The Void

This story occurred when I was in, I would say, the third grade. I can’t explain it, and if anyone else can, I’d be happy to hear it. I still look back at this, and I still feel the cold, dead feeling when I saw what I call “The Void”. Pleas enjoy, and here is my submission.

I play PC, never had an XBox or anything. The one I did have, it died. However, that doesn’t matter. One night on the weekend, I was playing up late my bedroom, around 11:30, just some Team Fortress 2. I was playing, and my mind told me, hey, turn around. Someone is in your room with you. Instantly, I shifted my eyes a small amount to my left. What I saw froze my bones. I saw a black void, but also a man dressed in all black. He wore a wool trench-coat, a fedora, black slacks, but no feet, just legs on the void. I just stared, my senses except my sight and fear going totally numb. I kept staring, until he smiled, then did the “come here” motion with his finger. I jumped up, and the void faded. I mean, it looked like the light set it on fire, it just burned up. I looked around, still hearing a humming sound in my ears, and my skin was ice-cold. I ran out my door, the fastest I’ve ever ran in my life, to my dad’s office where he worked on days he stayed home from his job, working there,. I started screaming and crying, “There’s someone in my room! Someone’s in my room!”. My dad jumped up, running into my room.

The room was completely empty. He looked at me, infuriated. “Is this a joke? Is this supposed to be funny? Go to bed, it’s late.”. I just looked around, in my closet, in all my drawers, but found nothing. The humming sound was very faint, and my skin was beginning to warm up again. I crawled into bed, and I did not sleep. Not for 2 whole days, until I had told myself that nothing was there.

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What happened to us?

This happened just last week so I’m still pretty shaken up. I’m getting nervous just typing about it. A bit of background. I’m from Tennessee, where you see rednecks driving around in their underwear. I hadn’t been on a long trip in a while. So me and my best friend Joseph decided to go on a road trip. We agreed to travel to Iowa and spend a week at any hotel we could find. We had no idea what was going to happen to us.

I’ll skip the 6 hour drive part. That’s a whole other story in itself. Anyway, we arrived in Iowa at around 5 pm in the afternoon. I won’t say what town and such. We were exhausted and just wanted to sleep. For whatever reason every hotel we looked at was either way too expensive, or just booked. We even tried some motels, of course that didn’t work either. We we’re considering camping out at some parking lot. “There’s one more hotel we haven’t tried.” Joseph said while looking at his phone. I won’t be saying the hotel’s name either. Anyway, back to the story. I was too tired to think and started driving to the address. When we arrived I noticed that there were tons of cars filling the parking lot. We almost didn’t find anywhere to park. I looked around and noticed all the cars were old, like really old. They looked like cars you would see driving around in the 80’s or 90’s. “It’s gonna be walking dead in here” Joseph said with a laugh. I laughed with him then started getting luggage out while he went to get a room. He came back and said “We’re lucky, there’s only one room available.”. We then grabbed our bags and headed in.

As soon as I entered, I smelled smoke. Not like someone was grilling something, but like something was burning. I just brushed it off as this place being old. Then I noticed the lady at the desk, really I noticed what she was wearing. Her dress, her hair, her bright red lipstick. It was all so old fashioned. I leaned in to Joseph and whispered “She could play in the Andy Griffith show”. Now that I think of it, the entire place seemed very…old. We made it to our rooms and dropped our bags and collapsed on to our beds.

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It wasn’t an ordinary bird

I little back story before we get started:I live in the east side of Tennessee. It’s your typical country side with fields, farms, woods, etc. But there’s alot more to my home town then meets the eye. I wasn’t always a believer in the paranormal. But really, no one ever is until they have their own experiences. My experiences started back 2 years ago. I’ve had my encounters with werewolves, skinwalkers, wendigos, demons, even the goatman once. And many many more entities. But what I encountered three weeks ago, that was a new one for me.

It started when I was on the phone with my best friend. I was walking around outside when all of the sudden I heard a loud bird-like sound come from just above me. It was so loud, I nearly dropped my phone. The sound was other worldly. I didn’t recognize it. It definitely wasn’t any bird that’s normally around. It sounded huge. I ran out into my yard and looked up at the roof, there was nothing there.

Fast forward to the next day. It was storming like crazy. The wind was blowing violently, my house was shaking. Thunder roared across the sky. And it was just absolutely pooring rain. It was a complete monsoon. I actually love it when it’s that crazy so I was outside running around, playing in the mud, that kinda stuff. Well while I was jumping in a puddle…I heard it again, that sound. But this time, I saw something. Up in the clouds, I saw a shadow or…a silhouette. It looked like some sort of bird. But it was MASSIVE! I couldn’t see it too well due to the rain a mist. It seemed to at least have a 20′ wing span. I heard that same bird call again before it disappeared into the clouds.

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Not a bear

Although this will be a short story, I feel it needs to be shared.

To jump right in, I didn’t believe in the paranormal or werewolves or Bigfoot, in fact anything off the sort. My family and I go to Little River State Park every summer, located in vermont.

This is the first year I’ve seen anything. It was 5:00am and I was down by the beach. sitting on the sand,  I soon was terrified to see a large figure crawling out of the water. My instinct to run over took me and I bolted up the hill hopping I could outrun it, to my absolute horror, it was almost on top of me.

It was about two foot taller than me standing at around nine feet on all fours, it was an unnatural crimson red, like an apple, and absolutely no furr.

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