The Haunted HouseNarrated! 

This story is from the prospective of my aunt.My aunt still lives till this day in the house where many people have experienced their nightmares.When she first moved into the house she had a sensation that something was wrong.The first event she experienced was when she was praying one night and as soon as she finished she felt as if someone or something was choking her.At the same time a pen flew across the room. She was panicked as soon as it was over ,but she couldn’t do anything about that was the only place they had to live.

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My grandpa and his ghost

When I was 15, I moved in with my grandpa.

I had lived at that house with my mom before when I was really young, and I always hated the upstairs floor because I had an encounter with a ghost there when I was 5 or 6. What had happened was I had been looking for my mom all over the house, and calling out for her.

“Mommy? Mommy? Where are you?” I already looked upstairs for her, but since I had just looked in the basement I figured she had time to go back up to her room.

When I got back up to her bedroom door and opened it, I again asked, “Mommy?”, only to find the shadowy figure of a man sitting on her bed across from me. He was watching me, and tilted his head. I heard him imitate me by asking, “Mommy?” as if he didn’t understand what it meant.

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I used to live in a haunted house

The story I’m about to tell happened in a small village, on the Russian border. I was about 7 or 8 years old when my family moved to a house that was built by the previous owners. By the time we moved in, the house was about 70 years old or so. The house had a main floor, an attic and a basement, where the sauna was. I always hated going in the basement alone and didn’t enjoy going to the attic either.

I will start with my mom’s experience. I was 16 and we had already moved out of the old house when she told me about this. She said that she never felt welcome in the house, and she was slightly afraid every time she was inside alone.

One day, when she went to get something from the attic, she heard a box fall off onto the floor on its own. This obviously scared her, especially since she knew she was alone in the attic. The attic had 2 windows and only one light bulb, leaving a greater half of it completely dark at night and during the winter. Due to the darkness she couldn’t see which box fell down, or why it did that. I’m kind of happy she didn’t tell me this before we moved out, even though I was super interested in paranormal things as a child, and still am.

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My haunted childhood home

What I am about to share with you are a few paranormal occurrences that happened to me growing up in my childhood home.

I have told very few people about this, but it has been weighing on me for years.

I am 27 years old now, and these things had happened to me from the ages of 5 to 18, 18 being the age when I moved out of my mother’s house and into my first apartment.

Let me start off by saying that I am a very rational person. I work as an internal auditor for a major corporation in my area, and am a mother of an 8 year old boy and two dogs, so my personality is more serious than fanciful, but I have NEVER denied the existence of the paranormal.

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The ghost in my bathroom

This experience happened about a week ago, and it is my first paranormal experience.

This happened in my house, which is kind of creepy, because nothing paranormal has ever happened in my house. I always had an interest in the paranormal, but I never thought something like this would happen to me. So, about a week ago I was taking a shower in the bathroom, and I heard a knock. I yelled at the door “whose there?”. No response. I tried again.

No response, just a door flies open, which scares the absolute hell out of me. I was terrified, and this was really scary for me. I turned around since I was naked, but there was nothing there. I shut off the shower right away and put a towel on. But, what happened after that was even scarier.

The shower turned on by itself, and I hurried up to put my clothes on, since my friend was spending the night. I wanted to tell him all about it, which I did, but he didn’t believe me. I told him to take a shower for himself after that. He did, but something even worse happened to him. He got pulled back and hit his head on the shower wall.

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The Thing at my Friends House

This happened to me when I was 16 years old. I had just moved to a new area not long before this happened and I was really happy about being able to spend the weekend at my new friend Alicia’s house. She lived in a huge rebuilt old farm house and she had the top floor all to herself, except for the guest room which was where I was going to be staying. This meant that we would have lots of space to goof around without getting yelled at.

We had been hanging out for a couple of hours and were in the middle of watching a movie when I heard what sounded like a door slam from her closet. I jumped and went to go see what had made the noise I had always been rather fearless. Alicia stopped me and said that it was the attic door that was in her closet slamming because of the “mean ghost guy”, and that if I went in there he would start messing with me.

At that point in my life I didn’t really believe in ghosts so I rolled my eyes and opened the closet door brushing off that the handle was colder than I though it should have been. The first thing I noticed was that it was freezing in her closet like in a freezer freezing. Then I noticed door in the left side of her closet was hanging open and a set of wooden steps was leading up on the other side of the door. I decided that the attic being open was why it was cold in the closet and so I closed the door and turned to my friend who now looked terrified.

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Haunted House

Hello, my name is Mark and one of my true paranormal stories was read on one of your videos, but I decided to share another one. As some people know from that other video, I am male and a senior in high school.

Before I start, I would like to apologize as this will be a VERY VERY long story… These stories that I am going to share is from when I lived in this haunted house for a whole year by myself as a freshmen in high school. Due to some complicated family circumstances, my parents didn’t want to see me for a while as they have actually done something like this in the past. They put me in this house that was given to us by a really good friend. Actually, it was right next door so it wasn’t too bad at all.

There were many things that happened in this house, but I want to share 2 stories. Keep in mind, everything is important in a way.

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My Haunted House

What you are about to hear is something that has been happening to me for quite some time now. In the summer of 2015 I just turned 25 years old and I’m also moving into my dads house. I know what you are thinking, what kind of loser is still living at home?! I fell on to some hard times and I had to move back home. My dad lives out in a small town in Michigan, north of Flint. His house is very big, sitting on a large property at a dead end street. Growing up in the city my whole life, reluctantly I really hated the thought of living out there, being miles away from everything and not having any wifi. Now because I have a lot of siblings, I was moved into the basement. It was your typical basement, dark, damp and cold.

From the very first night I felt very uneasy and I felt like I was being watched all hours of the day. At night it was even creepier down there, I would feel eyes following my every step, but yet I stayed down there most of the time I was home. One night when I was sound asleep I could feel what felt like hair touching my face. I tried putting my hand over my head to kinda push it away, thinking it was a bug of some sort. Then something grabbed my foot! I immediately sat up in bed! At the same time I could hear what sounded like bare feet running across the cold hard floor, running away from my bed and towards the door. Heart pounding, at first I thought it was one of my little sisters coming down to mess with me. But they are very young and are deathly afraid of their own shadows! So I doubt they are in the basement late at night and in the dark. For the rest of the night I turned my tv on and stayed up until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

The very next morning I woke up and just happened to glance on the floor beside my bed. What I saw gave me goosebumps all over my body. On the floor next to my bed were little tiny wet foot prints, like the size of a 5 year old foot prints. The foot prints lead from my bed to my door and just stopped at my door. Trying to be brave and think rationally, I went up stairs and interrogated my sisters. I asked them over and over “Which one of you were in my room last night?!” They all denied even being up that late. My step mother even confirmed that both of the little ones slept with her last night and they never once left her side.

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My Haunted House

My name is Alex, I’m 13 while writing this, and I live in a nice little town in Northern Illinois. I live with my mom and two brothers, my dad lived with us until the divorce but the encounters I am about to tell you he was in fact present at.

When I was little, I used to be scared to sleep in my room alone, so my dad would stay in my bed and lightly scratch my back in order to help me fall asleep. One night, my dad did what he always did, and I fell asleep. Suddenly, I awoke by something that I still can’t find out what, I looked to my dad who must’ve fallen asleep before me. Then I saw her, there was a woman, she was on the ceiling of my room looking down at me, with her legs together and her arms separated, like a crucifix. She began to lower herself from the ceiling and I quickly put my head into my pillow facing my dad hoping that he would wake up but he did not, so I did what anyone in that situation would at my age, I simply pretended I was asleep, and the next thing that happened still haunts me to this day! While pretending to be asleep, I feel a dead cold hand go up my t-shirt and feel these sharp fingernails begin to scratch my back like my dad would. Somehow I fell aslee to it, probably because it was what my dad would do at the time. The next morning I told my family but they told me it was a dream but it was not a dream, it was too real.

My house, more particularly the kids in it, (including myself) have a fear of the closets including are own. I don’t know whether someone has died in one of these closets but while in them you suffer from terrible fear, sadness, and anxiety.

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The Twenty-Eleven house

As cliché and annoying as it is sometimes, I need to start this story with a little preface, a little background and an apology as it may be on the long side for this category compared to similar posts. I’m picking this particular experience out of a timeframe that lasted for a cumulative total of eight years. I say ‘cumulative’ because I actually lived in this house/apartment on two separate occasions, but purely by coincidence. Or at least I thought it was coincidence. I don’t live there any longer and, looking back, I am convinced that the house called me back as if it wasn’t done tormenting me, my family and my friends.  Every week of every year I lived in that house was terrifying, to say the least. This experience takes place during my second stint in the house. Also, a little apology if this story sounds like it’s ripped straight from a horror movie, but I can assure you that it’s all true. This experience, in total, spans roughly a year and involves myself, Jamie – my wife, George and Lilly – our upstairs neighbors and my best friends Travis and his wife, Julie.

The Twenty-Eleven house is a large farmhouse that is one of the oldest structures in town; roughly 120 years old. For the last couple decades, it has been used as two apartments; the first floor and the second floor. It’s in the middle of a bustling town with many popular places to eat, drink and has a nice music scene. It isn’t some backwoods, middle-of-nowhere shack; it’s only a seven minute drive from the downtown area of a major city. I won’t give you a detailed history on the place, but, needless to say, it has had a long, jaded, destructive and violent past that has it infected.

When this experience first started, I was living on the first floor with another good friend, Kevin, and it had been almost a year, and a half-dozen people moving in and out of the second floor apartment before our landlord finally found a nice, married couple that loved the place; George and Lilly. They were sweet enough and kind of kept to themselves whereas Kevin and I were night owls and loved to stay up late drinking, playing video games, etc. For the first six months they lived upstairs, we were convinced they hated us because Lilly was awake before sunrise to leave for work and we weren’t the quietest of drunks. We thought she had OCD because at least a few days every week, she would move all – and I mean ALL – of her furniture around and run the vacuum cleaner across their entire apartment. The house was old and there wasn’t hardly a lick of insulation in the place, especially between our ceilings/their floor, so we could hear everything. She walked very heavily and slid the furniture with determination. It was assumed that she was doing it to pay us back for being so loud at night. This routine went on for the next six months until Kevin moved into his girlfriend’s place. After that, my place wasn’t so loud and neither was theirs.

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