The Flaming Glow at the Cocoa Grove

By Breno P.

The following story happened with my aunt, at the countryside of Amazonas, Brazil. The whole region is known to own a lot of lore of course, as it was Native’s land, and a lot of this lore got mixed with Christian and European culture, creating a strange, colorful and vivid amalgam of weird legends e degenerated beliefs in each independent village. Read more “The Flaming Glow at the Cocoa Grove”

Paranormal Experiences Saved Me from my Psycho Ex Boyfriend

By AerisCetra

Let me start off, that I was a teenager when these events took place. It was over the course of few years. I don’t expect people to believe me on this. But every word of it is true. Feel free to call me out. I don’t really care, I know what I experienced is real. I feel the need for answers. I still have encounters from time to time. I currently live in Caldwell Idaho. I won’t give my real name for protection reason though. Read more “Paranormal Experiences Saved Me from my Psycho Ex Boyfriend”

The Orb

By Caine7ify

This experience didn’t happen to me, to be honest. It actually happened to my dad, aunt, and grandmother. Read more “The Orb”

Bump in the Night

By Scary ghost happenings

This is a story about my mum and an encounter she experienced when I was merely 6 months old. We used to live in a two bedroom house, I had my room she had hers.It was late at night and my mum woke up however didn’t open her eyes. Suddenly she got the feeling of being watched, but not a feeling of someone taking a glance at her but an intent none stop stare at her. Read more “Bump in the Night”

The Unfortunate Horse

By Dogteeth

This is a true story from my childhood, and I honestly don’t see why anyone would make something like this up. To begin, here is a little background about where I lived at the time;
Me, a 6-year old girl, and my parents, had a house out on the countryside of North Sweden. It was pretty much in the middle of the woods. We had a few neighbours, but they were a fair distance away. It’d take you maybe 5 minutes to walk to the house next to ours. Every day you’d hear trains going by on the railroad that was close to our house. Since we lived so remotely, the railroad had no security around it or anything like that. Animals and humans could literally just walk out on the rail at any time. It was pretty dangerous, and I knew to be very careful every time I crossed. Foxes and deer were hit sometimes, but never humans. Read more “The Unfortunate Horse”

Not Quite Home Alone

By Nicholas

This happened some years back when I was still in high school and living with my parents. I’m 23 now and I was about 16 at the time. We lived in Oklahoma, specifically a suburb of Tulsa called Owasso. It’s a medium sized town, but we lived on the outskirts. This was before major development so there weren’t many others living in our area at the time. Read more “Not Quite Home Alone”

Assisted Living


I have worked plenty of night shifts and very few have been creepy experiences, but this unfortunately was one of the creepiest. Read more “Assisted Living”

NEVER Use a Ouija Board

By BooVenan

My Name is Bia, I’m a 17 year old Student and I’m just here to give you a huge piece of advice “PLEASE, DO NOT USE THE OUIJA BOARD – EVER!” Read more “NEVER Use a Ouija Board”

Attacked by a Shadow

By MalleusMD

In august 2015 I was visiting my parents. My parents and I were talking. I love reading about mythology, I study mythology when I’m not actually studying and hen I get a bit enthousiastic I can get completely carried away in discussions on this subject. On one of my mythologic-ampages I was discussing the titan Nyx, this is a titan of darkness. Read more “Attacked by a Shadow”

Mental Institution

By Marianna

I’m a 14 year old girl who was recently admitted to a psych ward due to depression and anxiety. When I first got there, I thought that I really didn’t need to go, but as time progressed I realized that was helpful. However… the helpful came along with the few consequences. As you may know, most psych wards are not as heavily monitored as they probably should be. This was proven to me during my stay. Read more “Mental Institution”