the news that 2 people had been murdered the previous day. The suspects were a black man and white man, both kinda old. The photos of the suspects matched who we had seen the previous day. All 4 of us were spooked. Then, I got a call from a man and so did my girlfriend. They both laughed and said “Bet you wished you weren’t watching the news now, right?” We hung up and called the cops, then called back to trace them. The men were arrested later that day. Turns out, the bags had money and wallets in them, meaning they had robbed the victims. As for the bodies, never found. That was easily the scariest experience I’ve had during ANY holiday.

Fresh Cookies in Eureka SpringsNarrated! 

When my parents got married in the mid-80’s they didn’t have much money, and so their honeymoon was comprised of a cheap road trip filled with sight seeing and packed lunches. One place they came to was Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They fell in love with this cute historical town and enjoyed it so much that years later they would take their two children back there for a small family vacation.
I was around 11 or 12 years old and my sister was about 14 and this would have been around the year 2000. This was a slightly different family vacation than previous ones because my sister and I were going to get our own room at the hotel, which meant we wouldn’t have to be annoyed by our parents or kept up to all hours of the night with their loud snoring.
The hotel was very Victorian in style and furnishings. The old wooden floors creaked under your steps and I just remember thinking it was like stepping back in time or being in an old movie. So we check in and realize my parents room is not directly next to our room as everyone had assumed, but instead it would be up the flight of stairs and a ways down the hall. We all figured it wasn’t a big deal and so gathered our luggage and got situated.
I will definitely admit that when my sister and I got into our room we laughed and giggled about how eerie it seemed. We got excited to see the door leading out to a balcony, however once we opened it we realized that it was not a good thing. The balcony was joined with the room next door, which to us at that aged seemed a little creepy.
After an afternoon of sight seeing and going out to dinner we headed back to the hotel and retired to our separate rooms. We showered and crawled into bed where I joked and talked with my sister for a while. It was pretty late at this point, and though I don’t remember exactly it would have been between 11 and 12 at night. We were getting tired and started trailing off when there was a faint, gentle knock on the door. I looked at my sister confused, then we quickly realized it must be either mom or dad. I got up and checked the peep hole and saw an old woman with white hair. I whispered to my sister what I had seen and there was another knock. So my sister then took a peek and kind of gave a goofy look and shrugged her shoulders. She asked “Yes?”
In a tender crackled voice we heard something about ‘cookies’. My sister decided to open the door. Standing there was a woman in a very old outdated maid uniform, but that was the style of the hotel and I was pretty sure all the workers there were wearing that old-style clothing. She was holding a large round tray filled with cookies. The woman repeated herself; “I have some fresh baked cookies if you’d like one” followed with a friendly smile. We told the woman ‘no thank you’, shut the door, and went back to bed. We didn’t think much of it other than to basically agree it was strange and then go to sleep.
In the middle of the night I woke up to the bathroom light flickering on an off. Not fast and continuous, but just a tiny flicker every minute or so. I remember waking up a few times to look out towards the windows to the balcony waiting to see a silhouette standing there. Several times in the night I had a very strange feeling of being watched. To say the least, I did not like it at all and did not sleep well.
In the morning my sister told me that she woke in the night to see the bathroom door slowly close. She hadn’t noticed any light flickering though. I honestly thought she had just been freaked out by the woman and her mind was playing tricks. Whereas what I saw was just an electrical issue and no big deal. Once my parents come down to our room to get us for breakfast we casually asked them if they enjoyed their cookies last night. They had no idea what we were talking about. We explained to them what happened with the old lady, and they said no one had come by their room. We head down stairs towards the lobby and on the way some flyers on the wall catch my eye. They are promotionals for ghost tours. At the front desk my dad asks about the cookies last night and joked that he was not offered any. The concierge informed us that taking baked cookies to the rooms at night is not something the hotel does or offers. We all thought this was very strange.
Once we got back home we looked up the Crescent Hotel we had stayed at to find out it is basically the most haunted hotel in America. Normally I am skeptical to things like this, but I distinctly remember that none of us had any clue about the hotel being haunted beforehand so there were no preconceived notions of ghosts or the paranormal. And I’ve always wondered what would have happened if we’d taken a cookie.

Look At Them Run

If you’re from the Peru-Converse area of Indiana, you probably know about Okie Pinokie. If you don’t, here’s a brief rundown.

Okie Pinokie is the local name for part of the Frances Slocum State Park, where County Road 510 E dead-ends in Peru, Indiana; the road merely makes a circle and doubles back into itself. It’s just a stone’s throw from the Mississinewa River.

Many who have visited it claim it’s haunted, but if you try to look it up online, you’ll get a lot of inconclusive results.

Supposedly at the turn of the last century, a 7-year-old girl named Stephanie was found brutally raped and murdered in the woods, and in the 1960s, four headless bodies were found in the circle formed by the road. More recently, a man was beaten to death in a robbery gone bad (this was in May of 2018). You can see scratches on one of the trees; they look like they’re made by a deer scraping its antlers on the bark, but they’re horizontal and have a space for an opposable thumb.

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Footsteps on the roof

First of all, I am a skeptic person. I’ve been to several famous locations that is known for their haunts such as the St. Augustine lighthouse, Castillo de San Marco, and LC-34 (Apollo 1) at Cape Canaveral Airforce Station to name a few, and I have never experienced anything. That’s the kind of background I want to give you, but like anyone else, I do like a good ghost story.

I used to work as an overnight supervisor at a small international airport in Florida, and at this point, I have been there several years. At night, there is usually two of us working, taking care of general aviation aircraft and the occasional late commercial aircrafts. The work was easy, and if we have no flights, it is usually a night of Netflix and goofing off with the airport cops. A typical night usually consist of security checks of hangars and cleaning the office when we have no aircrafts to take care of.

One night in particular I will not forget. It did start out as a quiet night, and we did get all of our work done by 11pm. I just returned from the fuel farms and my co-worker Jon wanted to get out of the office for a bit. I let him go do the hangar checks of our hangars, so I gave him the keys to the truck and he went off. So I put on a movie on Netflix.

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The sound that hunts me

Hi my name is Rain Williams and I am 21 years old. I never used to believe in the supernatural, paranormal or anything remoyely related to that until i the day i turned 21 and here i am a few months later and it still hunts me.
It all started on my 21st birthday and just like anyone my age i went out drinking with my college friends. We stayed in the bar till 12am when one of my friends Joey the idiot of my group had suggested we visit St. Richard an old abbondoned nut house or asylum as its being called these days. Sober me would have immediately shut down the idea but I was too drunk too care at the time. We were 6 people in total and only one of us was sober at the time. Preston Dawson, he was our designated driver that day. We all got into Preston’s van and headed for St. Richards. Boy had I known what was coming i would have just gone home and waited for my morning hangover. But as I said I was too drunk to care. We drove out of west virginia and headed for ”the hospital hidden in the trees” (St. Richard). We drove for about 3 hours after leaving the boders of Virginia before arriving at a path that led to the nut house and we had to step out of the van . ”It looks like we’ll have to walk from here” Joey said taking a backpack that i hadn’t noticed before out of the van. ”No way man i’m not leaving my van out here in the middle of nowhere” Preston argued. ”i went along with this stupid idea of yours because Rain was ok with it, but this is getting out of hand”. Preston was against going any further since it was winter and it was also really dark. Joey had planned to bring us here and seeing as most of us were tipsy he didn’t have to have many arguments only preston was against us going any further and it was pretty much five to one and he lost that argument. Joey opened the back pack and handed some of us a flash light. He only brought three flashlights and seeing as there was twice as much people there wasn’t enough to go around. We all started down the path and headed towards the hospital. It was a really cold night and since it was winter it was a little uncomfortable to walk. We walked for another mile before coming across a sign. ”Welcome to St. Richard”. The fresh air had done me some good as the effect of alcohol was wearing off. The sign was old and greasy looking. ”people barely talk about this place anymore” Joey said as he reached into his backpack to grab his camera. ”Guys this place is giving me the creeps” Karen said as she locked arms with me. ”Amber and Christopher are probably going to have sex right here on the road” she said with a disgusted expression and i chuckled lightly. We ventured deeper down the path until we came across a tall, old, greasy looking gate. ”Now that is all shades of creepy” Karen said. She was clearly unhappy that we were there and i was begining to feel uneasy. Joey pushed against the gate and it let out a very loud creek and that was when i felt cold. I wasn’t cold because of the winter what i felt was differnt. It was as though my blood suddenly became cold and i was hollow. ”i don’t think we should go inside i think we have seen enough” i half pleaded. ”Nah, don’t do this to me we are here already” Joey complained. ”He’s right you know we already came this far why turn back now” Chris added and i glared at him ” the one time you manage to tear yourself off of Amber that’s what you say” i lowly hissed at him. ”yeah, chris is right you know. I mean we already made it this far” Amber added ”how delightful, please spare us your garbage.” Karen hissed ” we all know you’re both looking for a place to f**k” she added. ” Chris and Amber looked gobsmacked but we all knew Karen had a point and while we were all standing there deciding whether we were going in or not Joey ran into the hospital compounds. ”Joey get back here a**hole!!” Preston yelled but Joey didn’t come back. We decided to wait and see if he would turn around but knowing Joey he didn’t. ”Let’s go he’ll call a cab when he’s ready to go home” Preston said and we all knew he wasn’t kidding. ”there’s no cell service and we all left our cellphones in the van genius” Amber said and I silently cuursed. We had to go get Joey so that we could leave. That’s when i did what i to this day regret. i walked through the gates. We all walked for a few minutes till we got to the entrance ”Joey!!” we all kept yelling for him, but we got no response ” i think we should split up” Chris said ”no way man we don’t have the time to go looking if we can’t find someone else” Preston said and Karen and I agreed with him. ”we’ll cover more ground that way” he argued. ”look all we have are flashlights and there is no power here” ”Let’s just stick together and look for him” Preston was trying to convince Chris that stcking together was the best thing to do but Chris just wasn’t having it ”Amber and I will go that way” he pointed at the hallway ”and the three of you can go the opposite direction” he concluded. Chris and Amber walked down the hallway with Amber giggling like a teenager. ”we all know they want to go f**k” Karen said in a pissed off tone. The three of us kept looking around the hospital for Joey but he was nowhere to be found. After a while we could hear loud moaning and we all gagged in disgust. ”pigs” karen spat. Chris and Amber were being really loud until the moaning turned into a screeching scream ”Wow” was all preston said sounding impressed. The screaming continued followed by ”HELP ME!!” that was what got our attention. Amber was screaming and calling for us but we couldn’t find our way back. Due to the fact that the hospital was empty the echo didn’t help. We were running back trying to find her but we couldn’t. ”NO STAY AWAY!!!” ”AHHHH!!” she let out a frightened shriek. And that was it we kept on calling out to her and Chris but we got no response.
After a while of running around endless hallways i realised that Karen was no longer with preston and I. “Karen!!” i started yelling “Kar…” Preston put his palm over my mouth ”I don’t know what’s going on here but i’d rather we don’t draw too much attention to ourselves” he said. He sounded terrified and honestly so was i. We both stayed still in that hallway waiting for what seemed like eternity only to hear slow dragging footsteps and i held my breath. Preston stood in front of me protctively and holding the flashlight to see who was coming. i wanted to call out, but i had lost my voice. ”Guys help” it was Joey. We rushed towards him as he fell to the ground ”i’m so sorry” he said as he struggled to breath ”i didn’t think the stories were true” he kept on gasping and suddenly his eye turned fullyblack as black liquid run down his eyes, nose, mouth and ears. I heard screaming and and Preston seemed to be trying to calm me down. That’s what i realised that i was the one screaming. Preston hugged me and i was shaking in fear. ”We have to get out of here” i said ”but we don’t know where Karen is” he replied ”I love Karen but we have to go get help” as i was trying to convince him he looked frozen in fear. I couldn’t make out any of it ”do you hear that?” he sounded so scared as he asked me ”hear what?” i was so confused ”No no no no no no no!!” That was karen she sounded close to us we both slowly moved away from joey’s body and followd her voice. That’s when I saw ”it” ”them” i am not sure how to put it but Karen was sorrounded by forms they all i could see was red glows emitting from them and Karen closed her ears as though she was hearing so escruciating pain but i couldn’t hear anything. i looked at preston and he was wincing in pain. If i had known better i would have ran away from them there and then. I should have tried to find a way out of that place. But i did and i stood there as the lights in the hallway flickered on and off. Karen was screaming in pain and she was running away from something and screaming we tried to follow her until she stopped in her tracks. She turned around and faced us. There was this negative energy in the air and the silence was thick. She didn’t move for a few seconds and when we move towards her. She let out a deadly shriek and i heard snapping sounds. She was screaming in pain as her bones twisted in an ungodly manner. Her hands and legs were bent in different directions and she was screaming for help. I stood there in shock as i watched what unfolded before my eyes. I should have moved and I should have ran but i did not. Her head was the last to bend in an akward angle. After the final snap what used to be karen looked at Preston and i with red glowing eyes and it started moving towards us. That’s when we finally ran. We tried to find our way out but we couldn’t the hosppital was one big maze and we were lost in it. After a long while of endless searching i could hear a sound. It was more like a whisper and Preston on the other hand looked terrified ”they are calling out my name” he said sounding like a scared little child ”they know where i am” he added ” they can see me Rain” ”they know” he held his head in his hands as he cried. His face was covered in tears. I pused on my watch to see the time and it was almost 7 am. But we were still stuck ”sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….” a louder sound like before almost like sushing. Preston began to scream. i looked around and the glowing red eyes were on Preston. It was just like Karen but the only difference was that Preston suddenly went up in flames. He was screaming for me to help him as he dropped the flashlight. i picked it up and ran away from him as he was screaming. I ran making sure not to go in four of the same direction. I could almost see a glimer of light at the end of the corridor. i kept on running not bothering to look where i was going and i tripped over something and i screamed when i saw that it was Amber or what was remaining of her. She had been turned inside out with her inerts sprawled out. I picked myself up and continued running and that’s when I came across Christopher. He had been dismembered. His limbs were all seperated from his body. i didn’t want to end up like any of them and i kept on going and looking for a way out. Until i saw an exit sign. I was so happy as i ran towards but that sound was getting louder and clearer. i started humming as i ran to try and block it out. I finally made it outside it was cold and there was so much snow but i didn’t care i just wanted to put enough distance between myself and that place. I don’t know how but i was able to run back to Preston’s van and I searched around for keys and i found spare in the center console of the van and i drove back to Virginia. I was admitted in the hospital for a while and the police went to that nut house after hearing my story. They thought i was on drugs and didn’t believe me. They came back and said they found nothing. They even put out a missing persons posters for my friends but nothing came up. Three months after that i thought i was free from what happended. But it would seem that i was kidding myself. I was listening to the radio in my dorm when i started hearing those voices and all of my worst fears were being shown to me so i ran and called for help. I went to a psychic my roommate recomended and she told me that there was a history connected to that place. That it wasn’t really a nut house. That was the cover in the 1600. There had been people going there for cultism and riituals and people who were sent there to be cured were killed off for rituals. She said that those who were deaf to the sounds were safe and those who heard would definitly die. She also said that once you know about ”them” they would come after you. There is no excaping it ony delaying it.That’s when i realised i was f**ked. i checked myself into a nut house with soundproof walls and i am sharing my story with you. Close your windows and lock your doors and pray that you don’t hear them because now you know about them. I am truly sorry but the only way for me to live at all is to delay this the only way i know how. I truly hope the sounds don’t find you. Those who are deaf to it are safe and those who hear ”them” will surely perish.

The End.

My Dog Came Home Two Months After Being Put Down

As you have figured this post is related to my families pet dog, that passed away a few months ago. I personally have not experience these incidents and can only relay the information based on the body language and tone my family had while telling me.

It all started mid February when we put our 14 year old golden retriever down after he started to have nose bleeds and sever seizures. we rushed to the vets to put him down after one lasted over an hour and we knew he wouldn’t make it until morning it was around 10pm then.
It is now the end of March and early April where these encounters with our dead dog have happened.

the 1st encounter happened with my dad who was in the kitchen when he heard a bang in the living room. When he came out of the kitchen literally having to just turn the corner he saw our dog lying on the floor like he always did. he never said anything else about it, my dads never been a believer of the paranormal but this really does have him shaken up

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I Think I Saw Slenderman

It was the day before my sixth birthday. I was going to be staying the night at my favorite aunt and uncle’s house while my parents got the house ready. For most of the day we were out; I played at the park for awhile and ate ice cream. I had a blast. When we got home from the busy day is where the story starts.

My Aunt was inside making dinner while I played catch out in the backyard with my uncle, laughing when their dog barked at us. A few minutes in, and my uncle accidentally threw the ball into the woods.

“I’ll get it!” I yelled, and took off.

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Backwoods Ghost Story

My name is Quintin and look I don’t care what people say, this is a real ghost story. When I was young I used to live in the backwoods of Pulaski, Virginia. I lived in a relatively large house and we lived rather close to my grandparents which being a kid, I thought was nice.

Ever since I was a kid there are days that I stay with my mother and some days I stay with my father, on this one night it was a day when I was with my mother and my grandparents came over who I will address as Paw and Granny.

Paw and Granny had come to the house and we decided to go out for Pizza, when we came back to the house after eating we all decided to go downstairs and watch T.V. so me, my mother, Paw, and Granny went downstairs and sat down to watch T.V.

When we went downstairs we were down there for about 25 minutes and there was one point where my Granny had to use the bathroom. She went up to the bathroom and after she was done she came down stairs milk white an told us all what happened.

She said that after she had used the bathroom she had stopped and look in the mirror to fix her hair and at one point she looked away from the mirror for one moment and she told us that when she looked back up, she said that there was a woman ghost in the mirror that looked my Granny dead in the eyes. My Granny said she wasn’t scared but very nervous and as she looked the ghost in the eyes, the ghost got what my Granny called a “warm smile” on her face and when my Granny turned around to look at her, the ghost was gone.

My Granny had come down stairs and she wasn’t shaking but she looked very uneasy and she was white as the daylight and she told us what she saw and my mother didn’t pull any of the stuff you see in the movies saying stuff like it was her imagination. My mother said she saw the truth in her eyes and that she clearly wasn’t lying.

We watch T.V. for about 20 more minutes and then they went on home. After hearing what my Granny said, being young I slept in my moms room that night andy grandmother hasn’t seen the ghost since we moved out of the house when I was 8.

I may not be living in that house anymore but my dad’s house is haunted so I am still in a haunted house to this day.

One thing weird about that house though is that even though being little I had never wtnessed the ghost but whenever I stayed in that house, I had a lot of nightmares night after night it was nightmares. It had finally stopped when we moved out. Read more “Backwoods Ghost Story”

My grandpa and his ghost

When I was 15, I moved in with my grandpa.

I had lived at that house with my mom before when I was really young, and I always hated the upstairs floor because I had an encounter with a ghost there when I was 5 or 6. What had happened was I had been looking for my mom all over the house, and calling out for her.

“Mommy? Mommy? Where are you?” I already looked upstairs for her, but since I had just looked in the basement I figured she had time to go back up to her room.

When I got back up to her bedroom door and opened it, I again asked, “Mommy?”, only to find the shadowy figure of a man sitting on her bed across from me. He was watching me, and tilted his head. I heard him imitate me by asking, “Mommy?” as if he didn’t understand what it meant.

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