The Jackal Man

This happened to me when I was about ten, and it has remained in the back of my mind and in my dreams for years. I honestly don’t even know what the creature was, just that he seemed particularly interest in me. Here’s the story.

When I was ten I often spent time in my bedroom, reading, setting toys up in different things, usually all in front of the window that looked out onto our front lawn. I liked keeping it open because let’s face it, I was a nosy kid. I liked watching the neighbors and even the animals like squirrels and birds go about their daily routines. It was a pretty big window, there was a screen between the glass and outside I guess to keep people from breaking in or in our case the cats from jumping outside. This particular day I was sitting in front of it, reading and every once in awhile being a little people watcher.

Then I felt something looking back.

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Shadow Person(s)

Hi. My name is Tyler, and I believe that I have been being stalked by one or more shadow people. It started about a year ago, school had just strated, and my teachers all seemed great. That afternoon, when I got home from school, my life continued as usual, but that night, when I turned off the light, I ran and jumped onto my bed, as I am a paranoid person. I didn’t believe in monsters specifically, but I had an inTeresa in the paranormal.

Anyway, I sleep on my left side, facing the wall, because once again, I am a paranoid person. My room at night is nearly pitch black, but I felt like someone was watching me. That morning, I didn’t think much of it. The day continued as usual.

That night, when I turned off my light, I felt a presence, the same one as the night before, but it felt close.

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In the woods

So for context reasons you should probably know that I live in the woods of the southeast United States, (Alabama). Im also 17 and still in highschool living with my parents. I love it out here but i can’t lie, some things happen that i can’t really explain.

My brother and I each have a large Great Dane, (mine being a bit larger) and every few nights i feel like i hear them going crazy barking deep in the woods, i obviously get worried and always go out to try to call them back to the house but usually they are already just outside the door on the back porch staring tensely and completely rigid into the woods. At first i just blamed it on the sound of their barking bouncing off objects and sounding further away than they really are.

After the hunting incident I’m not so sure about that anymore.

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Glad I wasn’t alone

This happened about 3 months ago, which was September from today. Me and my friend Justin were gathering our gear to go for a deer hunt. It was a little past noon, so we didn’t expect animals to start moving yet, so we had some time to get prepared.

Our usual hunting spot is only a mile and a half walk from our property. The spot we like to sit from gives us a view of the whole area. It is on top of a hill, in a field. The woodline is directly behind us, so we are quite close to some deer bedding. I was armed with a compound bow, while Justin had a crossbow, with a scope.

Our plan was to sit till about 6, since it usually gets dark at 5:45. One thing about our hunt kind of had me on edge, and that was that the area was a bit quiet, besides the occasional leaf falling, or wind gusts.

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It wasn’t a deer

I live in Northern California, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It’s a heavily forested area with lots of steep hills and some small creeks too.

I work at a gas station not far from my place. At work, I have the opening shift, which is 5:45am to 2:15pm. I usually drive there and back, but last month my car broke down, and it was so old that it wasn’t worth fixing anymore. So, I ended up selling it for parts. Using that money and some of my savings, I plan to buy a new car very soon, once my savings reach where I need it to be. But until that happens, I have been using uber and lyft to get to and from work.

One day, about 2 weeks ago, I was a bit strapped for cash and couldn’t really afford to call an uber, so I had no other choice but to walk to work. It’s a two and a half mile distance down a fairly well traveled paved road. It’s a pretty dark road at night, due to the forest on both sides, but there’s an occasional streetlight at a few intersections. At the time of night I normally head off to work, it’s rare to see anyone else driving down that road at all. My gps on my cell phone had estimated that it would be about a 50 minute trek, and I planned to leave a fair bit earlier than normal because of that, at about 4:30am. Besides, I usually like to arrive to work a bit early anyways.

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Humanoid in the Woods

This happened to me and a friend (I’ll call him Kyle for privacy purposes) our 6th grade year of middle school 6 years ago. We lived really close to each other on an old gravel road in the woods, and we would go to each others quite frequently after school. We would meet each other at a corner halfway between our houses, then we would walk to either one’s house (this is some what important to mention in the story. Any way we met up and I went to his house.

We made to his house and decided to go to one of the many fort outposts we, and other friends made for air soft and hanging out, we went to what we called the metal tent, because it was a tent like structure made of metal sheeting made from scrap parts near by, there was also a nice little creek next to it.

When we got to the fort we noticed that most of it was stripped and a crude trail led down to the stream from where fort was, we then saw the parts to our fort where made into a bridge to cross the stream. Trying to think of an answer we thought his brother could of done this, but that was not correct because his brother moved away a while ago. We then thought that the wind blew it and it slid down to the stream into a perfect position.
Kinda far fetched but it was the best we could think of. I decided to walk a little ways passed our wrecked fort for some reason ( I forgot why) and heard something rustling in the bushes a head of me.

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Late Night Customer

This story happened recently. I’d rather keep my name out of this, for security reasons.

I’m twenty one years old, and I work at a Gas Station; the Graveyard shift. Now, I’m really into the Paranormal and had my fair share of encounters. I own several books on Demonology and how to banish spirits and such, and Cryptozoology is one of my biggest passions

I am six feet tall and weight two hundred and fifty pounds, that being said, let’s get into the story.

I recently moved into a new part of the city because the rent of the apartment where I was staying went up and I couldn’t afford it anymore, and the new apartment was way too far from my previous job so I had to resign and look for a new one. I got hired a gas station within walking distance and the pay was decent enough to pay for rent and bills. It was perfect!

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I live in a little town in New Mexico. This town is surrounded by dirt roads, dairies, and fields. There is this state park about 10-15 minutes outside of town.

My boyfriend and I were at this park and around 3 a.m. We didn’t have anywhere to make-out so we would often go there. We were about to leave and came up to this little intersection where the entrances was and we see a vehicle turning in. So we sat and waited for the vehicle to pass but the closer it came the slower it got. I was getting a little nervous because we do have gangs out here. As the car approached our headlights we noticed it was an old lady. She was tiny, very old and she had a short curly white hair.

This is where it got weird. She turned her head to face us. Her eyes were black. Not like empty sockets but as if she had black eyeballs. We both froze as she slowly drove past. I’m not sure what we saw but there was so many unanswered questions. Why would a little old lady be at a park 15 minutes outside of town at 3 in the morning?

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Something in the Trees

Let me start by saying I am a staunch skeptic. Even growing up in a heavily superstitious and religious family, I always looked for the most logical reasoning behind everything. Despite all that, there is one night I have never found any rational explanation for.

About six years ago, my then boyfriend (We will call him Chad for anonymity) and I lived in a small house on the outskirts of town. It was a little run down, but it was still decent, with a detached garage, and a nice back yard for our dogs. We even had a small creek at the edge of the property where the yard gave way to woods.

Considering that we were only 20 at the time, we often spent nights out with friends. On one of these nights, we were out with a mutual friend (we’ll call him john). We had all gone to another friend’s house together and were returning to ours around midnight. Mind you, we had not been drinking or under any influence. It had been a simple movie and card game night. Anyway, John had parked in our drive way and we were just sitting there talking before getting out so he could go home himself.

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Yellow Eyed Creature

Hi! You can call me Travis. This story takes place over a length of two days.

It was a late night me and someone I was friends with, you can call him Cody, we were driving around in his Dodge Cummins We were just driving around listening to music and I saw something weird so I yelled for him to stop. So he did and that’s when we saw it, it had what looked like yellow eyes and they were popping out from over by the pond that was just past the fence than ran down the side of the road. I asked him what he thought it was? He said they look like eyes of some sort.

So we grabbed the spot light and pointed the bright beam of light at it. All we saw was a dark mass with yellow eyes disappear behind a big broken tree or a bush that we couldn’t see so well.

The second night we went back to the same spot and the eyes were there again. We went through the whole routine again but it seemed to have gotten closer to the road so we put the light on it again. It was massive, it was possibly seven feet tall. It stood there for a moment looking back at us then it turned and ran off into the woods.

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