The Child Behind the Gravestone

My name is Hussain. I am a Muslim from Maldives. I was with a classmate with whom I used to hang out back then. It was year 2009. I was 16+ years old. The previous year I just finished my school life. This paranormal activity happened to me while I was with this friend of mine.

One day he called me and told me that his mother told him to get a plant to make a medicine which is used here for body pain. It was almost 5:30pm. So we wanted to finish that as soon as possible so that we can hang out before it gets too dark. The capital city of Maldives is Male’ where we don’t see much trees. Especially plants which we uses for this kind of purpose. The only place we can find these stuff easily is the graveyard. So we went to Aasahara (Main graveyard) to find it. At the time we reached there it was prayer time. It must be round 6:15pm. So first of all we performed our Salah (prayer). After performing our Salah we asked the person who is in charge of the security of that place whether they have that particular plant. He just told us t check ourselves. So we started looking for it. Luckily there was one of it there but it was growing on top of a grave. It is said by our prophet that after the evening prayer Jinns (Paranormal being) will spread around so since our childhood my mom always told me not to go out or take children out of the house.

We wanted to be done with it so we decided to take it out and go. This plant was not more than 2 feet high so we knew the root won’t be deep done. So I started to dig around the plant while my friend was holding a bag to put it.

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Unrested SoulNarrated! 

This all started around 2 or 3 years ago if I can remember correctly, my family and I moved to a small neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona, our house was a rented one. Connected with another house, but thankfully divided by a wall, we had at least four dogs during this time before we ended up with seven as we care for dogs a lot than we do ourselves sometimes. Living in this small house of ours that was a two bedroom and one bathroom with a large backyard, we didn’t have much furniture during this time as a few months before we moved, my mom was accused seeing another man as my step dad didn’t wanted to see her nor my sister and I, but they always work things out and I know my own mother would never cheat on my step dad as he is a good man whom I consider as a real father to me as I gotten older.

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Strange Events in Target

This story happened at target last week in the city where I live. Strange things kept happening in target.

At 10:00 am, the power went out at target for 30 minutes. When the power was out, there was a dragon. The dragon kept flying around the store and shooting fire. The fire fighters came to the rescue. They also kept shooting the dragon. After that, the power was back on and the dragon died. Then they had to remove the dragon.

At 11:00 am, the power went out for 30 minutes again. Things kept falling and other stuff kept knocking down. When the power was back on, the people from target found out that there were flying humanoids. The flying humanoids kept trying to grab people and knocked things down again. So the police officers came and shot all the flying humanoids. So the people from target including the police officers and the fire fighters was wondering why strange things kept happening the same day.

At 12:00 pm, the power went out for 30 minutes again. When the power was out, everyone in target kept hearing ceilings breaking down. When the power was back on, everyone in target found out there were trolls and ghouls pukwedgies coming from the ceiling. So everyone was under attack and the police officers fought the trolls and ghouls and pukwedgies. Everyone in target was wondering why strange things kept happening every 30 minutes to an hour later the same day.

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Paranormal Activity

We moved into an apartment in North Bay on Worthington Street West. It was a building with a barber shop downstairs, an upstairs apartment and downstairs apartment. When we first looked at the apartment there were two doors with no handles, only locks. We asked the landlord what was in those rooms and he stated it was storage. We asked to see in the rooms and he never wanted to show us. As we had no other option we had to move in to that apartment.

There was always cold drafts of air coming from the 2 rooms from under the door. This seemed a little strange, but we just associated it with the building being old. Shortly after we moved in things started to happen.

A box of Kraft dinner went flying from on the counter to across the room hitting the wall on the other side. A couple of weeks later I went into the kitchen only to see the 26 ounce bottle of alcohol was parallel to the top of the fridge standing up floating in mid air. As soon as I saw it, the bottle fell to the floor and landed standing up as if someone had picked it up and put it down on the ground.

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