We Shouldn’t Have Went Back

Location: Ontario, Canada.

The paranormal has always intrigued me as I’ve grown older; the thought of scary, abnormal beings secretly living in our world is just so cryptic, I love it. However, never did I think that I was going to be a victim of one of these supernatural events.

My name is Thomas and I’m seventeen years old as I’m writing this, turning eighteen in less than a month. This all started nearly eight months ago, in April. I was out late driving with two of my friends, Michael and Darrin, after we had just seen a horror movie at the cinema. By the time the film had ended, it was past midnight and we were simply driving around aimlessly.

After stopping at a Tim Horton’s for a quick snack, we had the idea of sneaking around and exploring some abandoned buildings in the area. All three of us sort of have a knack for that kind of stuff. It was a warm Spring night and the moon was glowing very bright, drumming up the perfect atmosphere for this occasion.

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The night freak

There was this one time i was returning home from a friends house alone in my car. It was Saturday and i stayed late at his house playing video games and watching anime so it was nearing 1am when i left. My house is a 20 minute drive away from his.
So i was driving through the mostly empty roads, when i noticed a man standing on the sidewalk signalling for a ride. At first glance,He looked fairly young, probably in his late teens, and was wearing a tight black vest with skinny jeans. He was extremely thin and pale. It made me curious what someone like him, dressed like that was doing there at this time of night.
Since I’ve always been one who’s willing to help people, i stopped my car and offered him the ride. He talked in a very weird high-pitched and squeaky voice, and he talked as if he was singing every word rather than just speaking normally. He told me that he lived just down the street, so i decided to take him there. He got into the back seat and we drove off.
While on our way, i peeked at him through the front mirror once or twice and Everytime i looked he was staring back at me with a goofy half smile.
It made me feel very uncomfortable. Atlast we reached his address, but then he said something else ‘Oops i forgot my wallet back there, can you go back’
I was seriously pissed and on any other day I’d have just told him to fuck off, but because i had a good day with my friend and i didn’t want my mood to go bad, i decided foolishly to drive all the way back for him. And again when i looked into the mirror, he was staring back at me but this time he was leaning slightly forward and his eyes were almost popping out. It felt like he was threatening and stalking me with his wild stare. I tried my best to not mind it too much, and just drove quickly to get the nightmare over with Asap. We finally got back there. He said ‘Will you wait for me, I’ll take just a minute’ It sounded more like a demand than a requet. And before even waiting for my answer he left the car and awkwardly tiptoed his way into a small dark building. Part of me really wanted to just drive away but i had a very hesitant feeling about it. Before i could even think any further, he came back, still tiptoeing like a complete maniac.
Again he got back into the car and gave me a cringy disturbing smile through the mirror . I couldnt bring myself to say anything so i began driving again. But only halfway through on an entirely deserted road ,he said ‘ Oh Wait, i forgot my pack of cigarettes, can we please go back’

Now i had reached my boiling point. I realized that this guy was just Playing a Bizarre crazy game with me at this time of night. Without thinking ,i turned around and grabbed his neck, but then the weirdest thing happened, His skin was ice cold, almost frozen and dripping wet . I impulsively let go of him out of fear and at that same moment he started laughing in the most loud and hysterical manner that you can ever imagine, meanwhile his eyes still glaring at me, as if he was making fun of me.
I was frozen with shock. After a whole minute of this absurd creepy laughter. He exited the car, looked at me and said with the same disturbing smile ‘ I hope we see each other again’, and then quietly tiptoed away into the dark woods on the side of the road.
I drove back home and couldn’t sleep the whole night. What was that man, was he even human. I still wonder

Scrying got wrong

I am a 24 year old German YouTube-User that likes to check on the newest Horror Stories. Just as an Information im not easily scared because I saw a lot of creepy and horrifying shit in my short life so far.
Just as an example: I found at the age of 9 a corpse in the woods, that was half rotten and brutally humilated.

When i was checking out a YouTube Live-Stream at night. It was probably 3am. I picked up a Conversation about Scrying, something i’ve never heard of before. Following this topic I got curious about it. The Conversation went fluent: They told each other what to do and what you need. The items needed were a Mirror, a Candle and a Chair in a dark room. They said that you only need to look into the mirror a while and if you are lucky: your face may morph into something different. Sadly I didnt follow the conversation long enough because i was to hyped to try it at least once (that was a big mistake.. as i realized about one hour later.)

So I went into my living room, searched for some candles and brought the mirror into the room too. Everything was set up as written before. The candle was lit, the roomlight lowered and I sat infront of the mirror looking in it. The first ten Minutes basically nothing happened and felt like half an hour. I wasnt sleeping for over two days at that point – so time went slower in my head.

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Still watched….

Hi my name is Peter, this is the first time I’ve ever told someone about what happend two years ago. So please don’t be mad for me not remembering all of the details. I live in small village in Czech Republic, in south Moravia. And this is my story.

Two years ago I’ve woke up at midnight in complete paralize. I’ve heard a few words : Please help me, it’s comming for me.. . I was scared so much that I couldn’t even point my eyes to the way of the words comming from. About 10 minutes later I’ve heard women screaming for help, so I get up from my bed and went into the hallway. In the end of that hallway are door that leads to our backyard that ends with few trees that afterwards becomes a little forrest where me and my friend used to play hide and seek. But this day…..well this night I saw there women dressed in white almost glowing white dress. On our backyard I heard steps so I looked the same direction that the sound of those steps was comming. I saw one lonely man dressed in black coat. He turned his head my way, and I can clearly remember how he slowly and calmly told me not to be bothered that he is not here for me this time. His face was pale almost white with no mouth, nose or eyes. And than he spoke again : Like I said don’t worry I’m not here for you today!!. He said it like it should warn me to go away, like he don’t want me to look. And thats the last thing that I remember from that night next morning my parents woke me up I was laying on the floor of our hallway when they asked me how I’ve got there I heaven’t said anything of that what happend that night…

Few weeks ago from now I’ve heard voices talking about the ghost rider… Well I’ve seen the film wich Nicolas Cage but nothing was simmilar with that movie… Later my older sister was watching some TV show and there was a ghost rider I’ve looked on her PC and I saw something that looked exactly like the man I saw in our backyard. That night I couldn’t fall asleep..

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What the hell was that?

I still have yet to figure out what I heard that night. At some point I thought it was Bigfoot after thinking about it for about a week. Sometime later I was listening to Darkness Prevails tell about some ones encounter with Bigfoot and how they usually smell really bad. I didn’t smell anything what so ever.

This happened in the middle of August, if I recall correctly it was the night of the 16th, 2016. I had gone up to Washington with two of my best friends. I’ll be calling them Jeff and Gary. It was Jeff’s grandparents lake house that we would be staying at for the week. An they would be there the second day. The first day we had gone hiking during the day nothing crazy happened other than Jeff losing his phone to a waterfall. Which was kind of funny. When we got back to the house we ate, watched some T.V. and then went for a swim in the lake. Again nothing major happened. The night was closing in on us. We wanted to go to bed so we go hike some more. I wanted to sleep outside under the stars. Jeff and Gary didn’t but, said they would leave the back door unlocked incase I wanted to come back in. I thanked them and gathered up my things. Which included my phone, a water bottle, two small pocket knives and my combat knife plus a flashlight and sleeping bag. I knew there was a hammock and a tent outside. I wanted to try sleeping on the hammock. So, I got my sleeping bag on it and opened it part way, took off my shoes and crawled in. It was an awesome night! Seeing all the stars in the sky, the crickets chirping, fish jumping in and out of the water. I fell asleep quick.

The next morning I woke up early just after the sun had fully risen. I had such a great sleep I wanted to do it again the next night. I had really enjoyed it. I was thinking that Jeff and Gary should come out tonight instead of staying inside when it was so nice and peaceful. Clearly they made the right choice in staying in that night an not following me. We had eggs an toast for breakfast and left to go hiking again around 10:00 Am. We didn’t return until 18:00 pm. It was a long day for us, we had dinner, watched more T.V. met Jeff’s grandparents and went swimming for 2 hours so by this time it was going for 23:00 pm. I asked Jeff and Gary if they wanted to sleep out in the tent. They both turned me down saying they would rather sleep inside. I said “Okay” feeling a bit bummed out but that didn’t stop me from getting my things and going out again. Jeff’s grandparents asked me where I was going? I said “To sleep out on the hammock.” Jeff’s grandma said to be careful and they would be up on the second floor. Jeff’s grandpa said have fun!

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